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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Potter County Commissioners To Concentrate on Grants, Jobs, And Small Business Assistance

Potter County Today

The Potter County Commissioners are developing a long-term plan to make the county government more competitive in the pursuit of state and federal grants. Included in the plan, still in its early stages, will be an emphasis on helping boroughs and townships that are interested in tapping state or federal funding sources.

Several county divisions, from Human Services and Planning to the Redevelopment Authority and Emergency Management, have a long history of pursuing government grants. The commissioners plan to work with those departments and others to develop a coordinated approach. This plan involves the use of in-house resources, rather than consultants, to improve the county’s standing and better serve the townships and boroughs.

The commissioners are forming this strategy in response to financial belt-tightening by the state and worsening economic conditions with the federal government. Because Potter County and its municipalities are mandated to provide certain services, the only alternative to funding these services through local taxes is to become more adept at drawing down funds from state and federal resources, the commissioners believe. Additionally, a more effective effort at tapping state and federal funds could support economic revitalization and job creation through public-private partnerships and small business assistance.

Commissioner Susan Kefover is focusing on small business assistance and workforce development. Commissioner Doug Morley is involved in regional initiatives as an executive board member for Northcentral Pa. Regional Planning and Development Commission. Commissioner Paul Heimel has begun training to serve as a liaison and resource for county and local grant pursuits.


Anonymous said...

Way to go commissioners, Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

On the right track,just keep it all out in the open.

Anonymous said...

What kind of jobs can be attracted to this community? Curious not negative.

Anonymous said...

They need to hire several Cranial Rectal removal specialists to get the public to realize that they can't bring jobs here without some sort of industry. You can't have a God's Country that is geared toward tourists and make it an industrial community also, especially when everyone gripes about any sort of technological progress that needs to be introduced.

Anonymous said...

I think the public knows we need industry,just hard to get the campers and powers to be to understand it.