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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Preview Of Potter Leader-Enterprise On News Stands Wednesday

By Donald Gilliland
Managing Editor

Stories we’re working on for this week’s Leader-Enterprise:

  • details of township wind energy ordinances and the commissioners questioning of turbine developers;
  • proposed restructuring at Potter County Human Services;
  • a feature on the Democratic challenger for PA State Senate in the 25th District;
  • a feature on local availability of books for the visually impaired;
  • a round-up of Halloween parade schedules and Trick-Or-Treat times;
  • the most comprehensive local high school sports coverage available anywhere.


Anonymous said...

I just had a chance to look at this week’s Leader-Enterprise. The top story was the Ulysses Township meeting, but it was obvious the Leader reporter either was not there, or was asleep through most of the meeting. There was NOT ONE WORD said in the article about all the valid comments made by people opposed to the ordinance. There was no mention of citizens' concern regarding the questionable legality of the supervisors board as presently constituted with only one ELECTED supervisor and his two hand-picked APPOINTEES. The article made it sound like it was all just a happy bit of township business, no controversy at all. I notice the article also took every opportunity to take pokes at the county ordinance, holding the Ulysses ordinance up as a model of rational thinking. It was a joke. No, it was not. Donald Gilliland slammed Paul Heimel in the paper last week for writing news stories for the radio station, the Endeavor, and Potter County Today, the commissioners’ blog site. Donald tells us our news is slanted because Paul Heimel works for the county. Donald grumbles about people only hearing what the government wants us to hear because they feed stories to the media. What about Donald then, who slants everything he publishes with his own personal biases? When I read Donald’s weekly rants against the commissioners, and his consistent pro-industrial wind turbine biased reporting, I wonder – WHO DOES DONALD WORK FOR? What then should we do when all our news is filtered through Donald’s personal biases? I remember now why I canceled my subscription to the Leader-Enterprise. I prefer to get my Potter County News from Solomon's Words and Potter County Today.

Anonymous said...

Simple put, you hit the nail on the head!!!

Anonymous said...

I will never buy or read the leader enterprise again!!! It is a garbage paper, slanted by poor reporters and bias opinion!!!

Rep.Chick said...

"There was NOT ONE WORD said in the article about all the valid comments made by people opposed to the ordinance"

That is right, there wasn't...wish he would have been there so he could report the many rants and rude comments made to Gene Kosa, Jerry Barrnett, Jim Hoopes and Mr. White of AES as well as the valid comments, all though they were few as far as I am concerned!

"one ELECTED supervisor and his two hand-picked APPOINTEES"

Mr. Kosa did a fine job appointing someone to the board with an "open mind"...you SHOULD NEVER appoint anyone on a board that has to weigh pro's and con's IF you know they are FOR or AGAINST in issue.

You certainly should never appoint someone that has EVER been a member of any ANTI group of any kind.

As far as it being one elected offical, that is the way the twp. has been regulated for years so what is your point? Oh that's right there was someone that read parts of the twp. regulations and or bylaws and had the bright idea that maybe now it needs to be changed to the way HE wants it to be done, 3 elected officals. And you moved to Ulysses twp, when Mr. H. Miller? But I must say even though I do not agree with what you had to say, you were more polite to the board than the other SGC people.

And the editor did not mention the loud and rude SGC friends that attended from other townships like Tioga, Lycoming and Liberty. Mr. G. Kosa allowed these people to speak their minds on the issue and by rights he did not have to let them speak at all because he does not represent them! They own no land in Ulysses twp and do not live in Ulysses twp. Mr. Kosa sure ate sh** politely with a fork and spoon and he was very diplomatic about it as well. I would have told them to shut up and sit down if they could not show any more respect than they did!

I can answer that one for ya, THE LEADER ENTERPRISE! His job is to report and that is what he does but I guess he does not report the way you want that done either.

Got an idea, there's a job for ya, be the editor of a local news paper. And while you are at it run on the Ulysses twp. ballot for elected supervisor, dare ya.
Bet you won't get many votes as your "friends" from other twps. can not vote for you!

"I notice the article also took every opportunity to take pokes at the county ordinance"

What county ordinance?
The rate our "dream team" is going it will be 2010 before they get their heads out of their butts!
We do not have a county ordinance YET and with the way it is written the "dream team" will be taking a lot of heat if changes are not made. The 5 Dbs above ambient noise is a joke!

You should be thanking your elected offical, Mr. G. Kosa for acting in the manner he has. YOUR twp. will now receive 300.00 per wind turbine base.
Your elected twp. offical just got you a much needed source of revenue. You do have roads and bridges in your twp. in need of maintenance repairs don't ya?

Anonymous said...

Your ASSumption that the original comment was written by H. Miller is completely wrong. I am not H. Miller. I was at the township meeting and the comments made to G. Kosa and the appointed board members were not done disrespectfully.

Three hundred dollars per turbine? That is a joke. The ordinance as written doesn't require 300.00 per turbine. AES can use ONE 300.00 permit to build ALL of its turbines. The ordinance was badly written.

And noise? I heard Bob White say in other meetings that noise WAS NOT an issue with the turbines. He originally claimed they made no noise. Now he says the 5 db above ambient noise required in the county ordinance won't work for AES. Why? Because they make more noise than that.

What is the wind rating for Potter County? I listened to Bob White NOT answer that question at the township meeting. He flat out wouldn't say. Our wind rating is 2! The Governor of Pennsylvania's wind expert says the state's recommendation is that an area be rated 4 or above.

So why did AES pick Potter County? Because we are suckers and AES knows it. They knew they could use local greed, ignorance, and inertia to get exactly what they want - government subsidies and carbon credits. Your above arguments show that AES sure picked the right county.

When the turbines go up and Potter County is forever ruined as a place apart from the rest of the ugly industrialized world, I hope you feel everlasting remorse that you and others of your ilk brought it all to pass. Future generation will look on you as the destroyers of something unique and beautiful for a little money.

Rep.Chick said...

"I was at the township meeting and the comments made to G. Kosa and the appointed board members were not done disrespectfully."

Sorry, my bad! I guess I was raised alittle differently than you were then! Yelling at someone of authority during a discussion to me is disrespectful. Not all did but the majority that I heard did.
Ranting and raving and making false actuations and calling someone a lier when you have not issued PROOF, I guess that is not being disrespectful either.
I was in attendance at this meeting as well...the anti's could have been made their point in a polite manner.

The 5dbs above ambient nosie is my complaint not Bob Whites as far as I know. I do not feel our county commissioners or the planning boards should place any noice ordinance on the books in our county for any industry, PERIOD! It may start out to be for the turbine industry but can be then used on other industry once it is placed on the books.

I have spent time under, by, around and near wind turbines and there was NO NOISE! And no I did not spend the night in a strangers house to come to this conclusion!

Ya better check out your comment on the $300 charge per turbine BASE, but once again I could be wrong.
Do you see how that is done? I am not demanding that I am right and that you are wrong!

Anonymous said...

I've purchased my last Enterprise newspaper.. No news is better than one-sided half-truths twisted to create the story desired. I want the whole truth, reported unbiasedly.