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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Support Needed To Appeal Tourism Grant Rejection

State Pulling Plug on Rt. 6 Tourism Grant

Potter County Today
October 21st, 2008

Rejection of a grant application for continued development of tourism on U. S. Route 6 is a tough economic blow to the county, according to David Brooks, executive director of the Potter County Visitors Association. Brooks has put out a call to those who stand to benefit from the Rt. 6-based tourist promotion to support an appeal to the Pa. Dept. of Community and Economic Development.

“We are appealing the decision and are asking our members to write letters stating what Rt. 6 marketing means to their businesses,” Brooks said. “Should the denial stand, this will negatively impact all of the efforts we are currently undertaking, such as the website, the entire Artisan Trail project, and our ability to generate and respond to visitor and press inquiries about traveling Route 6.”

Additional information is available from PCVA at 274-3365, or from the Pa. Rt. 6 Tourist Assn. in Galeton at 435-7706.


Anonymous said...

Instead of pulling the plug on the Rt. 6 Tourism Grant they should pull the plug on numerous high paying State "Positions" held within the counties effected. Starting from the TOP!

Anonymous said...

GOOD.... we do not want Potter Co. turning into another POCONO.......

Rep.Chick said...

Downsizing government to save money in our budget would be a good start.

Anonymous said...

Next they should investigate the Potter County Eduation Council and see who the "chosen few" are that receive a salary to do nothing but benefit themselves.

Anonymous said...

Can the Potter County Visitor's Association provide quantifiable data as to the benefits the funding has provided in the past? If Mr. Brooks wants to call people's attention to the matter, get down to the numbers involved in this "tough economic blow" as he is quoted as saying...

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem that too many people are upset over this. Especially the landowners who accomadate your promotion of tourism and make absolutely nothing from it and then get a head ache from SGC people. Maybe the select few are not so important anymore.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't surprise me! Knew this would happen when they wanted to promote and actually encouraged everyone to work in tourism instead of pushing for business that would create jobs and keep folks from leaving Potter County. Thanks to Democratic leaders! Fast Eddy hasn't don't much for Potter County since he was elected - Pennsylvania needs a change - in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

Tourism does mean jobs to our area! Pa Rt6 project is a way for us to share our area to people who love the land and the area. They are here to relax like we do, enjoy fishing, hunting, biking, and skiing. WHY wouldn't you want to promote Pa. Rt.6? An increase in tourism brings a whole new job market. Sure it isn't a factory employing many people but it is a new way for Potter County to benefit economically from visitors. Just ask Mr. Brooks how many visits to the website he gets a day. I did- I was amazed!
As far as the Potter County Education Coucil? Many people in this county have benefited from this group of people. They should be paid to do the great work they do. They have an active role in making our county a better place and if they don't have the answer they have found where to go for further education. Please don't knock down a group of people trying to make things better for all of us in the county.

Anonymous said...

Why should the residents of Potter Co. be waiters and buss boys in some resort hotel so these city slickers can come here to look as the stars???????

Anonymous said...

That's a very nasty email...the last poster about waiters and buss boys...

City slickers left their homes in small towns and had the courage to
go to the big city to attempt to get a decent job. That's life.
Very few people are really from NYC or DC or other larger towns.
You educate yourself and put your
life on the line and off you go.
No one here has the courage to get a 'out of state' education and have those college loans and work your ass off to get those jobs.
JOBS do not always come and knock on your door. Very poor thought
processes. Many many towns make
a very fine living with tourism.
They open shops, have good markets, good specialty stores,
provide interested attractions.
I do hate to be rude...but your thinking is what is holding Potter Back..too many thing you sit here and the job will come...Let the young people seek a new life.
Encourage them/educate them...
then support them when they take off to create a new life. These kids need to know what's out there and the schools are not teaching that curiousity in the outside world.

Anonymous said...

"Why should the residents of Potter Co. be waiters and buss boys in some resort hotel so these city slickers can come here to look as the stars???????"

That's an easy answer. Some local residents may want a job to earn some money!
Rt 6 tourism is not about displacing industry; but helping motels, restaurants, bars, gas stations & artisans to remain a viable business. Every business which closes here, whether industry, store or tourism based is one less source for tax revenue. The rest of us eventually will need to make up the shortfall.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I took classes through Pitt Bradford at the PCEC and also worked there while Teachers in our area were getting better educations to work with our kids in the school systems. I worked there for only minimum wage and after finishing classes, I found a job for what I took classes for and make pretty good money, in the Potter county area, so don't knock them. They also hold GED classes there and hold info for colleges and grants. So, go ahead and go investigate all you want. You just might like what you find out.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the above comment. Nobody has suggested replacing other employers with tourism. It's an effort of diversify the economy and offer more amenities and services to locals as well.

Totally dismissing tourism is pretty thoughtless and misguided.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked why a person should be a busboy or a waiter.

It's called...


Personally, I'm really dumbfounded by folks who are against the travel industry.

I just have no idea why anyone would have the audacity to say or to write such a thing.

Like someone else said here..tourism is sharing.

And isn't that what Jesus taught us 2,000 some odd years ago?

To Share?

Anonymous said...

Where is SGC when all of this is happening?? Oh wait a minute.. I bet the commissioners arent allowed to use their position anymore for personal agendas.

Anonymous said...

Growing up with parents in both Potter County and the Pocono Mountain Area, I don't see why we wouldn't want Our area to be an attraction to visitors like the Pocono area. WE would not have the population or amount of tourists becouse of our location (Pocono's is right between NYC and Philly, not even 2 hours from either and it has a casino and the raceway), but, imagine having our beautiful scenic county and jobs, places to shop, things to do and people coming here to visit and help support our local economy. Imagine being able to be a fishing or hunting guide and make a living doing what you love... or being able to open your own gift shop or sporting good store and know that there will be people to buy your merchandise... Sounds better to me than letting it be spoiled by factories, and windmills... you know they'll be abandoned once the next new thing comes along. People will always be traveling and trying to find that "perfect" place for their family to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Perfect post. This is the perfect tourist mecca and because we are
quite a drive, we won't get 'day trippers' which do not spend the money. Big city people love to fish and hunt and go to quaint little shops and ice cream parlors.
The money is made in other towns from tourists and the related shopping that is required. Tourists spend could own a store..that sells just what the poster above mentioned.
Turbines will spell the end of the tourism business and it's quite
an ominous sign that the Governor
would rather plaster us with 400 or more turbines (remember...
Sweden, Dutch Hill, Hebron, Hector, Ulysses & more on the burner). With 80 slated for little Ulysses..there will be nothing left here. And no great jobs will be moving in because the chiefs will not live here.
This was all said at the beginning of the Wind Wars. It will be the
end of Potter and it is what Ed
has in mind for the whole center of the state. Pray.

Rep.Chick said...

"With 80 slated for little Ulysses..there will be nothing left here"

You did not mention that these wind turbines will be located on PRIVATE land, if the big city people want to come and enjoy Potter County in all it's glory let them do it on STATE owned land, Period!

You forgot to mention that these PRIVATE land owners have made it possible for many years for these "city" people to come and spend their big money in diners, gas stations, quaint little shops and ice cream parlors. After a day of riding snowmobiles, 4 wheelers and hiking all FREE OF CHARGE on private property!

So it seems to me that the private land owners that have made this income possible for others for many years should be receiving some respect, but I will not hold my breath on that "Thank You" going out to them any time soon!

"windmills... you know they'll be abandoned once the next new thing comes along."

And when might that be? In another 50 years...with the mentality of the Saves Gods Country people there will not be many new industries willing to invest in our area! And as far as the wind turbines being abandoned, if they are not operating for a said period of time the company will be made to remove them.