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Friday, November 14, 2008

County Financial Study Winding Down

Potter County Today

Consultants from Susquehanna Group Advisors (SGA) are winding up their comprehensive study that will lead to recommendations on ways to improve and upgrade Potter County’s financial management system. The county was awarded a $50,000 Pa. Dept. of Community and Economic Development (DCED) grant to cover most of the study’s costs. The expected outcome will be a guideline for the county to follow in order to achieve financial stability far into the future.

The following areas have been targeted for specific attention: technology, revenue enhancement and expenditure control. SGA’s operating premise is that, through technological upgrades, the county can reduce expenditures, increase efficiency and provide a higher level of service.

SGA will soon be presenting a multi-year financial management program and strategies, including a system of monitoring and trend analysis, as well as suggestions for reducing costs and increasing revenue from sources other than taxes.


Anonymous said...

Can't this "dream team" do anything themselves? Grants are paid by taxpayers too! All three of them are creating nightmares! I don't think they know the first thing about financial management - I mean a loan officer - an editor and a Barbie want-a-be? PLEASE!

Solomon's words for the wise said...

I'd be happy to help them make financial decisions. With my unique approach to playing the stock market, I would be happy to tell them when the sun is shining or it's raining in Roulette. My advice would be GRANTed free of charge.

Anonymous said...

I recall the County taxpayers also paid for a study in order to advise on the best way to utilize space in the Gunzburger Building. The recommendations were ignored. Will this money be wasted as well?

Anonymous said...

These one term people really don'tknow what they are doing. I think we should vote out our state people who create these $50,000.00udies. We could spend millions on these Commissioners and still wouldn't get our money's worth. I think the three of them should have the gus to resign. That would be beeter for them instead of being voted OUT.

Anonymous said...

These three need to learn how to follow the law and make decisions on their own. I was on a local school board for a few years and knew exactly what the "sunshine law" is and how it works by my second meeting. It's really very simple.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious where you folks were during the primary and general election. We have the most qualified, thoughtful, and yes intelligent Board of Commissioners that we have had for a long time.

If you really care about the future of the county I would consider working with them. These are tough times and not just for Potter County.

I'm really glad we have them at the helm of the county. Yes, in almost 3 years we'll have a choice again as voters, but if they're willing to serve, I bet we'll want them in there again.

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter whether they are the most intllogent to hold the position...they still need to follow the public disclosure laws. There is one person that was formerly a commissioner....she should alrady know about this.

Anonymous said...

'I'm curious where you folks were during the primary'

I voted for Torok.
Wanted to see him and Wingo as our commissioners again.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we give the 50,000 to a successful, local business owner in exchange for their input on how to cut costs and increase revenue? Who could be better than someone who is surviving, or even prospering under our current business conditions to advise the county on how to do the same?

I think I can answer my own question. The "Team" would never go for the kinds of cuts a real business person would demand. When the tax base is shrinking in the county, who in their right mind is trying to grow the govt? I would recommend at least a 15% cut in all county spending and to abolish almost all zoning regulations. Universal building code? Gone. Drill, build and put up towers. All business is welcome here.


Anonymous said...

Any and ALL business!

Anonymous said...

"Any and ALL business"

Casino Gambling and Brothels too I suppose?

Anonymous said...

"Casino Gambling and Brothels too I suppose?"

You will have to depend on the tourists if you want these types of businesses in Potter County...their the ones that "spread their wealth" in our area, remember?!

Anonymous said...

I think it's already been established the tourists are looking for photo pillows, give thanks center pieces, and gift baskets (creatives ones). Where did you get your education.

Anonymous said...

Casino Gambling and Brothels too--
Are you thumping that book for a reason,or do you have something in mind?