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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cross Fork Residents Complain Phones Don't Work

Verizon, citizens clear the lines on phone issues

By KEVIN RAUCH — For The Express

CROSS FORK -There was plenty of static between a group of area residents and their phone company Wednesday, but efforts are ongoing to clear the lines of communication between the disputing parties.

A complaint filed by 13 individuals and businesses against Verizon telephone company led to a mediation Wednesday at the Kettle Creek Fire Company's fire house in Cross Fork.

Three dozen area residents met with officials from Verizon, including the phone company's lawyer, William Lehman, as the Public Utility Commission ordered a mediation between the two sides to try to reach an agreement before further court action.The majority of the complaints stemmed from a three week period last April in which a large number of phone service customers in the Cross Fork area "did not have a dial tone, experienced static, delayed phone connection, or no service at all" according to Cross Fork resident Austin Masters .

Nearly half of the residents in attendance told stories of their phones not working, traveling to neighbors' homes to use their telephones to report service outages, and then having their problems aggravated by 'rude' customer service and the 'run around' by phone employees. More....


Anonymous said...

The bottom line in my customer service requests with Verizon is......THEY DON'T CARE.....

Anonymous said...

Every time that I have spoken to them in the last year, it has been a foreign speaking person that didn't understand what I was saying. Gotta love the off shore outsourcing!!!

Anonymous said...

In my line of work, I deal with Verizon on a constant basis and their customer service is absolutely horrible. They're extremely rude and could care less about resolving anyone's issues. I assume this attitude still lingers from the goverment mandated "break-up" of Bell and the 96' Telecom Act. I deal with Verizon reps in NYC and they're even worse than your typical experience. I sympathize with the people involved in this mess in Cross Fork but maybe some good will come of it. Especially if Verizon actually makes some changes in light of these events...even if small scale.

Anonymous said...

Cross Fork has telephone service? WOW

Anonymous said...

They are supposed to get indoor plumbing and running water next year!!

Anonymous said...

They already have running water, in Kettle Creek.

Anonymous said...

Cross Fork?????

Is that a suburb of Ole Bull?