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Thursday, November 20, 2008

NY Looks To Indian Nations For Tax Dollars

WESB News: 11/20/08 - NY Looking Again to Tax Indian Nations

New York State Governor David Patterson says the state’s financial future is grim with a projected $15 billion dollar deficit.

But legislators say there's a big potential revenue source nearby. Western New York State Senator Dale Volker says collecting taxes from Indian nations on gasoline and cigarettes would be a better idea than making cuts to schools and in healthcare.

Governor Patterson is exploring a deal with the Indian nations.


Anonymous said...

YEA get them FIRED up again that is a great idea. anyone rember the last time they tried this. I do the Indians started a fire on the express way and there was a huge riot. BAD IDEA LEAVE THEM ALONE

Anonymous said...

Do the Indians get Social Security?

Anonymous said...

I have No Idea. Prob not. But dont know.

Anonymous said...

Yes, The Indians get Social Security as soon as they are old enough to drink.... I still believe they have paid their dues and should be left alone.

Anonymous said...

I agree, leave them alone. Start cutting some of the governors, governors cabinet, etc. wages, that should bring them back up out of the red. Leave the schools, healthcare and Indians alone.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bunch of gamblers and smokers out there.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody Happen to Know when this is going to start? Thanks!!!

Mr. Negative said...

Why do you think that the indians have paid there dues and deserve support. The persecution against the American Indians losing their land happened generations long do Americans have to be "sorry" for what our ancestors did. They should be treated just like any other American....get a job and pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the last post, What took place generations ago has absolutely nothing to do with today. They should be treated no differantly than you or I

Anonymous said...

Because they had such a thing called a treatie and has constantly been broken. How much does the state already make off of casino revenue. Quite a lot! NY State is way out of control.

JMHO said...

I say leave the Indians alone. Although my generation has never done anything to them and I owe them nothing, I believe the govt and Ny state should live up to their treaties.

Mad Mike said...

I also agree with Mr. Negative. White people no longer know who they are, they've been told for too long what they were, and now have no sense of group pride. We founded this country through exploration, expansion, and war. It's a fact and it's WHO we are. It was the way of the world and through those actions has made this country what it is. Well, what it was before the last four presidents. (Including Obama and excluding Reagan.) So now you spend your days saying "sorry", sitting blind, and allowing yourself to be persecuted for acts you did not commit. (Unless some of your are issuing disease-laden blankets to the Seneca Indians?) That said, while I don't condone more taxes...maybe NY should take a look at their "hand-out" programs. Not just for the Indians but for everyone. (Starving is an excellent motivational tool to find a job.) Maybe NY should have thought about declining cigarette sales when they violated your civil liberties and told you where and when you can smoke. (I'm a non-smoker by the way.) Maybe NY should have thought about their contribution to the current mortgage crisis when they raised property taxes through the roof? Lastly, maybe it's time for the Indians to contribute to today's mistakes rather than milking the system from yesterday's?

Mr. Negative said...

Treaty my a$%....this is the 21st century!! The government breaks promises to the taxpayers every day...why do the indians and there treaties deserve anythhing different? They should just do away with all of the "treaties" and "reservations" and make them common Americans like the rest of us. In my opinion, there should never be people unemployed....Uncle Sam is always hiring!!!

Anonymous said...

SOVEREIGNTY. Educate yourself about it.

Rep.Chick said...

Supremacy in rule or power

Power to govern without external control

The supreme political power in a state

What is your point?
That politicans answer to no one?

They had better answer to the voters, they may have supreme power while in office but that can easily change come election time...voters and tax payers have long memories!

Anonymous said...

And the Indians have memories of us the white man taking everything thay had. so no I do not agree with this at all. Personally I beleave we should leave them alone and let them live there life how ever they want. & if they pass this rule about the tax then everyone involved in passing it will be responcable for all the probs it will cause. I rember when this was tried a few years ago there was an uprising down there and the free way was a blaze and even a few state troopers got hurt so why stir a hornets nest LEAVE THEM ALONE. The gov is getting a load of money off the casino. Leave well enough alone!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"And the Indians have memories of us the white man taking everything thay had" This is B.S.....the indians have "stories" not memories. They should be treatesd the same as everyone else that lives in the U.S.A. I think all of the people that are getting a "free ride" on the governments tax dollars should get a good kick in the butt.

Anonymous said...

Then you go down there and enforce it not the state police you personally!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No...I'm not going to enforce anything...We'll just leave them alone and raise taxes for everyone else in New York state instead to make up for the deficit. I am just tired of hearing about how the indians, blacks, orientals, mexicans and what not were treated decades ago...this is now the year 2008...we have a black president. People need to get over the prejudice crap and we ALL need to pull together to get our nation back where it should be. Having hand out programs because someones ancestors were persecuted has worn out its welcome in America and taxpayers are tired of footing the bill for it.

Anonymous said...

The tribes are Sovereign. We were Sovereign too until we gave it up.


What is Sovereignty?
Sovereignty is an internationally recognized concept. A basic tenent of sovereignty is the power of a people to govern themselves.

Tribal Sovereignty
American Indian tribal powers originate with the hisotry of tribes managing their own affairs. Case law has established that tribes reserve the rights they had never given away.1

American Indian Tribes Possess a "Nation-within-a-Nation" Status
Treaties formalize a nation-to-nation relationship between the federal government and the tribes.

Trust Responsibility
In treaties, Indians reliquished certain rights in exchange for promises from the federal government. Trust responsibility is the government's obligation to honor the trust inherent to these promises and to represent the best interests of the tribes and their members.

The U.S. Constitution
The U.S. Constitution recognizes Indian tribes as distinct governments. It authorizes Congress to regulate commerce with "foreign nations, among the several state, and with the Indian tribes."2

Court Precedence
Three 19th century Supreme Court opinions serve as a cornerstone to understanding the sovereign status of Indian nations. The cases are the most widely cited with respect to tribal sovereignty.

Johnson v. McIntosh concerned the validity of a tribal land grant made to private individuals3.

Provided that tribes' rights to sovereignty are impaired by colonialization but not disregarded.
Held that the federal government alone has the right to negotiate for American Indian land.
Cherokee Nation v. Georgia involved an action brought against the state of Georgia by the Cherokee Nation which sought relief from state jurisdiction on tribal lands.4

Described Indian tribes as "domestic dependent nations.
Maintained that the federal-tribal relationship "resembles that of a ward to his guardian."
Worcester v. Georgia concerned the application of Georgia state law within the Cherokee Nation.5

Held that tribes do not lose their sovereign powers by becoming subject to the power of the U.S.
Maintained that only Congress has penary (overriding) power over Indian affairs.
Established that state laws do not apply in Indian Country

Anonymous said...

"The government breaks promises to the taxpayers every day...why do the indians and there treaties deserve anythhing different? "

Why would any intellegent moral person condone this?

Slipping into the ditch of envy just exasberates the problem and misdirects us from the real issue.

Anonymous said...

"Having hand out programs because someones ancestors were persecuted has worn out its welcome in America and taxpayers are tired of footing the bill for it."

Good point!

We American tax payers can NOT continue to try to right all the past government wrongs.

Because our country has gone broke trying!!!

"maybe it's time for the Indians to contribute to today's mistakes rather than milking the system"

Have had some first hand experience with this statement.

Some of these Native Americans have sought out employment in PA...and believe you me they think they are above the law!

Did not feel he needed a drivers license, hunting license, or should have ANY tax taken out of his wages! Even produced a copy of a treaty signed by the 6 nations, which by the way was not signed by me! I politely informed this person that in order to work at our place of employment taxes would have to be withheld and paid in!
And by the way this person had 7, that is right SEVEN children total with several "girl friends" and guess what? Was only married to one of them and all of these children were receiving state benefits from either NY and or PA. And the "girl friends" were in the system too!

Tons of tax payers money was spent on this one "part" Native American in the form of Domestic Relations and law enforcement.

"Personally I beleave we should leave them alone and let them live there life how ever they want."

Allowing them to live their lives how ever they want has cost quit a wad of tax payers money from just this ONE part "Native American"!

Anonymous said...

But in the same sense you can not judge a barrel of apples by 1 bad one. What I mean is there are always gonna be them bad apples in every community/nation/culture. But because there are some white trash people in the USA should all whites be judged in the same manor as them. NO we should not! Yes they dont pay taxes but in the same sense how much money is the goverment making off the casino because there are alot of people that drive hours to get there. How much was made off the gas to get there. not to mention that I am sure they get there cut off the casino take. Plus besides that there are alot of Indians that live there that work off the res and pay taxes and all that plus I personally know of at least 1 that hold a full time job off the res and a part time on so he is doing his part for both the gov and the nation. I personally beleave that we should all leave them alone and let them live there lives the way they want. Plus the way our gov said they could years ago Meaning TAX FREE that is there right.