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Saturday, November 15, 2008

PA Trooper Charged With Taking Power Drill From Crime Scene

Trooper charged with stealing

Staff Writer--Courier Times

A 34-year-old state trooper has allegedly thrown away his six-year career in law enforcement for a broken power tool.

According to court documents filed Thursday, Chann E. Chhim, who is stationed at the Trevose Barracks in Bensalem, stole a Dewalt brand cordless power drill from a crime scene in August. More...


Anonymous said...

Another fine example of thinking they are "above the laws" Just because you hold a State Position does not mean you don't have to follow the same rules as your fellow taxpayers-citizens. All State positions.

Solomon's words for the wise said...

The Pennsylvania State Police do a great job of removing troopers from their jobs when they break the law. They should be applauded for keeping crime out of their ranks.

Anonymous said...

The first comment, come out of the dark ages. There is not one organization that has 100 % honest members. Bad guys are on the streets, police, ceo's, doctors, lawyers, military,clergy and even Indian Chiefs. Just don't put the good in the same barrel as the bad.

Anonymous said...

holy crap steeling a broken power drill from a crime scene that a new low set for a police man except for the time when a austin police man stole and sold weed

Anonymous said...

Keeping crime out of their ranks, give me a break. Many times when officers break the law, their partners in law enforcement look the other way. "To protect and serve" is more like protect your own and be self serving.

Anonymous said...

You want to see an organization that weeds out the bad, take a look at the State Police! It's right here in black and white....END OF CAREER!!! Did you really think that your point of the department tolerating this kind of behavior would make any sense after a news article states how this officer was fired?? How is that tolerating any kind of illegal behavior? You people amaze me!! They fire the guy and you criticize them for allowing this to happen?? Either you're not very good at reading English, or you just felt like making no sense at all!!

Anonymous said...

Jim Jones - you are just a suck up and you know it! Nobody ever denied the fact that St Troopers do a good job, did they?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jones,

I guess in your line of work there isn't anything you can do to stop these ridicules blogs where someone blames you for a news article written by another newspaper and for other readers blogs. Unfortunately it comes with the territory, even the uneducated read your website.....well TRY to read it and when they don't understand just make up whatever they want. Good job and thanks for your hard work!!

Anonymous said...

"Keeping crime out of their ranks, give me a break. Many times when officers break the law, their partners in law enforcement look the other way"

i laughed when i read that one. i wonder where the enlightened poster gets his statistical data? just another hater. but i have to admit, i didnt have much time for the police until they helped ME. funny how quick my opinion changed.
moral of the story, dont paint with such a wide brush. there are far more good, hardworking cops than bad ones.