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Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Solomon's words" Endorses Glenn Thompson

Glenn Thompson Is The Real Thing!!
By James Jones-----Photo (c)2008

Glenn Thompson, the Republican candidate for US Congress, in the 5th District, is the real thing.

While other candidates, in the Primary election this Spring, were spending gobs of money on tv ads and trying to win the poster war on every street corner, Glenn Thompson was on the road, talking to people, in the Fire Halls, the hospitals, the churches, and anywhere that people congregate.

He's worked extremely hard to cover the entire 5th District, tell them what he is all about and listen to the people he hopes to represent in the US Congress. He did a good job of it in the primary, and gained the coveted endorsement of Congressman John Peterson, whom he hopes to replace. Peterson is retiring at the end of the year.

Thompson has been to Potter County several times leading up to the elections, and he is the only candidate that I have had the opportunity to personally talk with. Thompson is a born again christian who attends the Lighthouse Church in his home town of Howard, PA in Centre County. He has been a Boy Scout Leader, An EMT active with his Fire Department, A member of the School Board and has long term experience in the health care field.

Glenn has one quality that makes him a good match for the job. Thats the fact that he is an extremely good listener. While he has been telling people about himself, he has probably spent the majority of his time listening to what people in his district have to say. He's found out what they want their Congressman to do when he goes to Washington, and made it plain that he will be there to represent them.

I feel that if someone from Potter County were to call him or write him in Washington, he would be there listening to that person. He's easy to talk to, not a big shot, just a regular kind of guy you would meet on the street in Coudersport or Shinglehouse, and he'll be there for us if we elect him.

I would heartily reccomend that you vote for Glenn Thompson For US Congress on November 4th.


Rep.Chick said...

Thanks for the info., he has my vote!

Anonymous said...

I have met Glenn Thompson several times and he is our man to replace John Peterson. He will do as much or more for us in this rural area and rural hospital.