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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Do You Want To Buy A Newspaper?

9 weekly papers face final deadline

By PATRICK BURNS, Staff Writer

Workers at nine weekly newspapers in the area were told Monday that the papers will close in January if a buyer is not found by Dec. 31.

Chris McCarthy, editor of the Elizabethtown Chronicle, said employees learned that the paper's owner, Journal Register Co., plans to stop publishing weeklies in the area.

Other local papers on Journal Register's chopping block are Donegal Ledger, Columbia Ledger, Hershey Chronicle, Solanco Sun Ledger, Parkesburg Post Ledger, Coatesville Ledger, Downingtown Ledger and Oxford Tribune, McCarthy said.

"Our publisher met with us (Monday) morning, informing us that if a buyer does not come forward by the end of 2008, we will be publishing our last issue Jan. 8," McCarthy said. More...


Anonymous said...

The days of the newspaper are dying out. It is much easier for me to find most of the news on the internet and I don't have to dispose of dozens of newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Anyone want to buy my old 8 tracks?


Anonymous said...

Ha that is funny we have 8 tracks, cassettes, vinyl albums and 45's to boot! Guess we just hate to give up those items from our youth!