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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Firemen Charged In Equipment Thefts--WNEP=TV


Anonymous said...

I hope the actions of a few do not taint this program. This program benefits both the community and the student. Are background checks done on the applicants?

Anonymous said...

What? Background checks? I'm sure but unfortunately background checks can not determine what a person will do in the future. Things like this happen no matter what an individual is involved in.

Anonymous said...

I think that this is a terrible program. It is bad enough that they let the kids live there for free...then they have this? You just can't have irresponsible kids around stuff like this. Too late...the program is tainted.

Anonymous said...

I am offended by the comment that was posted about live-ins being " irresponsible kids" and the program being "tainted". Just because these two individuals made some bad choices dont hold others accountable for there actions. I am a live-in as I have posted before and am taking advantage of the program. Without this program students who would like to advance thier career into a paid fire department such as myself wouldnt be able to gain the experience and training needed to do so. I dont see myself as an irresponsible kid, in fact I work a full time job go to school full time and live at firehouse as do the other 2 live-ins at my firehouse. We are also held accountable for daily chores and required training throughout the week. So if that is irresponsible you have a warp way of thinking. Also these programs are no where near tainted. If people took more iniatiative and joined there local emergency services then you wouldnt have to rely on a live-in program. But since that wont happen just be happy you have 18-20 year old kids that are willing to live at the firehouse and even though is FREE they respond to calls from 12 am to 5 am when people who have jobs are sleeping. If your going to knock a program such as this lets get some facts straight and you have any questions contact me just because these two individuals make some bad misrtakes dont hold other individuals such as myself accountable for their bad actions.

David Lacher
Roulette Volunteer Fire Department
Paxtonia Fire Comapny-Harrisburg

The words or actions demonstrated by me are my opinion and are not that of the fire companies I run with

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Probable his hoodie said "party" on it!
There are a hand full of people that will get this one!

Anonymous said...

Whatever! When you become an adult you will realize that someone who lives for free on someone elses tax dollars is also known as a freeloader.

Rep.Chick said...

"someone who lives for free on someone elses tax dollars is also known as a freeloader."

No, that would be our wonderful welfare program!

This program is not welfare.
These young adults are "working" for their stay, which is more than I can say for the people that hang out at the local post office waiting to recieve their "paycheck".
Atleast that is the way it was years ago and it usta really tick me off.
But times have changed so they probable do not even have to leave their homes now, probable just electronically deposited in their bank account!

Anonymous said...

Well thats pretty strange that I have a full time job and actually work for a living dont be jealous that I have an oppurtunity to do something I like. And when you become an Adult and post your name on here so everyone can see who you are and what type of authority you are on people who you dont even know then go and bash the program and me, then thats fine but as far as me "Freeloading" that doesnt happen and I'm glad you have a warped sense of your surroundings maybe you should leave Potter County once and a while. And people like you are reasons that when kids graduate High School they leave and never come back.

David Lacher

Anonymous said...

Well spoken in both of your posts, David. I agree with you 100%!

Mark A. Duell said...

Well there is a lot I could say but I'm a slow typist and it would take me all night. I can tell you this, that there are young men and women NOT kids out there, fresh out of school that are risking there lives to save others. Both in the Fire Service and EMS field. If you even had a clue the risks they take daily w/their lives and health. Let alone the chances of being sued by some idiot that wants to make money the easy way instead of getting off his lazy duff and getting a real job. I am very familiar w/this since my son pretty much does the same thing in around about way. My son is attending paramedic school along w/working 50-80 hours a week all hours of the day (normally the ones others don/t want to work)with a paramedic service to pay for college, food, car, insurance, clothing, and etc.. I find him to be a very mature and responsible ADULT even though he is only 18 years old. I can say that he has done more w/his life already than many other older adults. So please don't throw all the good apples in the same basket w/the bad ones. He's contributing to our society in a big way that many people don't even stop to think about. That goes for all volunteers! So this program is very beneficial to our young people. It helps those that help themselves!! Enough said.

Anonymous said... can call it whatever you want. All I lknow is that there are a lot of less fortunate people out there that are having a hard time paying their rent/mortgage and you people are using their tax dollars for housing. If you have a full time job, then why don't you provide your own housing for yourself? Why do you feel that you have to mooch off of the poor taxpayers?

Enough said!

Anonymous said...

"Why do you feel that you have to mooch off of the poor taxpayers?"


These young adults are providing a service for their room and board, that is hardly mooching off the taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

yeah...nice service...get your foot in the door and sell the equipment on Ebay.

Anonymous said...

Ah... apparently you still don't get what volunteer means. The departments that we are talking about are volunteer departments that run off of fundraising events, once in a great while they may get lucky and recieve a state or federal grant if they meet the strict requirements and if the town or townships decide to pitch in a little and help out. I can tell you this right now, if it was not for the fundraising that VOLUNTEERS do through out the year to buy and maintain the fire and the EMS equipement that we have WORKED for, people like yourselves would not have fire or ambulance coverage w/out paying additional, and higher taxes. Yes, you're welcome by the way! And as far as the young adults smooching off the departments, the departments can just say no to them if they want. But as many realize, you take volunteers when you can get them! Both are helping each other out.


Anonymous said...

All hail!! We must bow down to the great and wonderful volunteers!!!

Anonymous said...

Enough Said,
Didn't I just see you at the post office, picking up your "paycheck"?

Juan Gomez said...

What can I people are the "sheep" that I shear every month!! My kids are going to enjoy all of the presents that you , the public, paid for this holiday season. I wonder if the welfare dept. is going to get more money from the bailout....i would like to switch from domestic beer to imported....maybe my food stammp allotment will go up i can by the supersized chips.

Anonymous said...