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Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Testing Bill Would Affect Children's Items

To the Editor:
Dear Mr. Jones,

This bill has recently come to my attention as I planned to begin making
and selling children's custom boutique clothing and cloth diapers.

This bill which was signed into law and will go into effect in February 2009
would require lead and phthalate testing of items sold or intended for
children under the age of 12. This includes clothing and toys. Third
party testing will be required after August of 2009.

This law would effect resale of children's items such as garage sales, thrifts shops,
consignment shops and donations.

While testing of toys and clothing components is a very good idea, this law
unfairly attacks small producers.

As the law reads now, each batch must be tested even if it made from the
materials. A size 5 dress must be tested separately from a size 3 dress,
even if they are made from the same fabric, buttons, thread and zippers.
Component testing will not be allowed.

This type of testing will put small businesses out of commission very quickly!

I have contacted my congressmen and senators. I have signed online
petitions. But I think it is imperative to get the word out. I stumbled
upon this information in reading the blogs of other custom boutique
children's clothing producers. I am just beginning to examine all the
information, so I thought perhaps a journalist's eye could be helpful in
understanding the implications of this bill.

This will in effect put an end to crafters who sell afghans, quilts, bibs,
clothes, handmade toys in our area. I am including some links to
additional information. I appreciate your time!

Misty Torrey

the actual law

I am not an expert on this law by any means so I hope my information is
accurate. But I feel it is very important as it effects everyone who,
makes, buys or sells items for children. I would like to emphasis that,
in it's intent the law is honorable; However, it just was not well worded
and offers no reprieve for small business, second hand items, and
charitable actions.

Thank you

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