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Thursday, December 25, 2008

One Book Bradford receives grant from council

One book presentation
Members of the One Book Bradford committee, from left, Bradford Area Public Library director Linda Newman, Ann Gannon and chairwoman Pat Shinaberger, present Pa. Rep. Martin Causer, R.-Turtlepoint, with a copy of this year’s One Book selection, “The Children’s Blizzard” by David Laskin, in appreciation for his support of the arts.

Bradford Area Public Library and its One Book Bradford Committee has received a grant for $2,883 from the Pennsylvania Humanities Council as part of its Our Stories, Our Future initiative on American History.

The grant was received to support the February 9, 2009, visit of author David Laskin at Pitt-Bradford's Bromeley Family Theater.

One Book Bradford is a collaborative venture among local book clubs, the Friends of the Bradford Area Public Library and the Spectrum Series of Pitt-Bradford.

“This year’s selection, ‘The Children’s Blizzard,’ by David Laskin, was chosen with care and understanding of the residents of the local area who identify with fierce independence and family loyalties of the early settlers of the American prairie,” said Linda M. Newman, director of the library.

“The author’s visit will offer a unique opportunity for a rural audience to interact with a published author who has made a meaningful contribution to the field of literature.”

Other funding for Laskin’s visit comes from One Book Bradford, Spectrum and the Pitt-Bradford writing program and the Division of Communication and the Arts.

Our Stories, Our Future, is funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities as part of We the People, a national initiative exploring the history of the United States.

The Pennsylvania Humanities Council’s mission is to inspire individuals to enjoy and share life-long learning. Since 1973, the PHC has empowered local groups to offer high-quality public programs that have a positive impact on the everyday life of their communities. PHC represents the federal-state partnership of the National Endowment for the Humanities.


Anonymous said...

Grants Grants and more Grants. ow much would our taxes go DOWN if all these grants were stopped? It makes my stomach sick.

Anonymous said...

The other amazing thing is how they can give away grant money and bail out money to all of these organizations, but the national deficit is over $10 trillion and increases by $3.49 billion per day. All of this money is not's all on paper being projected from future revenue. Everyone thinks that the companies that are being bailed out are the bad guys, but the government runs things worse than any corporation possibly could because they have a "virtual" bank account and don't have to worry about posting quarterly reports and pleasing the board.