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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Peterson Says "Our Work Is Far From Over"

Peterson: State to resubmit I-80 tolling application

Lock Haven Express

CLARION - Speaking at a transportation symposium Friday hosted by the Clarion County Economic Development Agency, U.S. Rep. John Peterson, R-Pleasantville, informed residents and businesses that state officials plan to resubmit their application to toll Interstate 80 when President-elect Barack Obama takes office next month.

"We won the first battle - but our work is far from over," Peterson told the gathering. "Be on alert, Governor Rendell and company plan to resubmit the I-80 tolling application when Obama takes office."

Peterson said, now more than ever, those who want to keep I-80 tollfree must unite again to take on the politicians "who crafted this half-hearted attempt to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to Philladelphia and Pittsburgh mass transit systems.

"Make no mistake, Act 44 is a mass transit-funding scheme masked in the name of highway and bridge repair," he said, "Act 44 is destructive and will not only indebt the Turnpike Commission, but it will destroy the Motor License Fund through irresponsible borrowing.

Peterson called on Gov. Rendell to temporarily suspend all non-highway related expenditures from the Motor License Fund to save over $600 million annually and begin to fill the transportation funding gap. He further called for the disbanding of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, which he called "one of the most inefficient, least respected transportation agencies in the nation.

"It is up to you, the citizens and business leaders of the Commonwealth to hold politicians accountable if they do not actively work to repeal Act 44 when they return to Harrisburg. And let me tell you something, if they don't heed your advice, mention the name Dan Surra," he said. "State Representative Surra, who represented Elk County and DuBois - the heart of the I-80 corridor - was told to pack his bags on election day by the voters of his district. Why? He supported Act 44 and a host of other policy positions detrimental to his district and the Commonwealth. More....

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