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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Potter Commissioners Make Progress In Union Contracts For County Employees

Negotiations With Labor Unions Continue

Progress has been made in negotiations between the Potter County Board of Commissioners and separate labor unions representing employees of the county jail and those from Potter County Human Services. Both contracts expire on Dec. 31.

Many issues in both labor agreements have been resolved in negotiations and, in each case, the two sides are zeroing-in on resolution of key language covering pay and health insurance. Three-year contracts are under discussion with both bargaining units. A negotiating session with the Human Services employees’ union will be held this afternoon.

Next year, the commissioners will be seeking to settle new labor agreements with two other unions: one representing courthouse employees and other county workers, and the other representing Probation Department employees. Potter County Today


Anonymous said...

Cuts must start somewhere. Our economy is down, people loosing their jobs, companies closing. I hope our Commissioners will stress these points to the unions. If the unions still demand more money, cut some jobs. Show us taxpayers you are looking out for us.

Anonymous said...

I agree. If they want a job they are going to have to give a little like everyone else. Make us taxpayers happy.

Anonymous said...

It is a union people....they don't care about the taxpayers.....