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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Scarnati Says Change Tourism Guidelines Or He Will Seek To Change It In The Legislature

WESB News: 12/17/08 - Scarnati Not Happy with Tourism Funding

Lieutenant Governor Joe Scarnati has written a letter to the state Department of Community and Economic Development saying he's disappointed with the recently released Tourism Promotion Assistance guidelines.

He says the administration has unilaterally taken action to provide Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with exorbitant funding at the expense of rural areas in much greater need.

He says many communities in the 25th senatorial district rely on tourism to sustain their economic viability, and to cut funding during these difficult economic times is incomprehensible.

Scarnati says if the department doesn't re-evaluate its guidelines, he will correct the inequities through the legislative and budgetary process.


Anonymous said...

Go get them Joe

Anonymous said...

Go Joe Go!

Anonymous said...

Tourism shouldn't be funded with tax dollars in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I hope he can actually make a differance

Anonymous said...

Atta boy Joe. Thank you.