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Jan 24, 2008 — Pennsylvania has been granted a 20-month extension to decide if it wants to comply with the Real ID Act, a controversial federal law setting national standards for driver's licenses.

The 2005 law gives states until May 11 to comply, but Pennsylvania officials learned Wednesday morning that federal officials approved their request for an extension until Dec. 31, 2009, said Deputy Transportation Secretary Kurt Myers.

States that don't comply would have driver's licenses that couldn't be used for boarding an airplane or entering a federal building. The law allows states to seek additional extensions, if they meet certain standards, before it begins to take effect in 2014.

Myers informed the House Intergovernmental Affairs Committee of the extension at a three-hour hearing at which lawmakers grilled federal and state officials about the law.

The law will force all license holders to visit their Department of Transportation with four documents, including a birth certificate and proof of residence, to get a compliant license. States will also be required to maintain a database that can be accessed electronically by other states.

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