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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ron Dingle To Introduce New Book In Coudersport On June 27 At The Potter County Historical Society

Ronald Dingle of Galeton PA will be at the Potter County Historical Society in Coudersport PA on June 27th.

He has published a photographic book of over 200 old Galeton, Coudersport and other Potter County postcards.

Ron will be available during the event to sign books that are purchased.

The book is published by Arcadia Publishing and is available at this signing for $19.95 or can be ordered online from the Arcadia website.

Potter County’s abundance of forests in the late 1800s played a large part in making the town of Williamsport the lumber capital of the world.

To the north, Galeton had one of the largest sawmills in the country and was the railroad hub of the county.

Austin, Cross Fork, Germania, Shinglehouse, Harrison Valley, and other area towns also contributed a great deal during the logging era.
There were sawmills, kindling wood factories, hub factories, stave and heading mills, and tanneries in almost every town in the county.

"Around Galeton and Coudersport" showcases a large collection of vintage postcards of Potter County, opening a window back through time and providing a glimpse of life during the formation of the county.

Author Ronald W. Dingle is a resident of West Branch Township, Potter County, PA. After 42 years working for Chef Boy Ar Dee in Milton, PA, Ron retired to the Galeton area.

Ron has been an avid post card collector for the last 15 years and was looking for a way to share his historical postcards with people from the area.

Ron, who has been coming to the Potter County area since the 1960's, is a member of 4 historical societies in central and northern Pennsylvania, giving him access to the history to go with his postcards.

He's hoping to kindle fond memories in the older population and create an interest in history of the area in today's youth.

Ron says he's donating a portion of the profits from his book to the Potter County Historical Society.

Head-On Crash At Turtlepoint Saturday Night

Port Allegany Emergency Services were called to the scene of a two car head-on crash on Rt. 155 in the area of Turtlepoint at about 10:00PM Saturday night.

No other information was available at this time as PA State Police were just arriving on scene at the time of this post.

Austin Dam Show Plans Announced

Sixth ‘Dam Show’ coming July 18-19

Nationally known musicians and local performers will entertain at the sixth annual Dam Show, scheduled July 18-19 at the Austin Dam Memorial Park.

Art Metzger of Coudersport, an originator and organizer of the eclectic music festival, has recruited a full lineup of musicians, headlined by two standouts: Michael Cleveland and the Hackensaw Boys.

Considered one of the premier bluegrass fiddlers of his generation, Cleveland is a regular with the Grand Ole Opry and multiple winner of International Bluegrass Music Association Awards.

The Hackensaw Boys are an Americana band from Charlottesville, Va., mixing bluegrass, folk and old-time music with a show-biz style and some humor thrown in for good measure.

Release of the band’s fourth album, “Love What You Do,” in 2005 propelled the Hackensaw Boys into the national spotlight and they have since been in high demand at festivals around the country.

An entertaining entourage from New York, Buddhahood, will be back for this year’s Dam Show with a performance of their own as well as their popular drum workshop, open to all.

Among other notable acts on the jam-packed schedule are Blue Sky Mission Club, Ryan Montbleau Band, Redheaded Stepchild and college campus favorites, The Slant.

Lighting specialist Groovin’ Lumens will be back to paint the dam ruins with a colorful light show.

Primitive camping is available at the park. Food and other vendor booths will be set up both days.

ADMA has supported the Dam Show in partnership with the Potter County Commissioners and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Here’s the tentative lineup (subject to change)

Friday, July 18:

5 pm: “Dam Jam,” with plenty of local folks who sing and play well.

6 pm: Free Grass Union, a young bluegrass group from Long Island.
7 pm: Cherylann Hawk, singer-songwriter with a rich, earthy voice.

7:30 pm: Gail Ayers, a deep and powerful gospel voice from Coudersport’s Frosty Hollow Studios.
8 pm: Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper.

9:30 pm: Blue Sky Mission Club, a listenable/danceable band with a blend of soul, country, zydeco and rock traditions.
10:30 pm: Willy Jack and the Northern Lights, a fun, popular and eclectic band from the Danville/Bloomsburg area.

Saturday, July 19
1 pm: Grateful Floyd, a folk/country jam band from Maryland.

1:30 pm: Free Grass Union

2:15: Buddhahood World Drum Workshop; hands-on activity for any and all (bring your own hand drums or use the band’s).
3:45 pm: Tom Martin, Coudersport’s tree specialist, is also an accomplished and singer/songwriter and guitarist.
4:30 pm: Freakish Owl Boy, with family harmonies and well-crafted songs.
5:15 pm: The Slant, a popular college campus rock band with local roots.

6 pm: Buddhahood, a powerhouse festival band from Rochester, N.Y. Horns, drums, bass, steel drums, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars blend with a fun spirit.
7:30 pm: Ryan Montbleau Band, one of Boston’s best. Montbleau has a great voice, captivating songs and solid accompanying musicians.
9:00 pm: Hackensaw Boys.

10:30 pm: Redheaded Stepchild, a Nashville duo and Dam Show regular. Their music combined with the lights of Groovin’ Lumens are guaranteed to be memorable finale.

Git Er Done Volunteer Work Days Wed & Sat.


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25th and SATURDAY, JUNE 28th, 2008 at the Habitat House at Fourth and Hill Streets, Coudersport, PA – beginning at 8:00 a.m. We plan to be there each of these days but if you can work any other day during the week – please give me a call at (814) 274-0739 or send an e-mail to

The house needs to be done by SATURDAY, JUNE 28th, 2008 for our family to move in by the end of the month. Therefore, if you have the skills to help us with anything on the following list we certainly would appreciate your help:

1) Finish fastening the lines for the baseboard heat system

2) Set in place laundry tub and hook up hot and cold water lines

3) Hook up basement light and outside light at the basement door

4) Hook up smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in basement

5) Make sure attic electric is working

6) Hook up dishwasher – electric, hot water line, drain line and fasten to

counter top

7) Finish putting cover plates on outlet switches and duplexes

8) Finish tile work on the kitchen counter top

9) Set and hook up kitchen sink – hot and cold water lines and drain line

10)Touch up paint in living area

11)Install hand rail in basement stairwell

12)Check screw pattern on the roof

13)Haul the pile of dirt away and finish grading

14)Put some top soil down and seed

15)Make sure drainage ditch is working in back of house

16)Remove tree stumps at back and sides of property – Landscaping

17)Finish hooking up bathroom vanity - faucet, hot and cold water lines, and drain line

18)Finish hooking up toilet and running cold water line.

19)Hook up dryer and washing machine electrical outlets

20)Finish electric to boiler.

We have been able to accomplish so much with the help of all the Volunteers. Special thanks to Laurie, Lee, Mitch, Matt, Beth and Charlie for their help on Sat., June 21st and for Ty and Brian’s help during the week. The list still seems long but a lot of it is just “finish hooking things up” work. We can not say “thank you” enough.

Gratefully - Jim and Charlotte Blain –

Morrisdale Man Dead In Motorcycle Crash Near Port Allegany

WESB News: 06/21/08 - Fatal Crash Near Port Allegany

A Morrisdale man died in a motorcycle crash at just after 2 o'clock this morning on Route 155, five miles south of Port Allegany.

State police say 34-year-old Jerry Williamson was traveling at a high rate of speed, failed to negotiate a curve in the road and hit a guide rail.

Williamson was pronounced dead at the scene by McKean County Coroner Mike Cahill. Police say Williamson was not wearing a helmet.

Rendell School Funding Unfair To Rural Schools

Governor's Education Funding Plan Unfair, Unaffordable

By Rep. Martin Causer

Of the billions of dollars spent in the annual state budget, no investment is more important than the one we make in our children. That’s why I am deeply concerned about the governor’s education funding proposal.

It’s a six-year, $2.6 billion proposal with no clear source of funding to pay for it. That is simply irresponsible given the economic challenges we face as individuals and as a Commonwealth. One little-known fact of the governor’s plan is that he expects the state’s school districts to ante up an additional $2 billion in order to meet an alleged $4.6 billion funding gap in basic education funding.

How many taxpayers can afford higher state AND school taxes right now? Yes, we have a responsibility to adequately fund our schools, but we also have a responsibility to adopt a balanced budget that does not place an undue burden on our citizens.

Few would argue the need to revamp our school funding formula in Pennsylvania. In fact, the General Assembly commissioned a costing-out study to help us develop that new formula. The governor says his plan represents a new formula, but all it really does is hand out most of the money ($4.9 billion of the total $5.2 billion) according to the old formula and then drive most of the new, additional money to urban districts, including his beloved Philadelphia School District.

Under the governor’s proposal, Philadelphia – which received nearly $900 million in the 2007-08 state budget – is pegged to receive an additional $85 million in funding next year, an increase of nearly 10 percent. And by the end of his six-year plan, the district will receive an additional $638 million, or 72 percent more. To help put that in perspective, the 11 school districts in my legislative district collectively received $67 million in state funding in 2007-08.

Also telling is that, over the six years of the governor’s plan, the Philadelphia School District is slated to receive nearly one-quarter of the projected new money, yet it educates – or at least attempts to educate – just 11 percent of the state’s students.

Rural and even some suburban school districts don’t fare nearly as well under the governor’s plan. Yes, Philadelphia has more students and faces many unique challenges, but rural schools like ours do have substantial costs in the areas of health benefits, energy costs (for transportation and for heat), and food costs. The governor’s alleged “formula” takes none of this into consideration.

While the Bradford Area School District fares well under the plan, with a 6 percent funding increase this year and 47 percent more by 2014, many other districts in our area will get the statewide minimum 1.5 percent increase in funding this year.

Faring worst in the six-year program is the Galeton Area School District, which is slated to receive just 2 percent more funding by 2014 than it has today. That equates to just $39,000 more over six years; rising energy costs alone will far exceed that amount.

I want the Bradford Area School District to have the resources it needs to educate its students, but I want the same for the rest of the kids in our area and across the state. We need a new formula to fund our schools, but it must be fair and it must be affordable for the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.

NY To Try New Twist To Stop Untaxed Sale Of Cigarettes By Native American Retailers

WESB News: 06/21/08 - NYS Will Try Again to Collect Taxes

New York State is going to try again to collect taxes on cigarettes sold by Indian retailers.

On Monday, the Legislature is expected to pass a bill that would make it illegal for a cigarette manufacturer to sell cigarettes to any wholesaler who hasn't agreed to stop selling tax-free cigarettes to Indian retailers.

Schemes to avoid taxes are expected to get worse since the state raised its excise tax by $1.50. New York City is a prime destination for many Seneca Nation products. Taxable cigarettes in the Big Apple are selling for more than $8 a pack.

Seneca leaders say any move by the state to collect taxes violates Native American sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

yea lets screw the indians somemore take away more land while u r at it it all boils down to greed and money ny i will support the indians in all cases and a lot of u people who buy from them should to seneca nations u aint alone i stand with u

Seneca Casino Workers To Get $500. Raises

WESB News: 06/21/08 - Casino Workers Getting Raises

Thousands of casino workers in Salamanca, Buffalo and Niagara Falls will be getting more money soon – but not from gambling.

The Seneca Gaming Corporation is handing out $500 raises this month to about 3700 workers who make less than $40,000 a year.

Train Derails At Champlin Hill Crossing

WESB News: 06/21/08 - Train Derailment Near Coryville

Some of the wheels of a train slipped off the tracks in Keating Township as the train was on its way to the International Waxes plant in Farmers Valley Friday evening.

The cars blocked the railroad crossing on Champlin Hill Road. All trains remained on the track and nothing was spilled, but Route 446 was closed on both sides of the tracks.

There were no injuries.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Work Day At Habitat House--Can You Help???



SATURDAY, JUNE 21st, 2008 at the Habitat House at Fourth and Hill Streets, Coudersport, PA – beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Habitat House in Coudersport

This more than likely will be the last work day for the Coudersport Habitat house if we get a lot accomplished. The house needs to be done by SATURDAY, JUNE 28th, 2008 for our family to move in by the end of the month. Therefore, if you have the skills to help us with the following list we certainly would appreciate your help on June 21st:

1) Hook up the baseboard heat system

2) Set in place laundry tub and hook up hot and cold water lines and

drain lines

3) Hook up outside light at the basement door entrance

4) Hook up smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in basement

5) Make sure attic electric is working

6) Hook up dishwasher – electric, hot water line, drain line and fasten to

counter top

7) Finish putting cover plates on outlet switches and duplexes

8) Finish tile work on the kitchen counter top

9) Set and hook up kitchen sink – hot and cold water lines and drain line

10)Touch up paint in living areas

11)Put down carpet strips

12)Install hand rail in basement stairwell

13)Put rake trim on both gable ends of the house - check screw pattern

14)Haul the pile of dirt away and finish grading

15)Put some top soil down and seed

16)Make sure drainage ditch is working in back of house

17)Remove tree stumps at back and sides of property – Landscaping

18)Set bathroom vanity and top in place – hook up faucet, hot and cold water lines, and drain line

19)Set toilet in place, bold down and hook up cold water line.

We have been able to accomplish so much with the help of all the Volunteers who have been with us at the house the last few weeks. We can not say “thank you” enough. We are looking forward to our next Habitat project, which will be located on Main Street, Roulette, PA. We will keep you all posted as that project progresses.

Gratefully - Jim and Charlotte Blain –

Area Obituaries

SHINGLEHOUSE — Elizabeth A. “Liz” Lawton, 76, died Friday (June 20, 2008) in the Olean (N.Y.) General Hospital. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Virgil L. Howard Funeral Home.

SHINGLEHOUSE — Helen M. App, 74, of Shinglehouse, died Friday (June 20, 2008) in Charles Cole Memorial Hospital, Coudersport, after a lengthy illness. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Virgil L. Howard Funeral Home.

SHINGLEHOUSE — Paul S. Whitman, 41, of Pittsburgh, formerly of Shinglehouse, died Thursday (June 19, 2008) in Western Pennsylvania Hospital, Pittsburgh, after a short illness. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Virgil L. Howard Funeral Home.

SHINGLEHOUSE — Craig N. Norton, 64, of Shinglehouse and Casselberry, Fla., died Friday (June 20, 2008) at his home in Shinglehouse, after a short battle with cancer. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Virgil L. Howard Funeral Home.

SHINGLEHOUSE — Robert R. Stilson, 87, of Oswayo, died Friday (June 20, 2008) in Charles Cole Memorial Hospital, Coudersport. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Virgil L. Howard Funeral Home.

Michael R. Hemphill, 49, Roulette, PA

Michael R. Hemphill, 49, of Roulette, formerly of Coudersport, PA, died Friday, June 13, 2008 in the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY.

Born August 17, 1958, in Coudersport, he was the son of William “Bob” and Wanda Matzinger Hemphill. On May 23, 2008, in Coudersport, he married his longtime friend and companion, the former Linda Kelsey Burdick, who survives.

A 1976 graduate of Coudersport High School, he was a member of the football and basketball teams. Active in Coudersport youth baseball, he was a member of several all-star teams. In 1971, he was named outstanding little leaguer of the year, playing pitcher, catcher, and outfielder.

During high school, he began employment in the meat department at Market Basket in Coudersport, and then was employed by Morgan AM&T, Pure Carbon Division in Coudersport for 30 years.

Mike was a member of the Friendly Inn Dart Team, adult softball teams, and the Coudersport Bowling League. In the 1987-88 bowling season, he was recognized with Jon Blumer and Jeff Ness in the three man classic league for the highest game total in the nation.

A sports enthusiast, he was a devoted fan of the New York Yankees, Buffalo Bills, Penn State Nittany Lions, and the Boston Celtics.

Surviving besides his wife, Linda, are: his parents of Coudersport; two brothers, Garry (Lorraine) Hemphill of Coudersport and Richard (Judy) Hemphill of Port Allegany, PA; three sisters, Karen Robinson, his twin Mary (Jeff) Freeman, and Lori (Steve) Watson, all of Coudersport; aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, great-nieces, great-nephews, cousins; and beloved pets, Sammie, Smokie, and the infamous “Roy Boy”.

A Memorial Service will be held 10:00 AM, Saturday, June 28, 2008 in Christ Episcopal Church, Coudersport, PA. The Rev. Leslie K. Doyle will officiate. Burial will be in Woodland Cemetery at Five Corners.

A Tailgate Party in Celebration of Mike’s Life will begin at 4:00 PM, Saturday, June 28, 2008 in the Roulette Fire Hall, Roulette, PA. Please feel free to wear your team colors.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Roulette Volunteer Fire Company and Auxiliary, Roulette, PA 16746, the Coudersport Volunteer Ambulance, Coudersport, PA 16915, the Patterson Cancer Center, c/o Cole Memorial Hospital, Coudersport, PA 16915, or the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, P.O. Box 631, Buffalo, NY 14240.

Arrangements are entrusted to the Olney Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Ulysses, PA.

More On Judge Cleland's Superior Court Nomination


McKean County President Judge John Cleland has been nominated by Governor Ed Rendell to fill a vacant position on state Superior Court.

The announcement came early this afternoon through a news release issued by the Governor’s office. The Governor is submitting the name of Judge Robert Freeberg of Northampton County to fill the second vacancy on the Superior Court created by the election of two former Superior Court Judges, Seamus McCaffery and Debra Todd who were elected to the state Supreme Court last November.

Cleland may have an easier time than previous nominees since he is a Republican being nominated by a Democratic governor.

The Republican-controlled Senate rejected an earlier group nominated by Rendell to succeed four judges who left before their terms were completed.

Judge Cleland has served as President Judge of McKean County Common Pleas Court since 1984, when he was appointed to the bench by Governor Dick Thornburgh. He was subsequently elected to a full term in 1985 and retained in 1995 and 2005.

For eight years, Judge Cleland served as the Co-Chair of the Education Committee of the Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges and was responsible for planning the continuing education for the commonwealth’s trial judges.

He has also served on various Supreme Court committees addressing procedural rules, statewide court computerization, gender bias, the administration of the minor judiciary courts and bio-hazard security issues.

Judge Cleland graduated from Denison University in 1969 and received his Juris Doctorate with honors from The National Law Center of The George Washington University in 1972.

Police Reports Via WFRM


State police here have charged 50 year old Roger Carpenter of Coudersport with harassment for incidents allegedly taking place Tuesday afternoon. Authorities claim Carpenter telephoned Quinn Hanchett of Hanchett’s Auto Service in Hebron Township numerous times even after being told not to do so.

Troopers at Kane are probing a couple of recent criminal mischief incidents in their district. Sometime between Tuesday and Thursday of this week, vandals damaged two wooden doors on a house and barn along Route 6 in Liberty township owned by Patricia Crawford of Port Allegany.

Bruce's Blog--Day 20--Crossing The Continental Divide

Bruce Trowbridge points to train in background in Wyoming

Climbing at this stage of the journey practically epitomizes each day’s route. We’re now up to 7,000 feet in altitude just over two-thirds of the way through Wyoming.

There were quite a few signs that said, “Continental Divide.” Crossing it is exhilarating! Pastor Alan from Laramie notified me that there is a 1,200 foot climb coming up and that I might want to prepare myself. From that point on, it should begin to flatten out a bit.

It’s not everyday you see someone running through Wyoming via the interstate, so if it seems uncanny to truck drivers, you can’t blame them for pulling over and asking if everything is alright. We’ve had quite a few already pull over and ask if we need a ride or help in any sort of way. They were quite amiable! One of their names was Tim, ironically. After I told him what we were doing, he said “Wow, good luck! I better be off now. I have to regain my position.” I found that rather amusing because everything is like a race out here.

Both the biking and two running legs went very smoothly today. The shoulders at particular points were challenging, but I was able to maneuver around them.

I thought you might like to know that the prairie dogs around here are daring. I almost ran over one. I don’t really want to imagine the visual as to how painful a wreck that might be. I could only imagine what I would say when someone asked why I was all scuffed up. Perhaps, I would say something like “Those massive animals you have roaming around here will get you if you don’t watch out!”

Another obstacle en route was this quarter mile long tunnel through which I had to go. There was no other way around. If a person is to pass through by any means other than a vehicular device, they have a designated shoulder. It was probably the most petrifying experience on the entire trip because I was riding my bike at this point and I had to walk across the elevated, twelve-inch wide shoulder with my bike by my side. I don’t know how I managed without falling, but I did and I thank the Lord for keeping me safe.

As for our journey, I will be taking two days of rest starting tomorrow and Saturday.

We are sending 1,000 bracelets to Potter County for people to be a part of the chain link. Each bracelet represents one mile on the trip.

We have about 1,500 left for en route and are accepting donations for them of any amount. All of the proceeds will be going directly towards Provisions of Life. They will be dispersed throughout various locations of the area.

I’ll have one blog capping both days of rest on Saturday. We’ll see you Sunday! May God bless you!

McKean Judge John Clelland Nominated To Superior Court

Rendell Nominates Judge Cleland

1490 NewsBlog
McKean County President Judge John Cleland has been nominated by Governor Ed Rendell to fill a vacant position on state Superior Court.

He joins three other people in the second group Rendell has sent to the Senate for confirmation this year. The Republican-controlled chamber rejected an earlier group he nominated to succeed four judges who left before their terms were complete.

If confirmed Cleland and Robert A. Freedberg, the president judge of Northampton County, would fill the vacancies created by the election of two former judges on Superior Court — Seamus McCaffery and Debra Todd — to the Supreme Court in November.

Patterson Considers Bill To Provide Volunteer Firefighters And Ambulance Workers With Low-Cost Insurance In NY

Canisteo Valley News
New York lawmakers have approved legislation to extend low-cost health insurance to volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers.

The law's sponsors say allowing volunteer companies to access the health insurance plans offered to municipal employees will lower coverage costs for members, especially those providing needed service in rural areas and suburbs.

The measure, under review by Gov. David Paterson, would take effect in 180 days.

Lawmakers say there are no fiscal implications since the volunteer participants will bear the cost

Commissioners Name New 911 Center Director

WESB News: 06/20/08 - Norton New 911 Director

McKean County Commissioners have named Larry Norton as the new director of the county's 911 center. Norton has been employed at the center on a part-time basis for several years.

McKean County Officer Pleads Guilty To Sex Charge

WESB News: 06/20/08 - Correctional Officer Pleads to Assault

A former correctional officer at McKean County jail pleaded guilty Thursday in McKean County Court to having sexual contact with a female inmate at the jail.

44 year-old Jay Beeman of Bradford pleaded guilty to institutional sexual assault. Beeman will be sentenced on July 31.

Former Wayne Employee Pleads Guilty To Theft

WESB News: 06/20/08 - Man Pleads to Theft From Local Company

A former employee of Wayne Concrete in Bradford has pleaded guilty to theft charges.

37 year-old Clifford Easton of Smethport pleaded guilty Thursday in McKean County court to 11 counts of theft at the Wayne Concrete plant in Bradford.

Court records show that Easton took $7,000 dollars from the company. He'll be sentenced on August 14.

Area Obituaries

EMPORIUM — Paul J. Kamats, 73, of 467 Plank Road Hollow, Emporium, died at his residence Thursday afternoon (June 19, 2008). Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Barnett Funeral Home Inc.

PORT ALLEGANY, Pa. - A memorial service for Marie B. Binder of Port Allegany will be held Monday (June 23, 2008) at 11 a.m. in St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church, 116 Arnold Ave., Port Allegany.

175 To Be Laid Off For 8 Weeks In Port Allegany

Temporary shutdown of Pittsburgh Corning Corp.’s Port Allegany plant set to begin July 1 and last about eight weeks

A temporary shutdown of Pittsburgh Corning Corp.’s Port Allegany plant is set to begin July 1 and last about eight weeks.

Pittsburgh Corning officials announced the shutdown Thursday afternoon. Read more.

McKean County May Close On Fridays

In effort to save money on rising energy costs, McKean County Commissioners look at closing courthouse, county-owned buildings on Fridays

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bruce's Blog--Day 19--1,000 Miles

Beautiful scenery in WyomingBruce Trowbridge

I wish I could give some sort of justice to the description of how exhilarating it is to be out on the open road.

It wasn’t too long into the biking leg before I saw a couple of antelopes, one of which decided to speedily take off in the same direction along a fenced off region. It wasn’t able to jump the fence, so apparently it was confident that it could beat me even on my bike. Well, it was right. I was on a slight incline going about 30 mph and, believe it or not, it was just gradually pulling away. I think in the end we were both happy, though. I was happy because I had the grand opportunity to pursue it for a short while and it was happy because it was able to escape.

As I was picking the pace up a bit, I saw this sign that said “Wind gusts could be strong.” Thinking nothing of it, I continued to go faster and faster. It was at 40.9 mph when a “strong gust of wind” took me by surprise and nearly kicked my tires out from underneath me. Since my bike is only 18 pounds and I am not much to secure it from doing such a thing, you could only imagine how startled I was. I would have to say that overall the biking leg was pleasant because the wind was mostly to my back except that of a 10 mile stretch.

Tim and I believe that we saw the Colorado Rockies from a distance since we are pretty far south in Wyoming. Talk about geographical grandeur!

We made our 1,000 mile marker en route today, and we thought that it called for a celebration. What else other than food? We stopped in and ate at Pizza Hut. When the crew found out what we were doing, they were quite well excited and gave it to us on the house. They also checked my bike out.

Thank you Pizza Hut of Green River, Wyoming. I cannot forget to mention that Tim introduced me to feeding the prairie dogs. In fact, Tim had one of them eating out of the palm of his hand. We quickly discovered that they aren’t huge fans of marshmallows but peanuts is an entirely different story.

As for running, it was around 7:00 and very pleasant. The sun was just over two hours from setting and it was breezy. I enjoyed it very much and surprisingly am not sore at all.

I must say that your prayers are working because even to me covering this many miles in one day seems physically unrealistic. The Lord is our strength when we are weak. Calling on Him is what He desires for us to do every day. He has poured out many blessings.

Normally, it is supposed to be 10-15 degrees warmer than it is right now. I have not yet been poured on since I left Heceta Beach. The continued support of family, friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ is very encouraging.

There is so much need and hurt in the world, and through the Lord, while working together, we can make a great difference. Life without being able to worship the Lord and helping others seems senseless.

I hope all is well for you. God bless!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Green River, Wy been there a couple of times. Miles from everywhere!!!! Not exactly Potter County.

From Nats Brooksville, Fl.

Friday, June 20, 2008 10:44:00 PM EDT

PETCO Animal Food Products Seized By FDA

FDA Requests Seizure of Animal Food Products at PETCO Distribution Center
Thu, 19 Jun 2008 15:23:00 -0500

At the request of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Marshals seized various animal food products stored under unsanitary conditions at the PETCO Animal Supplies Distribution Center located in Joliet, Ill., pursuant to a warrant issued by the United States District Court in Chicago.

Calendar of Events From WFRM

June 21

There will be a spaghetti dinner to benefit Ruth Smith (Pappy) at the Mt. Jewett Fire Hall from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. Adults, $6.00, children under 10, $4.00

June 22 & 23

The annual Huge Multi Family Yard Sale will be held at the former Hebron Grange hall on Crandall Hill from 9:00 to 4:00 Sunday and 9:00 to noon Monday. There will be a bag sale on Monday. Two floors and outdoors. Proceeds will benefit the Outreach programs of the Women’s Society of Hebron Seventh Day Baptist Church.

Minor Injury After Tire Blows In Hebron Township

Minor injuries were reported for one passenger following a one-vehicle crash Monday morning in Hebron Township.

State police said Krista Eveland of Coudersport was headed west on the West Hebron Road just off of Route 44 when right front tire on her Hyundai Elantra blew causing the vehicle to veer off the road, travel about 45 feet, hit a tree and spin around clockwise before coming to rest.

Eveland, Aaron Watson, 10, Hailey Watson, six months, Nathaniel Watson, 8, and Riley Watson, 5 were all taken to Charles Cole Hospital were Nathaniel was treated for minor injuries and released. Police said the driver and passengers were all properly restrained.

Five Men Arrested For Unstamped Cigarettes

Unstamped Cigarettes Confiscated

1490 NewsBlog
Five men from out of the area have been arrested in two separate cases for possessing about 15,000 cartons of illegal cigarettes in Chautauqua County.

All face felony charges of possession of unstamped cigarettes, and attempt to evade the cigarette law. Three of the men are from Michigan; the other two are from Kentucky.

In the first case, a Kentucky truck driver was stopped on Interstate-86 in the town of Ellery when authorities found 8,000 cartons of unstamped cigarettes that were on their way to a nearby Indian reservation.

In the second case, a van and a pickup truck were stopped on I-86 in the town of Ellicott. The vehicles were hauling nearly 7,000 cartons of cigarettes, purchased from a nearby Indian reservation.

Allegany Man Charged In Attack On Olean Woman

Man Accused of Brutal Attack

An Allegany man is accused of kicking a woman in the head until she was unconscious.

Police say 40-year-old Paul Ertell pushed his way through the front door of an Olean woman's home, then hit her in the head several times, knocking her to the ground.

He then allegedly kicked her repeatedly until she lost consciousness – all with her three children watching.

Ertell is charged with burglary, assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Olean Woman Raped In Her Home

WESB News: 06/19/08 - Rape Reported in Olean

An Olean man is facing rape charges after an alleged attack Wednesday evening in an Olean woman's home.

The victim told police that she and 21-year-old George Portlow have known each other for years, but when he visited her last night he made sexual advances toward her.

When she resisted, he allegedly put her in a choke hold, grabbed her hair and raped her.

Bike & Build Riders Entering Ohio

Pedaling through Pennsylvania

My Photo BY Eric Rowell..................Eric's pictures
Its crazy to think that tomorrow we'll be entering Ohio. In less than two weeks our group of thirty one has made it across Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and now Pennsylvania. When you look at the map of the whole country it doesn't seem that impressive, but we're starting to feel like RI to OH is quite a feat in itself. Just one more hilly day ahead of us before we trade in the Appalachians, Catskills, and Alleghenies for the the plains of the Midwest!

They say the Appalachians are harder for cyclists to ride than the Rockies because the roads are steeper. In the Rockies there are switchbacks the whole way, but most of the Appalachians are straight to the top. I really think some of the toughest days physically (like to Roscoe and to Binghamton) are behind us. It also seems like I'm becoming more mentally and emotionally prepared (like the long cold, rainy days you'll read about in this post).

So anyways, we left Wellsboro and made it to Coudersport 50 miles later on the 15th. It was a pretty hilly rain with just a little rain but not too bad. We stayed at the Alliance Church in town where they fed us pizza and wings (delicious!), and then we hit the bed pretty early.

We woke up the next morning to rain on our way to Warren, PA. A 58 mile was in store, and Brooke and I were "sweep" for the day. This basically means we're the caboose of the group, staying with the last rider to make sure everyone is okay. The cold rain was miserable before lunch, and it seemed like we were swimming in it at times.

We arrived at lunch and decided to wait a while before getting back on the road. We warmed up in the van for almost an hour before the two of us took off again (once again at the back of the pack). We had given enough space so we were able to move at a pretty quick pace, and the afternoon was much more enjoyable, although still cold and wet.

This was probably the hardest day so far mentally because it seemed to grind out so slowly. The afternoon was more enjoyable though as the sun peaked out just a little, and Brooke and I were able to pass the time talking. Our host in Warren was the YMCA, so we were treated to an evening of saunas and hot showers. Definitely a big plus. We also had our second Affordable Housing meeting where several of our group members explained to us the history of Affordable Housing in the United States during the 1900's. Then we went to sleep in the gym which was great until basketball players came in at 5:30 to shoot some hoops while we were still asleep.

Today (the 17th) we woke up to more downpours. The temperature had dropped over night, and the high was only 55 degrees! Bundled in my jersey, arm warmers, knee warmers, a long sleeve jersey, and my rain jacket (hey, I'm not used to riding in the cold OR the rain) I hit the road with the first group. We were lucky enough to have Pastor Sam Gibb of the First Presbyterian Church in Franklin (our host for tonight) meet up with us this morning and ride the whole day.

The morning was cold, cold, cold, wet, and a bit sketchy at times as we had to spend quite a bit of time in construction areas. The weather broke a little bit at lunch time as we got to Pleasantville (ironic I know), where we had our trailer set up at a local diner. the lady who runs it was nice enough to let us bring our food in, and some of us decided to eat there. I had delicious buckwheat pancakes, and they definitely warmed my cold body up. After one quick uphill out of Pleasantville we were pretty much downhill, flat, or rolling hills the rest of the day.

Pastor Sam took us down some awesome bike trails to make the day shorter and safer, plus he set a great pace for us to follow. We held about 20 mph for most of the afternoon as he pulled us along at the front of the pack. We didn't even have to take turns up front, he did almost all of the work. It definitely made for a great day. My legs are feeling good tonight, and I'm ready for the next few days. We got to Franklin, showered and saunaed at the Y, and then Pastor Sam took us all to Subway for dinner! The church is also feeding us breakfast in the morning before we leave town. Hopefully it will warm up and dry out in the next couple of days.

Resistrations For Outdoor Lighting Workshop

We are still accepting registration for the free Outdoor Lighting Workshop to be held Wednesday, June 25.

To read the complete story on the workshop.

Alene E. (Barnes) Sherman, 63, Mansfield, PA

SHERMAN, Alene E. (Barnes), Age 63, of Mansfield, PA, died Wednesday, June 18, 2008, at Troy Community Hospital in Troy, PA.

She was the wife of Walter T. Sherman, whom she married January 8, 1968. Alene was born on July 12, 1944 in Blossburg, PA, a daughter of Walter and Ellen (Wilston) Barnes.

Alene is survived by her husband, Walter; three sons and a daughter-in-law, David J. Chamberlain, Kenneth W. Chamberlain, Brian J. (Sherry) Chamberlain, all of Mansfield, PA; a daugther, Kelly J. Sherman of Mansfield, PA; seven grandchildren, four great-grandchildren; two sisters and brothers-in-law, Marilyn T. (Frank) Bryant of Galeton, PA, and Judy M. (Donald) Cole of Mansfield, PA.

In keeping with Alene's wishes, there will be no services. Arrangements have been entrusted to the Jacquelyn A. Buckheit Funeral Chapel, Crematory and Monuments, PC, 637 South Main Street, Mansfield, PA,

Dorothy Shelley, 75, Gaines, PA

SHELLEY, Dorothy, Age 75, of Gaines, PA, died Wednesday, June 18, 2008, at her home.

Born September 22, 1932 in Carter Camp, PA, she was the daughter of the late Frank and Velma (Hoppe) Trautner.

She was a graduate of Galeton High School. She was married to William "Bud" Shelley, who predeceased her in 1986. Dorothy worked at Galeton Production and the Gaines Tackle Shop, and then owned and operated Shelley's Upholstery and Shelley's Ceramics in Gaines. She enjoyed gardening, watching birds and making birdhouses and quilts for all her family members to cherish. Dorothy will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her.

Surviving are four daughters, Debbie Mann, Denise (Dave) Miller, Diane (Dave) Wolz, and Donna (Brian) Richar, all of Gaines; eight grandchildren, Misty, Brad, Davy, Billy, DJ, Christie, Chris and Ashley; nine great-grandchildren; two brothers, Andy and Frankie; five sisters, Helen, Alice, Anna, Margaret and Louisa; and two cats, Trouble and Cry Baby.

In addition to her parents and her husband; Dorothy was predeceased by an infant son, William; and a sister, Nellie Everitt.

Friends may call at the Ansonia Cemetery, Ansonia, PA, on Friday, June 20, 2008, from 10:30 to 11:00 a.m. A Celebration of Life will follow at 11:00 a.m. Flowers will be provided by the family. Memorial contributions may be made to the charity of the donor's choice. Arrangements have been entrusted to the Hess Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Collins Chapel, Galeton, PA.

Johnathan Dean I. Freeborn, 20, Portville, NY

FREEBORN, Johnathan Dean I., 20, of 9754 Portville-Ceres Road, died Thursday, June 12, 2008, of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident in Helendale, CA.

Born June 1, 1988 in Hornell, he was a son of Cheryl McCarthy. In March 2000, he took the name of his dad, Hugh Freeborn. Johnathan was a 2006 graduate of Portville Central School where he played football for four years, wrestled, and was part of the Ski Club where he skied and snowboarded.

He enjoyed the summers at the family's cottage on Cuba Lake where he could do anything he tried on water. He especially enjoyed wakeboarding. Johnathan was employed during high school at Dewey's Discount Beverage and delivered pizza for Fox's Pizza in Portville. After graduation, he was employed by Beck's Builders before joining the U.S. Army in January 2007. He went through basic training and Advanced Individual Training for truck driving at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. He was currently stationed at Fort Irwin, CA.

Surviving besides his parents are two brothers, Jeremy and Jayce Freeborn, both at home; maternal grandparents, Dean (Caroline) McCarthy of Hornell and Sue McCarthy of Elizabeth City, NC; paternal grandparents, Franklin and Rowena Freeborn of Horseheads; and several aunts, uncles, and cousins. He will be missed by many buddies and friends.

Friends will be received Friday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. at the Guenther Funeral Home, Inc., 51 S. Main St., Portville. Funeral services will be held Saturday, June 21, 2008, at 11 a.m. in the Obi Community Church, 1948 Route 305, with Pastor David Cook officiating. Burial will be in West Genesee Cemetery, Obi.

Memorials may be made to Trinity India Missions c/o Trinity Lutheran Church, 470 N. Main St., Wellsville, NY 14895, to help buy land and build an orphanage in India or to Gil's Hills, 2430 Brown Road, Wellsville, NY 14895.

Police Reports

Star Gazette

State Police, Coudersport

•Heather R. Calhoun, 35, of Coudersport, was charged June 15 with harassment.

•Paul K. Potter, 50, of Mills, Pa., was charged June 13 with driving while intoxicated after a traffic stop.

•Police are investigating the theft of about $1,000 in cash after a burglary at a residence on Corcoran Road in Genesee Township sometime between June 10 and 12.

Vivian L. Hamilton, 82, Genesee, PA

Vivian L. Hamilton, 82, of Genesee, PA, died Wednesday, June 18, 2008.

Born September 3, 1925, in Ulysses, PA, she was the daughter of Harry and Mary Polo Lewis. On December 6, 1942, in Bingham Center, PA, she married D. Blair Hamilton, who predeceased her on June 30, 2006.

Vivian was a homemaker and a lifelong area resident. Surviving are: a son, Donald Hamilton of Genesee; two daughters, Barbara (Kenneth) Burrous of Westfield, PA and Debra (John) McLaughlin of Coudersport, PA; seven grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; a half-brother, Kenley (Margaret) Lewis of Casselberry, FL; and nieces and nephews.

In addition to her parents and husband, she was predeceased by her step-father, Joseph Grom; a daughter-in-law, Barbara J. Hamilton; a granddaughter, Jodi Lynn Hamilton; and a sister, Doris Doolittle.

Friends may call Friday, June 20, 2008 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at the Olney Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Ulysses, PA, where Funeral Services will be held on Saturday at 11:00 AM. The Rev. Mel Ternes will officiate.

Burial will be in Ulysses Cemetery. Memorials may be made to a charity of the donor’s choice.

Zippo Sales Down--35 Workers Get Pink Slips

WESB News: 06/19/08 - Zippo Lays off Several Workers

Zippo Manufacturing has laid off 35 employees. Zippo President and CEO Greg Booth says quote recent lighter sales have decreased, particularly in the U.S. market and the future sales forecast looks soft.

Booth says conditions have forced them to reduce costs in all areas including personnel levels. Recently Gov. Ed Rendell signed into law an anti smoking law limiting smoking in public places

Smethport Man Took $9,000. From Account To Buy Cocaine

WESB News: 06/19/08 - Man Charged With Taking Money From Parents

A Smethport man has been charged with stealing bank cards from his parents to buy cocaine. Court records show that 23 year-old Chad Bell took his parents bank cards and removed over $9,000 dollars from their bank accounts last December and January.

In a written confession to Smethport Police Bell told them he used the money to buy cocaine. Police also have 14 photos of Bell withdrawing money from an automated teller.

Bell was sent to McKean County Jail on $20,000 dollars bail.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Motorcycle Crash Kills Bradford Man On I-79

WESB News: 06/18/08 - Bfd Man Dies in Motorcycle Crash on I-79

A Bradford man died in a motorcycle accident Tuesday night on the southbound lane of I-79.

State Police say that 54 year-old Wilhelm Potkovick was killed in the crash. Police report that Potkovick was driving twenty-five m.p.h. over the speed limit when he went off the roadway and struck a the guard rail.

Area Obituaries

PORT ALLEGANY, Pa. - Marie B. Binder, 84, of Port Allegany died Tuesday (June 17, 2008) in her home.

PORTVILLE - Johnathan Dean I. Freeborn, 20, of 9754 Portville-Ceres Road died Thursday (June 12, 2008) of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident in Helendale, Calif.

GENESEE- Vivian L. Hamilton, 82, of Genesee, PA, died Wednesday, June 18, 2008 in the Cole Memorial Hospital, Coudersport, PA. Arrangements will be announced by the Olney Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Ulysses, PA.

Bruce's Blog--Day 18--Oh Wonderful Wyoming

Today we woke up bright and early because we knew that in order to make up for yesterday’s running leg, it would require quite a bit more time.

It always seems that whether we get up at 6:00 A.M. or 7:00 A.M., we can’t get on the road until 9:00 A.M. Fortunately, these are the longest days of the year. Even with that advantage, though, I was a few miles shy in both the biking and running legs as my goal was 34 for running and 80 for biking. The obstacles for the day included construction sites and rough, slanted shoulders. I would say rolling hills, but that was expected and more of a challenge. I was determined to make it but dusk beat us once again.

At the day’s end, I totaled 30 miles of running and 70 miles of biking. (11 hours of moving) I would have to say the highlight of today was crossing the Idaho/Wyoming border. I’m sure the video will exhibit that pretty well. While we were on the border, we walked over to this ranch and saw a few horses. We pet and fed them for a while.

It reached 90 degrees for the day and it was so humid it was visible in the air; consequently, I drank fifteen 20 fl. ounce bottles of gatorade. Upon entering Wyoming, I saw my first miniature wild fire and surprisingly a dust tornado. I was rather intrigued.

We stopped in Kemmerer to get a quite bite to eat and learned that this is the mother place of J.C. Penny’s. We took a picture, so check it out! I noticed as I was biking, I was getting closer and closer to the clouds. There’s no wonder why as our highest elevation is now 6927 feet.

We finished the day in Opal, which is pronounced (oh-pale). It was almost completely dark by the time we arrived, so we asked a few locals if they knew of a place we could set up camp and one of the families offered us a place to stay for the night. Of course, we accepted and are very grateful. Thank you Kevin and family.

I am in disbelief at how quickly time seems to escape us, so I best be getting some rest for tomorrow is yet another long journey through the “Wonderful Wyoming.” Lord willing, we will reach the 1000 mile marker tomorrow.

The Lord has truly blessed us on this journey! May He bless you all too! Have a wonderful night.

Philadelphia Bulletin Story--Medical Pot

Specter Would ‘Absolutely’ Use Medical Marijuana…

Smethport Teen Arrested On Theft Charges

State police at Kane have arrested 18 year old Janet Crandall of Smethport on charges of theft for incidents allegedly taking place between this past January 18 and April 23 at Rainy Day Farms on Hackett Hollow Road in Keating Township.

Authorities claim Crandall removed money from a cash box in the feed store. She was arraigned earlier today before District Judge William Todd.

Deer Management Applications Due By July 1, 2008

The Game Commission is reminding eigible landowners interested in enrolling in the Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP), which is designed to help landowners manage deer on their properties, have until July 1 to submit an application for the 2008-09 hunting seasons to the appropriate Region Office. Applications must be postmarked or hand-delivered to the agency by July 1. In addition, a map delineating the landowner's property boundaries must be enclosed with the application. DMAP applications may be obtained from the Game Commission's website ( by clicking on "D.M.A.P." in the "Quick Clicks" box in the right-hand column of the homepage and then choosing "DMAP landowner applications."

Applications also can be obtained from any Game Commission Region Office or the Harrisburg headquarters.Eligible lands for DMAP are: public lands; private lands where no fee is charged for hunting; and hunting club lands owned in fee title so long as the club was established prior to Jan. 1, 2000, and they provide a club charter and list of current members to the agency. Private hunting clubs are no longer required to own a minimum of 1,000 contiguous acres before being eligible.Coupons for DMAP antlerless deer harvest permits may be issued to landowners at a rate of one coupon for every five acres in agricultural operations or one coupon for every 50 acres for all other land uses. Management plans will be required only when a DMAP applicant requests more than the standard rate for issuance of DMAP harvest permits.

Landowners must designate their boundaries in a manner approved by the Game Commission. Landowners will receive one coupon for each DMAP permit allocated for their property, and they may give up to two DMAP coupons per DMAP area to a licensed hunter, who will then apply to the Game Commission for DMAP harvest permits. Landowners may not charge or accept any remuneration for a DMAP coupon. Hunters may possess up to two DMAP permits for a specific DMAP property in any given license year. DMAP permit allotments will be made separate from the general antlerless deer license allocations, and will be $10 for residents and $35 for nonresidents.

Coudersport Chamber Meets At Charles Cole

The Coudersport Chamber of Commerce met Tuesday for lunch at Charles Cole Hospital’s Wellness Center.

The Hospital’s CEO Ed Pitchford gave a report on changes at the hospital and challenges facing rural health systems.

Chamber President Stan Swank announced that the first of the season’s Saturdays on the Square opens on Saturday, June 21, at the courthouse square.

Singer and guitarist Tom Martin will perform from the gazebo and vendors will be set up around the square. There is no admission fee.

Future Saturdays on the Square are scheduled July 19 and Aug. 16. The Merchants Committee is lining up entertainment and vendor arrangements. Vendors with an interest in participating should contact Stan Swank at the Jubilee, 274-8820.

Dick Buchanan who heads up the arboretum committee reported that several improvements have been made to the site and that the American Legion’s Wall of Honor will be dedicated in a ceremony later this summer.

Swank said plans are coming together for the annual Chamber Awards Dinner, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday night, Sept. 23. A committee is lining up entertainment or a guest speaker.

The Chamber is helping downtown businesses make the best of the closure of the Specialist Mike Franklin Memorial Bridge, which carries U.S. Rt. 6 over the Allegheny River on East Second Street.

All traffic that would normally pass through the business district is now being re-routed on Mill, Maple and Oak streets. PennDOT expects to have the one-span, 65-foot concrete bridge open by mid-August.

Chamber leaders worked out an arrangement with the bridge contractor, A. L. Blades Inc. of Hornell, N. Y., to split the cost of two large billboards on the Rt. 6 gateways to promote shopping downtown. Chamber affiliates and supporters also donated money to pay for a business listing banner at the detour intersection at Oak and South Main streets.

Youth Convention This Weekend At Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle

Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle Youth Pastor
John Minor announces plans for the
2008 Youth Convention this weekend,
Friday, June 20, Saturday, June 21, Sunday, June 22, 2008

Youth Pastor John Minor

Youth pastors, group leaders and youth groups from all over the country have been invited to the Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle's "Youth Convention 2008" to be held this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 20, 21, and 22, 2008 at the church on the Port Allegany Road, Coudersport, PA.

Meals will be served following each service and housing will be provided for out of town guests. If you need to arrange housing, contact Sister Marty Williams at 814-274-8336 or Sister Gina Minor at 814-260-9552.

We are believing that these events will make a major impact on the lives of the our teens and all who attend.

The presenters this year are Matt Holcomb and his wife Rachael, who are pastors of "Consuming Fire Youth Ministries" at "The Door Fellowship" in Williamsport, PA, where he also serves as an associate pastor. He has been in the youth ministry for 14 years and has ministered to youth groups and in youth conferences in many states as well as overseas. "His heart's desire is to see this generation of young people saved and to lead them into the principles and purposes of Jesus Christ."

Minister Sadie Worrell is called to direct the praise-appointed to lead worshipers to the heart of God in spirit and in truth. Called to be in direct praise-anointed to minister unto the Lord through word and song, focusing her hearts attention on the Almighty God. Called to the Direct Praise Ministries, which provides road maps, tools, journey instructions, and rest stops, that enable travelers to find an intimate place in God.

Please encourage your youth to attend this awesome opportunity to hear these speakers.

Schedule for the 2008 Youth Conventions is:
  • Friday, June 20 at 6:30 pm--Minister Sadie Worrell
  • Saturday, June 21 at 10:30 am--Pastor Matt Holcomb
  • 6:30 pm--Minister Sadie Worrell
  • Sunday, June 22 at 11:00 am--Minister Sadie Worrell
All local area youth are urged to attend and participate in this convention.

Rabies Clinic Saturday At Coudersport Gazebo

There will be a rabies clinic from 1:00 to 4:00, Saturday, June 21, 2008, at the Coudersport Gazebo.

All animals must be on a leash or in a container.

Cost is $5.00 per animal All dogs and cats, 12 weeks or older can be vaccinated. The clinic is sponsored by Dr. Ronnie Schenkein of the Coudersport Animal Health Center. She is assisted at the clinics by Potter County 4-H members.

Woodcarvers On The Square Saturday In Port Allegany

The Allegheny Mountain Woodcarvers Association will present a day of woodcarving and artisans from 10am to 4pm, Saturday, June 21, on the Town Square in Port Allegany

Highly skilled craftsmen & artists showcase their original designs & one of kind
pieces in hand carved wood.

All made in the USA.

Antique tools, toys, & art
pieces will be on display. Hourly demonstrations & instructional lectures for the beginner to advanced enthusiast.
Totem poles to kitchenware to jewelry
available for purchase as unique gifts. Discuss custom designs & wood art with the experts.

Free parking. Free admission. Lunch available all day. or email:

Troopers Get Medal Of Honor For Heroism

Pa. State Police honors

three troopers for heroism

Purple Boxes Demystified--Again

Purple Boxes Hanging in Trees

1490 NewsBlog

It seems a lot of people are still curious about those purple boxes hanging from trees in the region.

For those of you who don't know, they are Emerald Ash Borer traps. The state Department of Agriculture put them up to see if the destructive beetle has made it to this part of the state yet.

Anonymous said...

my son drives truck for eagle out
of saint mary's and says you can see these purple boxes all the way into kentucky.also the warnings about bringing campfire wood from out of the area with very stiff fines and penalties if caught. we also noticed them going to altoona on monday, also down around the state college area the locust where so loud you could hardly hear the radio with the windows down.

Coudy Physician Assistants Go North

Two physician assistants join Canton-Potsdam staff

Watertown Daily Times

POTSDAM, NY — Two hospitalist physician assistants have joined the Canton-Potsdam Hospital staff. Michael and Terry Joyce come to Canton-Potsdam from jobs in Coudersport, Penn.

Mr. Joyce has been named manager of hospitalist operations at Canton-Potsdam, having previously served as a hospitalist physician assistant and director of Charles Cole Express Care at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital in Coudersport. He earned bachelor's degrees in health policy administration from Penn State and physician assistant studies from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pa.

Mrs. Joyce joins the Canton-Potsdam staff as a hospitalist physician assistant, having worked in a similar position at Coudersport Primary Care Clinic. She earned her bachelor's degree in physician assistant studies from Drexel.

Both have worked at other hospitals in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bruce's Blog--Day 17--Last Day Of Idaho

Bruce Takes A Break

Our last day in Idaho brought many intriguing surprises our way. As you all may know by now, I made the decision to bike 80 miles and run 20 miles each day between 06/16/08-06/19/08 to make it near Laramie and Cheyenne, Wyoming to promote.

With that said, our day began around 2:00 P.M., which was later than we would have liked to get out on the road. It all worked out well though because we had another TV interview with Channel 8 News based out of Idaho Falls and Pocatello.

Believe it or not, I saw an Emu, which is native to Australia. There was this Emu farm right next to our camp site.

Before heading out on the road, I planned the day’s route out with Tim as it has changed slightly. I took Interstate 15 down to Route 30 for 80 miles. You would think I saw a lot of eye-capturing things, and, well, you have a right to believe that. The scenery was indescribable, and so I will ask that you take a look at the pictures for the day.

Also, in terms of elevation, I broke my record twice today. Santiam Pass before Sisters, Oregon was 4,928 feet high. Soda Springs Summit (SSS) demolished that with a total of 6,066 feet in altitude, only to be beaten by Georgetown Summit at 6,283 feet.

I felt it get slightly cooler at that altitude, but on a 90 degree day, it was much appreciated. I like biking and running out here because every once in a while I see a train go by. One of the conductors, when I raised by hand, blew the whistle for an unusually long time. Either way, he waved and it made my day.

While I was enjoying the light breeze, Tim had called me over his “sophisticated” device called “Walky-Talky.” He informed me that I was fast approaching an infuriated Chicken Hawk. I, of course out of curiosity, picked the pace up and saw that he wasn’t joking. The moment we would turn our backs on it, it would swoop down and attempt to nip at our heads or maybe just Tim’s. I was wearing a helmet.

Check the video out for more coverage. After this exhilarating experience, I finished my biking leg just 40 minutes before it was completely dark. I was determined to finish my 20 miles of running because I surprisingly felt well. It was most likely because I was in the routine. Now is where I had to become brave and venture out onto the faintly moonlit Route 30.

Though the run was refreshing at that time of night, let’s just say the desert comes alive at night. I was only 6 miles into the run and there were nocturnal critters all over the place. I was able to handle the skunk and other indistinguishable creatures but only until I saw two unmistakably unpleasant ones, coyotes.

It was as if they were analyzing me because I’m sure they don’t have runners come there way every night. Perhaps, they didn’t know what to make of it. Either way, I was finished. I told myself I would get up early and do 34 miles before I got on the bike to finish up the day.

So, tomorrow, I will be getting up around 6:30 A.M. to have at least 12 hours out on the road. I know it’ll be a feat, but it’s enjoyable to have that much time in the wilderness to reflect and contemplate the awe and wonder of our great God!

I guess I should be going to bed because I am only going to get about 7 hours of rest. These next few days will be rather busy.

As I may have stated before, the internet may be hard to come by for a while, so we will try our best to keep you abreast. Wyoming, here we come! God bless all!

Congress At Work

Thanks to Bob Hartle for sending this along:

Preview Of Stories In Wednesday's Potter Leader-Enterprise

By Donald Gilliland
*This week the Leader-Enterprise features a story about a science writer who is trying to get his name separated from Potter County’s wind turbine controversy. The attempt prompted a series of emails (which the Leader-Enterprise has acquired) between the commissioners' office and the Chairman of the Planning Commission which reveal some of the fault lines underlying the county's attempt to regulate wind power locally.

*Potter County Granges have successfully won tax exempt status for their local properties, part of the ongoing push to revive Grange life in Potter County.

*We have a two-page salute to local dairy farms – including a project compiled by the Dairy-Wide 4-H Club – in honor of June Dairy Month.

*We have a feature on the upcoming Relay For Life, which will celebrate its 15th anniversary in Potter County next weekend.

*On the sports side, Neil Linderman has a story on Coudersport wrestler Dirk Cowburn’s recent state titles, full coverage of local kids named to the Big 30 Baseball and Softball All Star Teams and an account of Coudersport Football Coach Paul Simcoe being inducted into the Pennsylvania Scholastic Football Coaches Hall of Fame.

Troopers Search House, Find Marijuana

Drug possession charges are being filed in district court against 33 year old Jeremy Cramer of Genesee Township.

Troopers say they seized a quantity of marijuana and equipment used for the sale of the drug after obtaining a search warrant for his home on the Hickox/Ulysses Road Monday morning.

Wounded, Injured Or Disabled Military Recover At Big Moore's Run Now Through Friday

The God’s Country Chapter of Trout Unlimited is hosting a Project Healing Waters event now through Friday at Big Moores Run Fish and Game Preserve.

The program, initiated and conducted by members of the Federation of Fly Fishers and Trout Unlimited serves military personnel who have been wounded, injured or disabled to aide their physical and emotional recovery by introducing or rebuilding the skills of fly fishing and fly typing and by using and enjoying the skills on fishing outings and as lifelong recreation.

The program started in Washington, DC, focusing on military personnel there, but has expanded nationwide and offers its services and programs to active military personnel and veterans.

Many area businesses donated money and equipment to the 15 vets from the Buffalo and Batavia, NY VA hospitals and members of the God’s Country Chapter are volunteering as guides and teachers.

Coming Events From WFRM

June 20

The Genesee Area Library Night of Music will be presented at the Genesee Park from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. Stearns Poultry Original Barbecue will be available at a cost of $7.00. Pre-sale tickets are $6.50. Natalie Phelps Fifteen Bean Band, Scott Fanton and Brian Scott will provide the music.

June 21

The Genesee Area Library’s 2nd Annual Tractor Show and Item Auction will be held beginning at 11:00 a.m. Tractor judging will be at noon. There will be a bounce house and pony rides for kids. D & R Sales will have the Big Green Egg making hot dogs and Nelson Maple Products will have their maple products and ice cream.

Emporium Woman's Car Crashes After Driver Distracted

An Emporium woman is being charged with careless driving following a one-vehicle crash Monday around noontime on Cowley Hill Road in Portage Township.

State police said Sherry Guisto was headed west when she became distracted with some people on the road and allowed her Chrysler Sebring to drift off the road. Guisto overcorrected causing the sedan to fishtail; hit some guardrails and spin around 180 degrees before coming to rest.

Guisto escaped injury but her car had to be towed from the scene.

Coudy Coach Inducted Into Hall Of Fame Friday

Olean Times Herald
Paul Simcoe, the long-time Coudersport High School football coach who announced his retirement after this past season, was inducted into the Pennsylvania Scholastic Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame on Friday. More of this story.

Shinglehouse Little League Finishes 2008 Undefeated

The Shinglehouse Little League team finished up an undefeated 2008 season in the Potter-McKean Little League this year with a 15-0 record.

This was coach Rod Nolan’s 11th and final season as the teams head coach where he won over 130 games and only lost 34 in that time span.

They finished up last night with a 19-1 win against Coudersport Purple.

Tommy Walker got the win on the mound and Jake Wichert led the offense with 6 RBIs, which included 2 HRs. Both dingers came in the same inning (one was a grand slam).

The team members are:
Tommy Walker, Keegan Goodliff,

Alex Miller, Gabe Rees, Jake Wichert, Travis Wilson, Grant Nolan,

Andrew Lawrence, Kent Costello, Coby Krajewski,

Braden Meachem, Nevada Waterman, Garrett Babcock,

& Brandon Brabham.

Head Coach: Rod Nolan

Assistant: Bob Babcock

Anonymous said...

This team worked hard as a team. They will have these great memories and friends forever. Thank you Shinglehouse Little League 2008 for all the great baseball you gave us as fans to watch. Coach Nolan gave it his all...

Samuel M. Huston, 76, Galeton, PA

HUSTON, Samuel M., Age 76, of Galeton, PA, went home to the arms of Jesus on Friday, June 13, 2008, at the Charles Cole Memorial Hospital, Coudersport, PA.

Born June 25, 1931 in Wilmington, DE, he was a son of the late Samuel M. and Vera (Krause) Huston.

He was a 1949 graduate of Pierre S. Dupont High School in Wilmington, DE. Mr. Huston was a veteran having served with the United States Army as a Corporal in the Korean War and also a member of the Army Reserves.

He was married to the former Joan B. Byram, who survives, along with his beloved dog, Molly.

Sam was a local business owner. Prior to moving to Galeton, he worked at EI Dupont in Wilmington, DE as a pipe fitter. Sam started his career working with his father in the plumbing and heating business. He was an entrepreneur in many different businesses over his lifetime, had a great passion for airplanes and motorcycles, and was a life member of the NRA.

Surviving besides his wife are two daughters, Cynthia M. (Alan) Zimble, Dover, DE, and Holly H. (Michael) Spier, Shaftsbury, VT; two stepsons, Ronald F. (Ann) Lambert, Newark, DE, and Robert D. Hartman, Harrisburg, PA; a brother, John W. Huston, DE; three sisters, Carol A. Goodman, Newark, DE, Sandra M. Carter, New Castle, DE, and Lois M. Mears, Clayton, DE; six grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews.

A Memorial Service and Life Celebration will be held on Sunday, June 29, 2008, at 1:00 p.m. at the John J. Collins Memorial Park in Galeton with a luncheon and a time of fellowship following. Military Rites will be accorded by members of the Potter County Honor Guard.

Memorial contributions may be made to Hospice or to the SPCA. Arrangements have been entrusted to the Hess Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Collins Chapel, Galeton.