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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Car/Pedestrian Accident Near Seven Bridges

BREAKING NEWS: 11:30 pm--7-5-08
Coudersport emergency services are responding to a report of a car/pedestrian accident in a field off of the Long Road in the Seven Bridges Area.

Anonymous said...

Good job station 48

9 & 10 Year Old Potter-McKean All Stars

9 & 10 Year Old Potter- McKean All Star Team Photo

Photo by Paul Burdick Sports Images
Front Row -
Casey Vollmer, David Rigas, Navada Waterman, Aaron Wolfinger, Conner Cauman
Second Row-
Mac Tanner, Brandon Brabham, Garret Babcock, Brad Green, Dylan Bucholz, Darren Keglovits
Third Row-
Manager Craig Whitman
Missing- Patrick Donnelly, Dillon Kio

Bike & Build Group Makes It To Ames, Iowa

Eastern Iowa

My Photo
Eric Rowell

Just as I was getting bored with the windy flats of Indiana and Illinois mother nature decided to mix things up a little bit. As soon as we crossed the Mississippi river in Clinton, we have been in some absolutely stunning country. While still surrounded by corn and soybeans, the flat lands have turned to hills. These hills are bigger than found in East Texas, but the momentum from one will often get you half way up the next. Its kind of like a roller coaster. Kind of.

We left Clinton a few days ago and headed to Mount Vernon, IA. We were supposed to be going to Cedar Rapids, but due to the flooding we stopped about 10 miles earlier. It was a great 82 mile ride. Being in the hills again is nice because even though you have to work a little harder to get up a hill, you get to coast (or push it and go really fast) back down.

From Mount Vernon we headed to Marshalltown yesterday, the 4th. All decked out with American flags and any other patriotic nonsense we could come up with, we went another 89 hilly miles. It was a long day, but absolutely beautiful. The weather was perfect, and we had a great day. The church we were staying at in Marshalltown didn't have a shower situation set up for us, so we all donned swimsuits and bathed with a water hose. After that we cooked burgers and had a great fourth of July picnic. Then we all went downtown for a great fireworks show that lasted pretty late. We sang patriotic and not so patriotic songs (Christmas carols) while we waited. It was definitely a fun night.

This morning we slept late (7 am) and then headed to Ames. It was only 43 miles, and Jeff and I were riding sweep today. Sweep is the last two riders who make sure everyone is okay on the ride. Jeff had a flat which put us well behind everyone, so we just enjoyed the short ride all morning. We stopped about 8 miles out and had lunch at a Dairy Queen, and then came into town. After a quick bike shop run we've just been hanging out and enjoying the afternoon.

I-80 Crash Leaves 2 Dead

Two Dead in Three Car Collision in Clinton County

Posted: July 5, 2008 11:04 AM

Last Updated: July 5, 2008 07:28 PM

By Renie Workman WNEP TV

Police in Clinton County say the crash on Interstate 80 was all caused by a driver heading the wrong way down the highway.

Newswatch 16 has learned one of those critically hurt was a nationally known gospel singer. His wife was one of two people killed.

The crash happened late Friday night on Interstate 80 eastbound, in Greene Township, just past the Jersey Shore exit. The three car pileup left two people dead and the interstate closed for hours.

State police said the crash killed the driver who caused the collision as well as the woman many fans know as the "First Lady of gospel."

It was a mess on Interstate 80 east around 11 o'clock Friday night just past the Jersey Shore exit.

State police said a man driving the wrong way down the highway slammed head-on into the car driven by 61-year old Reverend Timothy Wright of Roosevelt, New York.

Wright is nationally known to fans as the "Godfather of gospel." Wright's 58-year old wife, Betty, who many fans refer to as the "First Lady" was killed in the crash and his grandson was critically hurt.

The driver of the car who hit them died at the scene.

A third car hit the Wright's vehicle after the initial wreck. There is no word on the injuries to the two people in that car.

Life flight was called to the scene jsut after the crash, and used the highway as a helipad, forcing police to close the interstate for hours.

It was a busy night on I-80 east as many of the travelers stuck on the highway were returning home from the Fourth of July fireworks display in State College.

Gospel singer Timothy Wright is in critical condition at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville.

State police have not yet released the name of the man who was killed after driving the wrong way down the interstate, causing the deadly crash.

Area Obituaries

Roger L. Crippen, 59, of Sabinsville, PA, died Saturday, July 5, 2008 in the Sweden Valley Manor, Coudersport, PA. Arrangements will be announced by the OLNEY Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Ulysses, PA.

Jesus Power Explosion July 10--July 13, Kersey

Area Churches Unite

Jesus Power Explosion Headquarters. (Photo provided by Pastor Bill Braley)

RIDGWAY - Area churches join forces in what will be a tri-county evangelistic campaign. Although the event is targeting Elk, Jefferson and Clearfield counties, there are already local church representatives from over seven counties that have partnered together in the outreach effort. The campaign has been named “Jesus Power Explosion” with its headquarters located at 143 Main Street in Ridgway.

The idea of t
he Jesus Power Explosion outreach began in spring of 2007 upon completion of a very well received night of contemporary Christian praise with the band “Free Rain” from Southern Maine. This event drew a crowd from many of the surrounding communities. The night of praise left many so deeply touched that a suggestion was made that the band return the following year, perhaps for several nights and with a guest speaker.

Within two weeks Evangelist Mark Swiger from Atlanta, Georgia unaware of what had just taken place contacted Pastor Bill Braley of Ridgway. This conversation ended in an agreement to pursue an evangelistic campaign throughout the upcoming year. “The Lord has both confirmed and opened the doors before us, we trust this outreach is His idea and the result of His leading”. The difference between this effort and others like it is that Jesus Power Explosion is focused on area revival as opposed to being event focused. It is not about the numbers that attend but rather the lives and communities that are transformed by its four-day impact.

Christian volunteers will be coming from as far away as Atlanta, GA, Las Vegas, Nev. and southern Maine. The use of over a thousand chairs, stage, lights and generators have been donated by ministries outside Pennsylvania.

The Jesus Power Explosion campaign is scheduled to take place July 10 through 13 at the Elk County Fairgrounds in Kersey (Fox Township). International Evangelist Mark Swiger of Mark Swiger Ministries will be the main speaker for each night of the campaign. Mark has conducted crusades throughout the world for over a decade now with crowds exceeding 200,000 people in attendance nightly.

Praise Band “Free Rain” from southern Maine will be returning to the area to join in the effort along with a local youth worship team from Gospel Tabernacle out of Coudersport.

Pastor Braley of Living Waters Christian Church of Ridgway, Pastor Harold Hills of Smithtown Community Church of Falls Creek and Pastor Steve Millinder of The Lighthouse Evangelical Church of West Decatur, are the chairmen named for each of the three counties. The committee for tri-county revival will be conducting a three pronged strategy throughout the North Central Pennsylvania region which is to pray, evangelize and disciple. The scheduled coordinators kick-off meeting took place in DuBois on March 29.

The committee continues to seek Christians who are praying and believing God for spiritual revival throughout our land to act as coordinator representatives for their local church or Christian organization. If you would like more information regarding this event or wish to register on line please go here or call 814-512-2820

Bruce's Blog--Day 35--Happy 4th Of July

Almost immediately after we crossed the Missouri River into Iowa, we noticed a dramatic change.

Iowa has beautiful, lush rolling hills, at least in the southwestern tip. I must say it kept my mind busy as all I could think while running and biking was up and over, up and over.

The running leg was a bit rough on my knees because the gravel was choppy, but no complication had arisen from it. Biking, on the other hand, was even more a challenge as the shoulders, or rather inexistent shoulders, were practically just a rumble strip, so I had to ride as close to the inside of the white line as was feasible.

Some semi drivers can be inattentive. One actually drove me off the road, across the rumble strip, and into some rubble. Fortunately, I didn’t pop a tire and gladly just went on my way.

Sometimes while I’m out on the road I become so focused on performance that I forget to eat. I nearly fell to the ground and passed out halfway through my second running leg. Since I had only a few miles left, I consumed one more gatorade and one energy gel to tide me over until we made it to town. We stopped at a grocery store and picked up some fruit and juice. I also had a turkey sandwich.

By this time, the fireworks were about to begin, so we parked the car, went to ask someone for directions, and went on our way. We could see the fireworks from where we were but the sound didn’t reach us until a substantially long time after that, so we knew we were quite a distance away still.

Nonetheless, we chose to walk because there were no vacant parking spots for at least a mile. When we were finally close to our destination, perhaps one a half blocks away, they began the grande finale. Tim and I had to laugh because we did everything to get there on time and nothing seemed to work out for us. Plus, they were only twenty minutes long, which left us essentially no time for error. Either way, we saw a few from a distance and had a good time.

I was thinking how I wish I was always camera ready on the journey because there are so many capturing moments. Out of nowhere, an owl appeared. They are magnificent birds.

For the first time in a long time we won’t be camping out. Someone was kind enough to put us up in a hotel for the night. Thank you very much! I am rather sure an actual bed and warm shower will reenergize us for the morning. It’s now getting late, so I best get some shuteye. See you tomorrow! God bless!

NY -- New Legislation Proposed On Oil & Gas Industry

New Oil, Gas Legislation

1490 NewsBlog
New legislation establishing spacing requirements for natural gas wells and a streamlined permitting process will help rejuvenate the natural gas and oil industry and lead to economic revitalization across the Southern Tier, predicted State Sen. Cathy Young, who supports the legislation.

“From Chautauqua to Delaware County, more natural gas will be recovered, potentially triggering a billion-dollar investment in the upstate economy,” said Young, describing the Marcellus Shale gas deposits currently being developed from West Virginia to the Catskills.

She said New York’s natural gas market value is $500 million a year, with an estimated $64 million in royalty returns for landowners. An additional $20 million in state and local tax revenues could be generated.

Lovin' the News

Lovin' the News

By Anne Holliday
1490 NewsBlog

WESB/WBRR News Director
My job is so cool. For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed telling people about the news. My first vivid memory of this is when I found out Lyndon Johnson wasn't running for re-election. This was back when there was a Buffalo Evening News and it was delivered to our door. Anyway, I remember getting the paper, reading the story and running to the kitchen where my Mom was cooking dinner to tell her that President Johnson wasn't running. I was 7.

40 years later (yeah, I'm admitting it) my actual job is what I've wanted to do, and have been doing, since I was a kid -- gathering news and telling people about it.

On Friday after I finished talking to Scott Hamilton about the "Capitol Fourth" on PBS, I started thinking about all the people I've interviewed this year for The LiveLine and Weekend Wrap, who have also been on the "Today" show and "Good Morning America" and "The Late Show" and "Oprah" and ... Well, you get the idea. I realized -- again -- how cool my job is. (This list doesn't include local/state people.)

Mark Mathis, producer of "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed;"
Alexandra Stoddard, author and TV personality
John Grisham, author
Lauren Belfer, author
Mary Steenbergen, actress
Senator Arlen Specter
Congressman John Peterson
Nancy Amanda Redd, author and former Miss Virginia
David Poyer, author
Lisa Oz. (I actually got to talk to Dr. Oz, but he was on his way to a conference so he couldn't do the interview. Lisa was great, though.)
Wiley "The Salad Man" Mullins
Scott Hamilton, Olympic gold medalist

I wasn't going to mention the state people, but I will mention a couple after all. Besides Joe Scarnati and Marty Causer, who are frequent guests (not frequent enough!), I also interviewed Attorney General Tom Corbett and Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Dennis Yablonsky.

If I started talking about all the local people I've interviewed, and why that's so much fun, I'd be writing until Monday (when my LiveLine guest will be author of "Practically Posh," Robyn Moreno. So, thanks to all the newsmakers who make my job fun.

Actually, it wasn't right after I talked to Scott Hamilton that was thinking about this. I was channel surfing yesterday afternoon and saw Mike Cejka -- talk to him all the time; Mike Randall -- left a comment on the blog; Joe Scarnati; Chris Hansen -- interviewed him, and had my picture taken with him; Crystal Gayle -- interviewed her; Neil Cavuto -- went to college with him. That was just kind of neat.

WFRM Calendar

July 5 & 6

The Annual Barkpeelers’ Convention will be held at the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum on Route 6 between Coudersport and Galeton. Contests include greased pole, tobacco spitting, fiddling, frog jumping, crosscut sawing and birling. Contestants are needed. Call the Lumber Museum at 435-2652 for more information. Other activities included music by Sadie Green Sales, crafts, antique engineers, blacksmithing, woodhick skills, baking and sawmilling. There will be displays and a trail walk. Food will be available.

July 5

The Coudersport New Century Club’s annual Strawberry Festival will be held in the Court House Square. Serving will begin at 10:30 a.m.

July 5

The Annual Summer Fest sponsored by the Shinglehouse Fire Department will be held all day. There will be a parade at noon, a turtle race, watermelon eating and spitting contests, chicken barbecue, dj music and fireworks at dusk.

July 5

The Sweden Feedin’ Club will hold a chicken barbecue at the Beef and Ale House at Ladona beginning at 11:00 a.m. until the chicken is gone. Cost is $4.00 a half.

Saturday News From 1490 NewsBlog

Warren Man Accused of Sex Assault

Friday, July 4, 2008

Area Obituaries

Shelly K. Kelligan, 39, of Coudersport, PA, died Thursday, July 3, 2008 in the Cole Memorial Hospital, Coudersport. Arrangements will be announced by the Olney Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Ulysses, PA.

SMETHPORT, Pa. - Ruth Ilene Meyer-Hibbard, 86, of Genesee, went home to her Lord Wednesday (July 2, 2008) after a lengthy illness.

CROSBY, Pa. - Janet Putnam, 87, of 9374 Route 46 South, died Thursday (July 3, 2008) at her home after a lengthy illness.

Solomon's words publishes all complete obituaries free of charge when sent by participating funeral homes. If you don't find the complete obituary here, contact the funeral home for additional information.

Governor Signs Budget--Area Schools Get 3% Increase

WESB News: 07/04/08 - Rendell Signs Budget; BASD Gets Its 6% The Bradford Area School District will see a 6 percent increase in its Basic Education Funding Subsidy for 2008-09 from the state, while other districts in the area will receive three percent.

State Representative Marty Causer adds that he's pleased that lawmakers were able to increase the funding for Science in Motion to $2.7 million, an increase of $162,000 over last year.

For more on the budget, vist the 1490 NewsBlog

Rendell Signs Budget (includes comments from Sen. Joe Scarnati).

Causer Supports Budget (includes figures on school funding).

Car Crash Reported On Rt.44 In Hebron Twp.

BREAKING NEWS: 6:03 PM--7-4-08
Emergency services from Shinglehouse, Coudersport, and Medic 6 are responding to a report of a car accident with on Route 44 in Hebron Township. Coudersport Ambulance has been recalled. UPDATE

JP said...

How about some follow up on the "breaking news"? It seems like this kind of "breaking news" is posted to the blog but then there isn't ever any further information posted.

Anonymous said...

Like the fact that Coudersport Fire Dept didnt get any trucks out...

Blogger Solomon's words for the wise said...

Quite often, we carry follow up stories when information hits the web, sometimes days later. In other cases, privacy laws do not permit further information to be disseminated. We continue to do the best we can with the resources available.

Saturday, July 5, 2008 11:39:00 PM EDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Jim for the monumental time, effort & financial commitment you make to keep this Blog.

Thank you for your fairness for allowing opposing points of view also.

It is one of 4 sites I visit everyday for news (Worldnetdaily, Drudgereport & Bloomberg are the others)So you are in good company.

To the blogger who was miffed about not having follow-ups for breaking news, please feel free to begin your own blog if you are dissatisfied. Land of the free ya know.

Would like to hear more about why Coudersport Fire did not send out any trucks, if it is true.

Sunday, July 6, 2008 9:16:00 AM EDT

Editor's note: Shinglehouse Chief 39-10 was on scene less than 5 minutes after the dispatch on this call and determined that Coudersport was not needed and issued a recall for Coudersport's equipment.
Anonymous said...

As I am sure we are all aware, all of our area Fire Department and Ambulance Services are 100% VOLUNTEER. We are always looking for new members to try to make a difference in our communities. We all work together when needed. You can become a member your local VOLUNTEER Fire / Ambulance Departments by simply stopping by to see how things are done and filling out an application !! We would appreciate any new members as they are always needed !! GREAT JOB STATION 39 AND ALL OTHER VOLUNTEERS OUT THERE !! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ... CHIEF 44 FROM STATION 44

Anonymous said...

not ALL the local ambulance companies are all volunteer. Coudersport ambualnce has a PAID daylight crew. sometimes this is sad when volunteers respond from Coudy Ambulance BEFORE the paid crew does.

Anonymous said...

Is that true Coudy has PAID EMT'S during the day...???? It seems like they dont ever respond until another ambulance company is dispatched...?!?!?!?!

Also 5 minutes is along time... even if the fire chief "recalled" them...!!!!! it seems to me that there members are all leaving and being driven away by the people in charge... Does anyone know what is going on there...???????

Will the fire dept have to be paid like the ambulance???????????

Anonymous said...

This seems to be the trend all over Potter and Tioga counties. Not enough members anymore, To many regulations on training mandated by the state. In my opinion the state is pushing amb and fire depts to be state run paid agencies.

Anonymous said...

This is how it is, 5 minutes is not a long time considering you have to stop what you are doing, get in your car, drive to the station, get dressed, get in the truck, wait till you have enough people to respond. 5 minutes is an average response time. Maybe if more people would get off their rear and instead of complaining, response time might be faster. Till you decide to be a member of a volunteer dept. you have no room to talk. Every area Dept could use more help. Keep up the good job Volunteers
Proud Member STA 46

Anonymous said

The last time I checked I lived in America... where we have the right to speak freely... well that is unless it might ruffle someones DELICATE SENSIBILITY...

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets a six-minute standard for all career fire departments, meaning the fire fighters are full-time paid employees. The NFPA does realize, though, that perfection is impossible and recommends that the six-minute goal should be achieved 90 percent of the time.

Volunteer departments, on the other hand, are allotted a much longer response time, as most volunteer fire fighters have separate day jobs. If a volunteer fire department is in an urban area, 1,000 or more people per square mile, the department should dispatch 15 people within nine minutes 90 percent of the time. Suburban areas, consisting of 500-1000 people per square mile, should respond to a fire in 10 minutes with 10 fire fighters 80 percent of the time. Rural areas of less than 500 people per square mile should respond with six people in 14 minutes 80 percent of the time.
I would love to see the stats of the Departments in Potter County.

Maybe I have gotten off my rear... I just think that the gereral public needs to know what it is that goes on behind those "Big Bay Doors"...

Yes there are volunteers that bust there but and are in it to make a difference... I just hat that there are some people that are there for there own agenda...

Bruce's Blog--Day 34--Here We Are Iowa

It’s a good thing that today’s tiny mishap didn’t exemplify the rest of our day. We woke up and found that our car’s battery was dead, so we asked one of the maintenance crew if he’d help give us a jump! While he was lending us a hand, he asked what we were doing, so we had a grand opportunity to share for the next few moments we let our car battery charge

. I was desiring a hot breakfast this morning, and so that is precisely what I ordered. I had five strawberry glazed pancakes with a ham and cheese omelet on the side. It was delicious. Plus, it seems as if I perform better with a breakfast like that.

Running through Lincoln was refreshing because the sun was hidden by dense cloud cover; however, biking was a different story as the sun beat down on me practically the entire time.

Because of the immense flooding of the Missouri River just a couple of weeks beforehand, we were unable to cross the bridge on which we anticipated crossing.

That led to a 15 mile detour north, consuming most of the rest of the day we had left. On the final stretch for the day, I saw this lonely turtle hiding its face within the withered brush alongside the road. I was going to pick it up, but I figured it didn’t want to be bothered, so I just went on my way. Tim was a bit upset because he wanted to keep him as a mascot.

Before I ran into Iowa, we stopped at our campground for the night on the border to set up camp. Interestingly enough, we were being entertained while doing so by a guy who brought this high-tech remote control helicopter. It seemed as though once we turned our eyes that he would try and nip us with the propellers so we would watch him again. We found that amusing.

It was time for us to go because the sun was setting and I had yet to make it across the Nebraska/Iowa border. I quickly found out that the bridge we were crossing was a toll bridge with absolutely no shoulders to accommodate a runner like myself, so I asked the toll booth attendant if I could run across regardless. He said it wasn’t really permitted, but what he doesn’t know doesn’t hurt him. I asked him again if he minded, and he said, “no.”

Tim and I took advantage before someone changed the mind and hopped to crossing the Missouri River as quickly as possible. He went before me in the car to get video footage and I pursued as fast I could. I am rather sure that I struck people’s curiosity sprinting across the 200 yard bridge, but it was obvious what I was doing when I leaped for joy when I finally cross the border and conquered NEBRASKA!

It was exhilarating as it was the longest state en route. Though it brought us great memories, we’re ready to see what Iowa has in store.

We hope everyone has a Happy Fourth of July! Tim and I will probably find a small town in Iowa to watch a fireworks display.

Enjoy this time with your family and friends! God bless!

DA Pavlock Hopes Arrests
'Put a Dent in the Drug Trade'

WESB/WBRR News Director

McKean County District attorney John Pavlock says he hopes the arrests of 14 people this week on drug charges sends a message.

"I hope it puts a dent in the drug trade," Pavlock told WESB/WBRR on Thursday afternoon. "Of course I know it's not going to stop the drug trade. I wish it would, but I'm not that naïve."

"But it should make people out there who are selling drugs and peddling the stuff nervous that we are doing what we can, that there's cooperation here to address the problem and that resulted the activity that occurred (Thursday)," Pavlock said.

Pavlock said the arrests of three people Tuesday and 11 people Thursday were the result of a months-long investigation by a number of officers in the McKean County Drug Task Force.

Pavlock said the county administers the program "but individual officers work overtime on it – officers from departments all throughout the county and they really worked hard involving these cases."

He said the arrests involved surveillance, purchases of illegal narcotics and pulling a lot of information together.

Pavlock added that he greatly appreciates the cooperation and assistance they received from the Bradford City Police Department, including the Street Crimes Unit and the Emergency Response Team "that those guys pulled together."

He said the Emergency Response Team is "trained to deal with these situations where they're going into a potential dangerous situation involving guns and drugs and the drug trade, and they did an excellent job."

Some of the 14 people were picked up for allegedly selling crack cocaine. Others allegedly sold marijuana and different kinds of prescription pills. Their preliminary hearings are scheduled for later this month. Arrest warrants have been issued for four more people.

Port Allegany Man Jailed After Altercation

WESB News: 07/04/08 - Man Jailed on Terroristic Threats Charge

A Port Allegany man is in McKean County Jail following an alleged incident at 2:30 this morning on Freer Road in Liberty Township.

Police say 40-year-old Samuel Babcock and 30-year-old Carrie Heffner of Port Allegany were involved in a verbal altercation that turned physical.

At one point, Babcock allegedly threw Heffner to the floor and smashed her head off the floor numerous times causing injuries to the back of her head.

He also allegedly pointed a loaded 12-guage shotgun at her and made threatening statements.

Babcock was arraigned by District Judge Rich Luther who set bail at 20 thousand dollars.

Friday's News From 1490 NewsBlog

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lena Griggs, 73, Open Brook Road, Smethport, PA

Port Allegany - Lena Griggs, 73, of Open Brook Rd., died Wednesday (July 2, 2008) in the Sena Kean Manor, Smethport.

She was born Sept. 3, 1934 in Clarion Co., a daughter of the late Percy and Vera Minich. On Sept. 30, 1963, in Port Allegany, she married Gerald Griggs, who survives.

Mrs. Griggs attended Clarion County schools, and was employed by Case Cutlery, Bradford.

In addition to her husband, she is survived by
One daughter: Christine Garthwaite of Gale Ferry, CT
Two brothers: Ralph Minich of Summerville, PA, Percy Minich of Brookville, PA

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by a daughter, Jamie Grimes.

Visitation will be held on Friday from 2 - 4 and 6-8 PM at Hartle-Tarbox Funeral Homes, Inc, 105 N Main St, Port Allegany, PA. Funeral and committal services will be on Saturday, at 11 am, from the Eldred United Methodist Church, Eldred, with the Rev. David Heckman, pastor, officiating.

Burial will be in the Grimes Cemetery, Liberty Twp.

Memorials may be made to Port Allegany Ambulance Association, Port Allegany, PA 16743, or the Eldred United Methodist Church, 24 S. Main St,, Elderd, PA 16731

Arrangements are under the direction of the Hartle-Tarbox Funeral Homes, Inc, Port Allegany.

Bruce's Blog--Day 32--Another Storm Or Spectacular Display

Can you believe it? It’s already been one complete month on our journey across the nation, and here we are in Lincoln, Nebraska where the temperatures are soaring and the humidity, if you’re not careful, will drain you.

I must say, however, Lincoln is a quaint city. I am looking forward to take a tour tomorrow during our fourth day of rest. Immediately after we woke up this morning, Judy, the owner of the campsite we stayed at, entertained us with a great many stories.

Another state trooper pulled over to see what we were doing before I was able to start my first running leg, which we have on video. Check it out!

It seems as if the terrain from one end of each state to the other changes dramatically. Nebraska’s eastern side resembles Pennsylvania’s because there are miniature rolling hills. Tim says, “It’s like a little taste of home.”

While I was running, I passed through Seward that’s well known for being the “Best 4th of July town of Nebraska.” We’ll have to see ours in Iowa, though! It was nice because I had the opportunity to meet another runner for the second time en route. He said that he competes in Kearney!

As for my performance, I’ve never felt better in my life, and there is no doubt that all of your prayers are working. The Lord has blessed me with great endurance. As I was entering Lincoln this evening, we surprisingly had yet another lightning storm.

It’s not like the conventional one you may be thinking of and it certainly didn’t hinder us. The lightning bugs put the most brilliant green display of works on I’ve ever seen. Hundreds of thousands hoarded over the corn crop fields illuminating them as if actual lights shown over them. It was spectacular.

I wanted to take the time to thank all of you for your continued support and prayers. We hope your summer is going well for you all! Also, we apologize for the delays of any sort including the blog; there have been a few internet connectivity and IP address issues hindering the progress of our website. Thank you for your patience.

It’s time to head to bed, for tomorrow’s “day of rest” will, in actuality, lead to us catching up yet again. Let’s continue this chain of hope together and may God bless you all!

Drug Sweep in Bradford

1490 NewsBlog
Six people have been arraigned so far today following a drug sweep in Bradford by the Bradford City Police Emergency Response Team and McKean County Drug Task Force.

Among the people arraigned are 42-year-old Thomas Barnes of East Main Street who is accused of selling dihydrocodeinone pills to a confidential informant on May 16 and June 13; 32-year-old Mitchell Gross of Rockland Avenue who is accused of selling Ridalin pills to a confidential informant on May 9; 19-year-old Shandon Langianese of Constitution Avenue who is accused of selling marijuana to a confidential informant on June 9; 24-year-old Richard Griesbuam and 21-year-old David McGarry of Jackson Avenue who are accused of selling marijuana to a confidential informant on March 25; and 30-year-old Harley Sellers of Chautauqua Place who is accused of selling dihydrocodeinone pills to a confidential informant on March 19 and crack cocaine on January 18.

McKean County Detective Jerry Okerlund says more arraignments will be held this afternoon.

Another Woman Arrested For Theft At Seal's

WESB News: 07/03/08 - Second Arrest in Scrap Metal Theft
A second person has been arrested in connection with an attempted theft at Seal's Service Station in Eldred.

41-year-old Karen Lee Perry of Hinsdale, along with 22-year-old Rachael Mehmel of Olean, and another person, allegedly stole scrap metal from the business and rammed the truck of owner Gene Seal when he attempted to stop them.

Mehmel was allegedly driving the truck, and was arrested by Olean police last month. She's charged with aggravated assault, robbery, theft and related offenses.

Cops Bust Alleged Crack Cocaine Dealers

WESB News: 07/03/08 - Drug Bust in Olean

Four alleged street-level crack cocaine dealers have been arrested in Olean after an early morning raid.

More than 40 police officers fanned out across the city this morning to arrest the suspects. The people arrested for sale and possession of a controlled substance are 19-year-old Thomas Washington, 52-year-old David Foster, 46-year-old David Maull and 45-year-old Willister York. Another person, Billy Coleman, who is currently in the Oneida Correctional Facility, was also charged.

Links From Grassroots, PA

Feds indict PA trooper in prostitution probe…

With new law signed, state eliminating 491 tax collectors…

Bill requires only ’safe’ cigarettes be sold…

Anonymous said... is an excellent site. Glad you're picking up articles from it.

Happy Independence Day to you and all of your readers. In spite of our nation's problems and challenges we owe a lot to our country's founders and ought to take time, especially tomorrow, to think about their commitment and sacrifices.

Drabee's Mini Mart--- New Hours Listed

New hours have been listed for Drabee's Mini Mart....See ad in Sidebar.

A new Phone number 814-544-8094 is also listed.

On July 4th, 5th, and 6th the store will only be open from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Tractor Trailer Rollover Reported On Route 6

BREAKING NEWS: 11:34 AM--7-3-08
Station 20 Fire Police have just been dispatched to assist PA State Police on Route 6 at the Clermont Road in McKean County. A tractor trailer at that location has rolled over.

Potter McKean 12 Year Old All Star Little League Advances

The 12 year old Potter McKean Little League all-star team defeated Canton last night 4-3 in 10 innings in Shinglehouse to advance in the District 15 winner’s bracket. Potter McKean won a coin flip to host the game after defeating Athens 7-2 on Monday night (6/30). This was their 5th win in a row after starting District 15 play on June 24th and earning the #1 seed in the West division.

Ethan Hite and Tommy Walker both homered for Potter McKean and Cameron Kochler drove in the winning run in the bottom of the 10th on a sacrifice fly to center field. Pitchers Tommy Walker and Keegan Goodliff combined for 10 solid innings for Potter McKean as Goodliff got the win on the mound in relief.

Potter McKean will play Susquehanna City, the #2 seed in the Mid-East division on Sunday at 4:00 PM in Shinglehouse. The winner will advance to the District 15 championship game next Thursday, 7/10.

Today's News From 1490 NewsBlog

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Area Obituaries

PORT ALLEGANY — Lena Griggs, 73, of Open Brook Road, Smethport, died Wednesday (July 2, 2008) in Sena Kean Manor following a lengthy illness. Arrangements are under the direction of the Hartle-Tarbox Funeral Home.

COUDERSPORT — Pauline E. Smith, 68, formerly of Coudersport, died Monday (June 30, 2008) in Rochester General Hospital in Rochester, N.Y. Arrangements are under the direction of the Fickinger Funeral Home.

Solomon's words publishes all complete obituaries free of charge when sent by participating funeral homes. If you don't find the complete obituary here, contact the funeral home for additional information.

Northwest Saving Bank Employer of the Year.

The Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc., held its 88th Convention in the Pocono's at the Fernwood Hotel and Resort in Bushkill, PA, from June 19 to 21, 2008.

BPW/PA President Mary L. Weeks, of Lansdale, presided over the Convention. Ms. Week's theme for 2007-2008 and the Convention was "Empowering Women to Unlock the Future".

She handed over the presidential reins to incoming President Barbara L. Schmouder, a member of both Jersey Shore and Hughesville locals. Both of these locals belong to District 6 which also includes Wellsboro and Galeton. Attending the convention from the Galeton local were Maxine Harrison, Barbara Welfling, and Marcia Wingo.

The theme for the 2008-2009 year will be "Wind Beneath Your Wings".

This year at the Saturday night banquet a citation was presented to the Employer of the Year. This year, Northwest Savings Bank was given the award for its continued support and promotion of the women in its workforce.

* Pictured receiving a certificate of appreciation from the Galeton local is Northwest Savings Bank employee and past Galeton BPW President, Bonnie Denlinger.

In other news, on Monday, June 22, Galeton BPW installed its new officers for the 2008-2009 year. The officers are as follows: President Abby Thorborg, Vice President Jeanie Hess, Recording Secretary Lynn Grant, Treasurer Karen Tickner and standing in for Corresponding Secretary Marjorie Rawson, is Alison Welfling, District 6 Recording Secretary. * (Pictured from right to left in photo)

Senator Casey Discusses New Cancer Cure Project

Senator Casey Meets With Kanzius

Senator Casey visited with John Kanzius for about an hour this afternoon to gain a better understanding of Kanzius' breakthrough cancer treatment. Wednesday was the senator's first look at the technology that targets cancer cells with radio waves.

The goal was to give Casey a first hand view of the process and a general understanding so he can go back to Washington and tell others about the research. Casey says the meeting was important because a project like this needs support from the government as well as private and non-profit sources. The senator will now take his findings and work on helping this project reach its full potential.

Casey remains optimistic about the research and says what he saw today far exceeded his expectations coming in to the meeting.

The next step in this research process comes on July 23rd. One of the lead researcher doctor Setven Curley of MD Anderson of Texas will announce the specific cancers the process can target at Gannon University.

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Pole Fire On Clara Road

BREAKING NEWS: 7:05--7-2-08
Shinglehouse Fire Department has been dispatched to a pole fire on the Clara Road.

Galeton Garden Tour Attended By Over 100

The 10th Anniversary of the Garden Tour sponsored by the Business and Professional Women's Club, Galeton Local, was another rousing success, as over 100 people toured 7 gardens in Galeton and the surrounding area.

Also held was the annual plant sale which offered a variety of plants, all of which were donated to the Galeton club for sale. This annual club fundraiser allows the Galeton BPW to contribute to many community projects including the Summer Children's Reading program at the Galeton Public Library and the Galeton Senior Girl Scholarship awards.

Door prize this year were donated by: Martin's Garden Center in Middlebury Center, Oak Hall Bed and Breakfast in Ulysses, The Coach Stop Restaurant in Ansonia, Avon Products from Patti Schoonover, Mary Kay products from Nancy Bradley, a Maple products baskets donated by Delores Bristol, a gift certificate from the Brick House Deli, a gift certificate for Acorn Market from Hess Funeral Home in Galeton, and a Summer Party dish donated by Welfling Beauty Salon.

Galeton BPW would like to thank Trisha and Mike Berberich, Pat and Butch Camp, Janet and Kenneth Youndt, Barbara and Walter Schaffer, Suzan Richar, Jeremy, Tracy and Dale Newcomb and Maxine and Chip Harrison, for having their gardens featured this year and would also like to thank those businesses and individuals who donated door prizes, plants and refreshments.

Thanks also to Galeton Drug, Delores Potter Beauty Salon and Richar Insurance and Finance for selling advance tickets.

The next big fund-raiser for the Galeton BPW will be their annual Holly Trail Christmas House tour, held the second Sunday in December.

Anyone wishing to attend a BPW meeting can contact either Maxine Harrison at (814) 435-2518 or Barbara Welfling at (814) 435-6616. BPW is dedicated to improving the work-life status of all women. It is the only women's group to have a Political Action Committee that lobbies for women's rights in Washington D.C.

Galeton BPW holds its meetings on the 4th Monday of every month except July.

Potter County Offices Move/To Move To Gunzburger Building


Another Potter County office has settled into the Gunzburger Building,
a former school and corporate office complex in downtown Coudersport.

County Treasurer Krista Miller relocated her office from the courthouse over the weekend and opened for business on Monday morning. Anyone needing a hunting license, dog license, fishing license, or having other business with the county treasurer’s office should use the front entrance of the Gunzburger Building on North Main Street.

Moving there later this month from the courthouse will be the offices of the Potter County Commissioners along with the county’s Fiscal Department.

Also moving from the courthouse in the near future will be the offices of the Sheriff, Voter Registration and Elections, and Tax Assessment /Tax Claim Bureau.

The Gunzburger Building was donated to Potter County by Time Warner Cable last year. That allowed the county to eliminate a plan to build a multi-million-dollar annex at the former Potter County Texaco property at North East and East Second streets.

Coudy Police Reports


Local police were on the lookout last night for a probationer
who fled from custody.

Coudersport Borough Police also investigated a minor traffic mishap occurred on Tuesday near the Citizens Trust Company on First Street. There were no injuries.

Coudersport Emergency Services personnel responded to a bicycle accident Tuesday afternoon near the entrance to Coudersport Area Recreation Park.

Witnesses said a Coudersport boy whose name was not released by police was injured when he was ejected from the bicycle while descending the steep East Seventh Street hill.

He was transferred by helicopter to a distant medical facility.

Thieves Hit Smethport Shed

State police from the Kane barracks are investigating yet another theft of metals occurring sometime last Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.

Troopers say unknown thieves broke a padlock and entered a steel shed owned by PetroNorth Limited on Chapel Fork Road near Smethport.

Once inside, they loaded a vehicle with copper tubing, brass valves, wrenches, an electric motor and other items with a total value of about $1,500.

Coudersport School Taxes Remain At 40.19 Mills

A new school year has begun in the Coudersport Area School District with many uncertainties swirling.

Among these is the critical position of Superintendent of Schools. The contract of Superintendent George Nuffer is expiring, but the district has not yet hired a successor.

Also hanging in limbo is a proposal to combine some of the classes for fifth- and sixth graders at the Coudersport Elementary School under a new learning concept. These issues and others await action by the School Board in the coming weeks.

Board members did recently approve the district’s 2008-2009 operating budget in the amount of 11.4 million dollars. Real estate taxes will remain the same, at 40.19 mills.

Hoopes Wins Fastest Snowmobile Across The Pond

About 300 spectators turned out for Saturday’s “Fastest Snowmobile Across the Pond” competition on Denton Hill.

Proceeds from the event are being donated to Fisher House, serving disabled veterans. Organizer Neal Klimek expressed his appreciation to the many sponsors and volunteers who made the event such a success.

Klimek said he is making arrangements for the highlights to be shown on the popular internet site, “YouTube,” as well as a local cable TV channel.

First place went to Patrick Hoopes of Ulysses, who sped across the 535-foot pond full-throttle in less than six seconds.

Austin Area School Has New Tobacco Policy

Austin Area School Board has adopted a tobacco policy that will take effect when students return to classes in the fall.

A ban on student possession or use of tobacco products on school property remains in effect. Under the new policy, first-time offenders will be referred for the Smoking Cessation Program, sponsored by Drug and Alcohol Services.

In addition, the student will be suspended from school for one day and, with a parent, will be required to meet with the school administration.

Stronger sanctions will be in effect for second and third offenses.

Austin Fireworks Saturday--Clock Dedication Sunday

Austin Pride Committee has announced plans for the community’s annual Independence Day
holiday fireworks display. It’s set for Saturday night, shortly after dusk. The fireworks will be set off near the softball field on the grounds of the Austin Area School District.

Saturday is also the night for the famous Galeton Fireworks display, which will be fired off from the John J. Collins Memorial Park at about 10 o’clock.

Also from Austin, we have news that the E.O. Austin Home/Historical Society will dedicate a "town clock" during a community picnic on Sunday, starting at noon.

The clock stands 11 feet, six inches tall and has been installed at the corner of Main and Turner streets, near the town square. It has an old-fashioned appearance, with Victorian style ornamentation at the top, reading “Town of Austin.” Black and gold leaf trim surrounds an illuminated face.

Ron Ebbert and his daughter, Andrea, have supervised the project with assistance from several volunteers.

Emporium State Police Investigate Camp Burglaries

State police from Emporium are investigating a series of camp burglaries discovered in recent weeks. Someone broke into a seasonal home owned by Richard A. Bonzo of Rochester, Pa., along Rt. 872 in Grove Township and stole various items.

Thieves also struck a camp in the same area between June 17 and June 20, breaking in and stealing items with a total value of $1,350. The camp is owned by Charles Henninger of Millersburg.

Police are also trying to determine who took more than $4,000 worth of items from a camp on Wykoff Run Road, about two miles south of Apple Lane in Gibson Township, between June 1 and June 19. The victim is Frank A. Wolfe of Huntingdon.

Also from Cameron County, state police were summoned to a crime scene on Rt. 120 in Grove Township, just west of the Clinton County border, after someone broke into a pickup truck owned by Frederick Casher of Frenchville by breaking the driver’s side window. They made off with binoculars and cigarettes.

Dr. Jason Tronetti Appointed To Board Of Charles Cole Memorial Hospital

Dr. Tronetti Named to CCMH Board

1490 NewsBlog
The Charles Cole Memorial Hospital board of directors has announced the appointment of Jason Tronetti, D.O., to fill the unexpired term of Alfredo Llinas, M.D.

The hospital board of directors consists of 12 members elected to three-year terms. The board normally has four physician members with the balance being community leaders from the region.

In addition to Dr. Tronetti, board members include Charles Updegraff (president), Dr. Syed Bhat, Dr. Michael Callahan, Ron Caskey, the Rev. Randall Headley, Robert Martin, Jr., Paul Pritchard (treasurer), Robert Smith (secretary), Russell Streich, Dr. Howard Miller, and Susan Kefover.

Dr. Tronetti, board certified in family medicine, practices at the Port Allegany Community Health Center. He graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his residency at Geisinger Family Medicine in Danville where he also served as chief resident.

The Governance Institute, an organization whose stated purpose is to improve the effectiveness of hospitals and healthcare systems by continually strengthening their boards of directors, describes the role of a hospital board to set overall direction and strategy by determining policy, making decisions, and overseeing organizational performance.

Anonymous said...

Dr Tronetti is an awesome doctor. When my step-dad was diagnosed with cancer, he was compassionate and caring and went above and beyond until my step-dads last breath.

Charles Cole May Get Federal Funds

BRMC, Kane, CCMH in Line
to Get Federal Funds

1490 News Blog
Bradford Regional Medical Center, Kane Community Hospital and Charles Cole Memorial Hospital will be receiving $100,000 each if the federal Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations bill is approved and signed by the President.

BRMC's money would be for advanced diagnostic testing equipment for cardiology and other conditions.

Kane's money would go toward developing a women's diagnostic breast cancer center, including buying a new mammography unit and breast biopsy table.

Coudersport's money would go toward rural training assistance, including Rural Emergency Medicine and ALS Transports.

WFRM Event Calendar

July 5 & 6

The Annual Barkpeelers’ Convention will be held at the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum on Route 6 between Coudersport and Galeton. Contests include greased pole, tobacco spitting, fiddling, frog jumping, crosscut sawing and birling. Contestants are needed. Call the Lumber Museum at 435-2652 for more information. Other activities included music by Sadie Green Sales, crafts, antique engineers, blacksmithing, woodhick skills, baking and sawmilling. There will be displays and a trail walk. Food will be available.

July 5

The Coudersport New Century Club’s annual Strawberry Festival will be held in the Court House Square. Serving will begin at 10:30 a.m.

July 5

The Annual Summer Fest sponsored by the Shinglehouse Fire Department will be held all day. There will be a parade at noon, a turtle race, watermelon eating and spitting contests, chicken barbecue, dj music and fireworks at dusk.

July 5

The Sweden Feedin’ Club will hold a chicken barbecue at the Beef and Ale House at Ladona beginning at 11:00 a.m. until the chicken is gone. Cost is $4.00 a half.

Area Obituaries

PORT ALLEGANY — Lena Griggs, 73, of Open Brook Road, Smethport, died Wednesday (July 2, 2008) in Sena Kean Manor following a lengthy illness. Arrangements are under the direction of the Hartle-Tarbox Funeral Home.

COUDERSPORT — Pauline E. Smith, 68, formerly of Coudersport, died Monday (June 30, 2008) in Rochester General Hospital in Rochester, N.Y. Arrangements are under the direction of the Fickinger Funeral Home.

Solomon's words publishes all complete obituaries free of charge when sent by participating funeral homes. If you don't find the complete obituary here, contact the funeral home for additional information.

Wednesday News From 1490 NewsBlog

John Mallery Injured In Portville Accident

WESB News: 07/02/08 - Port Allegany Man Hurt in Portville Crash

A Port Allegany man was treated for chest pain and minor cuts following an accident Monday on Route 417 in Portville.

Cattaraugus County Sheriff's Deputies say a vehicle driven by 74-year-old John Mallery pulled into the path of an SUV driven by 36-year-old Heather Ferris of Bolivar, New York.

The vehicles collided and slid into the westbound lane. Mallery was taken to the hospital for treatment. Ferris declined treatment at the scene. Mallery was cited with a traffic violation.

Child Porn Nets Ceres Man 27 Years In Prison

WESB News: 07/02/08 - Man Jailed on Child Porn Charges

A Ceres, New York, man will spend 27 years in prison on child pornography charges.

34-year-old Jeffrey Sikes sent two movie files over the Internet -- one of a female between the ages of 8 and 12 and an adult male; the other of a female between the ages of 6 and 10 and an adult male.

Sikes thought he was sending the videos to a person who belonged to a pedophilia newsgroup, but the person was actually an undercover law enforcement officer.

Police later found about 350 images and 150 videos of child porn on Sikes' computer. Some of the children were as young as 4.

Baker and Causer Warn Citizens of Telephone Medicare Scam in Potter and Tioga Counties

Reps. Matt Baker (R-Wellsboro) and Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) today issued a warning for all senior residents in Tioga and Potter counties to be aware of a possible telephone scam involving Medicare recipients.

“These unscrupulous scam artists often try to capitalize on our most vulnerable residents who are prime targets for this type of crime,” said Baker. “All Medicare beneficiaries and caregivers in Tioga and Potter counties should be aware of these phone calls, and if any are received, they should report them to the appropriate agency.”
The lawmakers issued the reminder after learning of a phone scam involving callers who claim to be Social Security employees. Medicare beneficiaries are being called and told that they need a new Social Security or Medicare card. At that time, the callers ask for personal and bank account information.
Residents should remember:
  • Medicare and Social Security will never call on the phone or come to your home to solicit information or sell a product.
  • Never give out personal information (Medicare number, bank account number, etc.) to someone who calls or shows up at your door.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no to people who call you or come to your door.
“You should always be cautious about providing personal information over the telephone,” said Causer. “If the call is unsolicited, and they ask for personal information, take steps to protect yourself.”
To report a scam, or for help if you have a question please call Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) or the Pennsylvania Senior Medicare Patrol at the Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly at 1-800-356-3606 or online at Help is free and all calls are confidential.
Rep. Matthew Baker
68th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

(570) 724-1390
(717) 772-5371
Contact: Jennifer Dysinger
House Republican Public Relations
(717) 787-9105
Rep. Martin T. Causer
67th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
(814) 362-4400
(717) 787-5075
Contact: Patricia A. Hippler
House Republican Public Relations
(717) 772-9846

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Smethport Debuts It's Own New Web Site

Smethport enters new domain

SMETHPORT — Smethport, the first Route 6 Heritage Community, is now actively promoted on a multi-media Web site.

Linda and Nathan Muller, who have Internet and Web site experience, have developed the unique site,

Preview Of This Week's Potter Leader-Enterprise

By Donald Gilliland

  • This week’s Leader-Enterprise offers a round-up of the local 4th of July events and preview of the Barkpeelers Convention at the Pa. Lumber Museum.

  • The Leader-Enterprise this week continues its investigation into US Army uniforms made in China, with an update on the local story as well as a feature on what the flood of imitation uniforms is doing to the US businesses that have contracts to make the real thing.

  • The local CareerLink office says good paying jobs are available locally

  • Long-time attorney H.B. Fink is retiring, and discusses his decision in an exclusive interview with reporter Kim Hoak.

  • State lawmakers are close to finalizing a budget deal that includes nearly $3 billion in borrowing

  • Experts in controlling light pollution offer tips on how Potter County citizens and businesses can preserve the dark skies at Cherry Springs - and perhaps even make them darker!

  • We have a report from the Cross Fork Snake Hunt, details of the Fastest Snowmobile Across the Pond competition and our usual host of outdoor writers.