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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Anne Holliday For President

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I put myself into an interesting competition here. Mo John is already president of a nation so, obviously, he's got experience. Dr. Alexander is president of a successful university (and getting more successful by the minute!). Senator Scarnati is president pro tempore of the PA senate so he's got government experience, too. Steve Ackerman is Bradford's beloved football coach but I needed to put another homegrown candidate in the mix so I wouldn't have an unfair advantage with the hometown voters.

So why vote for Anne Holliday? Although I've never been elected to a government position, I have reported on local and state government for about 10 years. Any reporter will tell you that you really have to know your subject if you want to do a good job. (One of my opponents in this poll -- Joe Scarnati -- did say -- and I quote -- "You know about state government, that's for sure." And that comes from the guy who holds the third-highest constitutional office in the Commonwealth.) I have held non-government elected office previously, however. I was a Woman's Council representative in college and in high school I was vice president of Pep Club and president of the Forensics League. I'm currently the vice president of Bradford Little Theatre. My current management position as news director at WESB/WBRR is not the first time I've been in management. I was the manager of the Interstate Parkway Crosby Mart and assistant manager at both the Bradford and Warren Perkins restaurants. I've also traveled to 4 countries, 26 of the 50 United States and Bermuda. I think that makes me highly qualifed.

Anonymous said...

Show me your five years of being tortured in a foreign prison camp with your arms broken and beaten daily, then I might consider voting for you but until then I doubt you have anything on John McCain.

Officer Killed In Police Pursuit Of Teen Driver

Philadelphia police officials said one officer is dead and a second hospitalized after an unlicensed teen driver smashed into their cruiser as they pursued him.

The slain officer was identified as Isabel Nazario, 40, a narcotics officer and an 18-year veteran with a sister and fiance on the police force.Her partner, Terry Tull, a 12-year veteran of the police department, was hospitalized and was in stable condition on Saturday

Tull, who was driving, and Nazario joined the pursuit of a driver who had run a red light and failed to stop for police, a police spokesman said. The speeding driver smashed into the passenger side of the police car at the corner of 39th and Wallace streets in Mantua at about 9:20 p.m. More.....

Early Morning Fire Destroys Main Street Restaurant In Lawrenceville

Fire destroys restaurant in Lawrenceville

Star-Gazette • September 6, 2008

LAWRENCEVILLE – A fast-moving fire destroyed the Pizza ‘n’ Go restaurant at 51 Main St. this morning, partially closing Route 15 for several hours.

The blaze brought out about 75 firefighters from eight Pennsylvania and New York departments, and some remained on the scene six hours after the 5:45 a.m. alarm.

Emergency workers estimated the loss of the building and contents at $200,000.


WFRM News Has Updated Bomb Scare Story

WFRM NEWS Update 9/6/08:

Coudersport based state police Friday night charged 55 year old James Boothby of Coudersport with causing or risking a catastrophe, terroristic threats and disorderly conduct in connection to the fake bomb incident Friday morning at the Potter County Human Services Building in Roulette.

Boothby was arraigned before on call District Judge Annette Easton and committed to the Potter County Jail in lieu of $100,000.

In the probable cause state police claim Boothby worked for PCHS for 20 years, most recently as Director of Potter County Mental Health/Mental Retardation and was suspended with pay on July 28, 2008 after being arrested by Coudersport Borough Police on a cruelty to animals charge on July 15.

Boothby was instructed to turn in his pass card and to not to return to the building until county punishment had been determined.

Trooper Glenn Drake II claims Boothby on August 13 requested retirement which was granted.

According to Trooper Drake, Boothby was instructed to appear at the building Friday, September 5, 2008 to pick up personal items and to return county property in his possession, namely a laptop computer and cell phone.

At about 11:10 a.m. Friday, PCHS workers discovered what appeared to be a pipe bomb on Boothby’s filing cabinet.

When questioned by police, Boothby said he had been a member of the PCHS Safety Committee and had constructed the fake bomb as part of a training exercise but police claim the non-explosive device had not been previously seen by co-workers even after the office was cleaned out due to his upcoming retirement.

Anonymous said...

The bomb was found around 900am, not 11am..

Anonymous said...

That really makes a big difference.

Anonymous said...

I agree. That's all you have to say about the story? Correcting a time that doesn't change anything. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

The time may not make a difference but it does prove that the information you recieve is not always correct.

Anonymous said...

I agree, and a few hours would make a difference to the people in the building and to the investigation.

Anonymous said...

It was found at 9:00 am and it should be reported correctly. Reporters also left out the fact that the "item" was indeed blown up by the bomb squad. That is left out of alot of the articles.

Anonymous said...

Yes the "item" (which was NOT a bomb, but was a prop, possibly built a long time ago as part of a training exercise) was placed in a contained environment and destroyed. It was NOT an explosive device. The question that will matter is whether the individual who is currently facing charges intended to scare, alarm, harass, exact revenge or otherwise do something disruptive, dastardly, etc. But people need to make one distinction: there was no bomb.

Modular Home Company Allegedly Took Money/Didn't Deliver

Attorney General Corbett announces consumer protection lawsuit against Cambria County modular home business

HARRISBURG - Attorney General Tom Corbett today announced the filing of a consumer protection lawsuit against a Cambria County company and its owners, who are accused of failing to deliver modular or manufacturer homes that had been purchased by consumers, not ordering homes for consumers who made down payments, failing to provide refunds for non-delivered goods or services and other violations of Pennsylvania's consumer protection law.

Corbett said the civil lawsuit was filed by the Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection against Thomas L. Seaman and Tina D. Seaman,154 Popish Road, Portage, and their company, Triple "T" Construction, doing business as Sunrise Mobile Homes, 1169 Plank Road, Carroltown, Cambria County. The company sold modular and manufactured homes, along with home installation services, to consumers in Cambria, Indiana and surrounding counties.

"Buying a home is one of the most important and most expensive purchases that most consumers will ever make," Corbett said. "It is totally unacceptable to take money from consumers with the promise of providing them with a new home, only to leave those people homeless and empty-handed."

Corbett said that the Seaman's are accused of accepting more than $183,000 in payments for homes that were not delivered or not properly titled to consumers. More...

State Police Investigate Death In Roulette Apartment

WESB News: 09/06/08 - Police Investigating Port Man's Death
Police are investigating the death of a Port Allegany man Friday morning.

They say 35-year-old Mark Higley was found unresponsive on the living room floor of his cousin's home in Roulette.

Roulette Ambulance transported Higley to Charles Cole Memorial Hospital in Coudersport, where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Former County Employee Arrested In Bomb Scare

WESB News: 09/05/08 - Man Jailed for Bomb Scare in Roulette

A Coudersport man has been arrested in connection with the bomb scare at the Potter County Human Services building in Roulette Friday morning.

55-year-old James Boothby has been charged with causing or risking a catastrophe, terroristic threats and disorderly conduct. He's in Potter County Jail on $100,000 bail.

Employees were evacuated as a precaution after an employee discovered suspicious items in the building. Nearby residents were sent to the Roulette Fire Hall.

Bomb squads from Erie and Harrisburg were called to the scene and neutralized a device that was later determined not to contain explosive material. A bomb-sniffing dog from Corry checked the rest of the building.

A more complete report on this incident by the Bradford Era can be found on the following link:
Man jailed after bomb search in Roulette agency’s building

A Coudersport man is in jail, allegedly responsible for a device — made to resemble a bomb — that was found Friday morning at the Potter County Human Services building on North Street in Roulette.

Area Obituaries

PRENTISVALE — Rose A. Kaluza, 85, of Prentisvale died Friday (Sept. 5, 2008) at her residence after a long illness. Arrangements are under the direction of the Frame Funeral Home, Eldred.

Solomon's words publishes all complete obituaries free of charge when sent by participating funeral homes. If you don't find the complete obituary here, contact the funeral home and ask them to send it to

Friday, September 5, 2008

WFRM Calendar Of Events

September 6

The Coudersport Arboretum will celebrate the completion of a very active summer by hosting an open house from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The Coudersport Lions and Rotary Clubs will be on hand to provide free hot dogs, hambergs and beverages. Member of the Arboretum and the American Legion Wall of Honor Committees will be on hand to provide information and to answer questions. The Arboretum is located between the C&PA Caboose and the Borough office.

September 6

There will be a rabies clinic from 1:00 to 4:00 at the Ulysses Fire Hall. All animals must be on a leash or in a container. Cost is $5.00 per animal All dogs and cats, 12 weeks or older can be vaccinated. The clinic is sponsored by Dr. Ronnie Schenkein of the Coudersport Animal Health Center. She is assisted at the clinics by Potter County 4-H members.

September 7

The annual Crandall Hill Old Home Day will be held at the former Hebron Grange hall beginning at 1:00 p.m. Take a dish to pass and your own table service.

Cuba Woman Being Charged After Accident

WFRM News: State police at Kane say that a Cuba, NY woman is being charged with overtaking a vehicle on the left following a collision Thursday afternoon on Route 46 near Farmers Valley.

Troopers said the collision occurred when Joyce Kratts and Jennifer Cook of Bradford were both headed north and Kratts tried to pass Cook as Cook began a left turn into a parking lot.

The Kratts Ford Freestyle struck the rear bumper of Cook’s Mercury Sable and sent it into a culvert.

Kratts was taken to Bradford Regional Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries. Cook and her passengers, Lisa Lattin, also of Bradford and a one-year old boy were not hurt.

WFRM News Updates Roulette Bomb Scare

WFRM News:

The Potter County Human Services building on North Street in Roulette was evacuated this morning as a precaution after an employee discovered some suspicious items in an office.

Potter County EMA and Pennsylvania State police secured the building and are continuing their investigation, but county officials believe the items are training props used to test emergency response.

PCHS workers were released for the day and residents of the immediate area were evacuated to the Roulette Fire Hall.

Two bomb squads arrived on scene mid-day, one from Erie the other by helicopter from Hersey.

Potter County Emergency Management Coordinator Jim Steiner told WFRM the object was detonated by members of the squads.

A ‘bomb’ dog cleared another suspicious object found outside the building and found nothing during an inspection of the interior.

State police gave an “all clear” at about 2:15 p.m. and residents were allowed to begin returning home.

Anonymous said...

I heard that this was not training practice as they stated, but a disgruntled employee who got fired ...

joshhatcher said...

Why would he leave a fake bomb? There were no explosives in the package.

Something just doesn't add up. If he were disgruntled, he'd leave a real bomb.

Anonymous said...

The item was NOT an explosive device. It was an item that was made up to LOOK like one, though. Also, the employee had NOT been fired, but had just recently retired. It is true that the former employee is facing criminal charges as a result of the incident, but it is irresponsible to speculate any more about the case. Police reports will surely be issued soon, as he has been arraigned and jailed in Coudersport. This is a story that should not contain speculation and rumor on here, as it was a serious matter and the charges against the man are quite serious.

Anonymous said...

Possible BOOM = BAD


Let us all be thankful that there was NO BOOM!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't add up???? My thought, if someone does something like this they probably are not in the right frame of mind. Hard to uderstand reasoning by a person that is not thinking straight. Lucky we have more sane people than not in our area.

Anonymous said...

"Lucky we have more sane people than not in our area."

i don't know about that one.

Anonymous said...

Oh my more sane then not in Roulette.. You better rethink that one. It doesn't matter matter if it was an employee, or resident as our government so nicely put it "cuff the basxxxd" after all it is Potter County the land of Guilty until proven innocent.....

Potter County Human Services/ Nearby Houses Evacuated After Bomb Found

Bomb Incident At Potter County Human Services
Potter County Human Service workers were evacuated from
their office building on North Street in Roulette, PA

This State Police Helicopter brought specialized personnel to
Roulette, PA today after a suspected bomb was found at
Potter County
Human Services on North Street in Roulette.

Roulette Fire Police sealed off Main Street from Fishing
Creek to River Street and North Street and Fishing Creek
Extention from Rt. 6 to Main Street for several hours on
Friday waiting for the Erie Police Bomb Squad to detonate a
suspected bomb found at the Human Service building.

The Erie Police Bomb Squad arrived and a short time later,
a muffled explosion was heard by people who were evacuated
from the Human Services Building and residents of nearby
houses. Reports from residents indicated the bomb was in
the middle of the ball field across the street from the county
building, after it was removed from the building.

It was some time after hearing the explosion before Fire Police
re-opened the streets and allowed residents to return to their
homes. Residents assumed that time was used to search the
Evacuated residents and workers at Human Services were
housed at the Roulette Fire Dept. Bingo Hall throughout the incident.

Port Allegany and Coudersport Fire Departments were placed
on standby at their fire halls during the incident.

Anonymous said...

I heard a former employee of Human Services was arrested for this.

Anonymous said...

If the device was a prop how could there have been any type of explosion? Muffled or not?

Stabbing In Allegany, NY

WESB News: 09/05/08 - Two in Hospital After Allegany Stabbing

Two men are hospitalized after a stabbing early this morning in Allegany.

Police say 26-year-old Matt Zawatski of Kill Buck was stabbed four times by 37-year-old Dana Rickey of Allegany at about 2:15. Zawatski was stabbed twice in the chest and twice in the groin area, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Rickey suffered an apparent heart attack at Olean General Hospital after the incident, and was sent to ECMC.

Police haven't filed charges yet because they haven't been able to interview Rickey.

Man Stable After Drilling Accident

WESB News: 09/05/08 - Cuba, NY, Man in Stable Condition

The Cuba, New York, man who was injured in a construction accident Tuesday on Ho Sta Geh Road is in stable condition at ECMC in Buffalo.

22-year-old Corey Comes was drilling a well next to Kellner Well Services when a 25-foot pipe fell from a crane and hit him on the head.

A company official says they have been in business since 1988 and this is the first serious accident. The well that Comes was drilling will be used to test explosive devices used in oil and gas drilling.

Smethport Woman Taken To Hospital In Bradford Crash

WESB News: 09/05/08 - Woman Taken to BRMC After Accident

A Smethport woman was taken to Bradford Regional Medical Center after a two-vehicle accident Thursday at the intersection of Jackson and Seaward avenues.

Police say a car driven by 21-year-old Tiffany Tanner pulled into the path of a car driven by 45-year-old Peter Kervin of Bradford.

Tanner was taken to the hospital for observation. She'll be cited with a traffic violation. The road was closed for about half an hour.

Port Allegany Man Enters Guilty Plea

WESB News: 09/05/08 - Port Man Pleads to Gun Charge

A Port Allegany man has pleaded guilty to a gun charge.

40 year-old Samuel Babcock offered his plea Thursday in McKean County Court.

Babcock is charged with reckless endangerment after striking a female and waving a loaded shotgun on July 4 near several people. He'll be sentenced on September 25.

Ulysses Woman Lifeflighted After Crash

WESB News: 09/05/08 - Ulysses Woman Hurt in Motorcycle Crash

A Ulysses woman was injured in a motorcycle accident Thursday afternoon on Lehman Hollow Road near Ulysses.

State Police say that 55 year-old Bessie McPherson lost control of her bike on a gravel road and was thrown from her motorcycle.

McPherson was flown
to an out of town hospital for treatment of her injuries.

Soldier From Jamestown Dies In Iraq

WESB News: 09/05/08 - Jamestown Soldier Killed in Iraq

A Jamestown soldier has died in Iraq.

The Department of Defense says that 22 year-old Pfc. Patrick May died Sept. 2 in Baghdad, Iraq, of injuries suffered from a non-combat related incident. May was with the Division of Special Troops Battalion, 10th Mountain Division of Fort Drum, N.Y.

Area Obituaries

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Michael Zane Fay, 93, formerly of Smethport, Pa., died Friday (Aug. 22, 2008) in San Antonio.

Solomon's words publishes all complete obituaries free of charge when sent by participating funeral homes. If you don't find the complete obituary here, contact the funeral home and ask them to send it to

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stock Market Tanks

BREAKING NEWS: Dow closes down nearly 350 points on unemployment, retail data

2 Car Crash Reported North Of Farmers Valley

BREAKING NEWS: 4:05 pm 9-4-08
Smethport Emergency Services are responding to a 2 car accident on Route 46, north of Farmers Valley near the Columbia Hill Road.

Person Injured In Ulysses Motorscooter Crash

BREAKING NEWS: 3:40 pm 9-4-08
Ulysses Fire and ambulance have responded to aid a victim of a motor scooter accident at a location on the Lehman Road. A medical helicopter has been requested.

Roulette Group Adds 3400 Trout To Area Streams

Roulette Fish & Game Club Fish Nursery Raises
Trout--Stocks Area Streams
Volunteers Steve Smith, Dale Davis, and Skip Snyder caught
and measured several palimino, rainbow, and brook trout to
check on their growth this morning at the club's White Chopin
trout nursery on Fishing Creek in Roulette.

Reflections make it difficult to see these swarms of
5 to 7 inch trout in the nursery. There are about 3400
little trout in this pond. The club stocked rainbows
up to 20 inches long two years ago in area streams.
Kids from 4 thru 16 did the stocking that year.

But it's not hard to see them when the workers throw
some fish food in the pond. If only they bit my worms like that!

Helper Steve Smith gets a net full of trout....

While Dale Davis, President of the Roulette Fish & Game Club,
and Nursery Manager Prepares to measure one.

Skip Snyder is the Assistant Nursery Manager, The club has
been raising trout and stocking Sartwell Creek, Fishing Creek,
Lanager Creek, and Trout Brook, for quite some time.

Anyone who wishes to donate to help finance the club's activities should address donations to the Roulette Fish & Game Club, 197 Main Street, Roulette, PA 16746.

Buffalo Casino May Have To Close/ Senecas Appeal

WESB News: 09/04/08 - Notice of Violation Sent to Buffalo Casino

The National Indian Gaming Commission has issued a notice of violation to the Seneca Gaming Corporation that could close down the temporary Buffalo Creek Casino in five days.

Seneca President Mo John says the Nation intends to immediately file a notice of appeal. He says while legal proceedings are pending, the Buffalo Creek facility will continue to operate.

The notice of violation does not affect the Salamanca or Niagara Falls casinos.

Hebron Township Supervisors Table Wind Regulations

Members of the Hebron Township Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to table the township's proposed industrial wind energy regulations.

Supervisors Jerry Lambert, Barney Saulter and Jack Wilson listened to more than 90 minutes of dialogue with about 35 citizens in attendance before deciding to postpone any action.

They agreed to monitor developments with a proposed countywide wind turbine ordinance and then decide if Hebron Township should adopt its own regulations.

Eulalia and Sweden townships have also postponed action on draft ordinances, pending the outcome of the county commissioners' deliberations and a public hearing set for Thursday, Sept. 11, at 7 pm in the courthouse.

Ulysses Township has hired outside legal counsel to advise the supervisors on a possible local ordinance.

Homer Township Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance earlier this year.

Please click on comments below to read comments on the is post

Dept. Of Agriculture Warns Of Insurance Deadlines

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania producers who want to be eligible for disaster assistance in 2009 must have crop insurance coverage on all insurable fall planted and forage crops before Sept. 30, said Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff today.

Workshop For Natural Gas Leasing Set For Coudersport


HARRISBURG – Potter County farmers can learn about natural gas leasing opportunities from experts in the emerging field at an informational workshop to be held in Coudersport, said Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff today.

Anonymous said...

Why are there workshops for natural gas leasing but no workshops for wind turbine leasing? Lack of education is on the subject means we don't know what to ask when approached to negotiate a lease. "Don't ask, don't tell" is a very, very common corporate practice.

Senator Scarnati Will Present $900,000. Check

Physician Asst. Program to Expand

1490 NewsBlog
State Senator Joe Scarnati will present a $900,000 check to Lock Haven University President Dr. Keith Miller at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital’s Irwin Medical Arts Center in Coudersport Monday.

The funding from the State Department of Education will be used to expand LHU’s physician assistant program to Charles Cole.

Cuba Man Hurt In Drilling Accident

WESB News: 09/04/08 - Cuba Man Injured in Industrial Accident

A Cuba man was seriously injured Tuesday in an industrial accident in the Town of Olean.

New York State Police say that 22 year-old Corey Comes was struck by a 25-foot drill pipe which fell from a cable on a drilling rig. Comes was life-flighted to ECMC in Buffalo with a severe head injury.

The accident happened on Ho Sta Geh Road.

Anonymous said...

What happened at CARP last night?
Fire trucks, ambulance, police??

Anonymous said...

Ambulance was called for a child fallen. That's all I know.

Anonymous said...

18 month child fell out of a swing, struck head on the ground, and was unconcious

DebbyJacks said...

Was my grandson Jeremy, who told the story this way to his Grampa and I.....

Swing....Booom! Boo Boo! Wooo wooo! Doctor.

Cookie? pweez?

He's fine today. A little bump on the head and his Mommy kept a close eye on him all night.

Area Obituaries

PORT ALLEGANY — Jean L. Green, 85, of Smethport, formerly of Port Allegany, died Wednesday (Sept. 3, 2008) in Sena-Kean Manor, Smethport. Arrangements are under the direction of the Hartle-Tarbox Funeral Homes Inc., Port Allegany. See previously published complete obituary.

SMETHPORT — Eugene A. Ennis, 71, of Smethport, died Tuesday (Sept. 2, 2008). Arrangements are under the direction of the Hartle-Tarbox Funeral Homes Inc.

SMETHPORT — Raymond F. Petruzzi, 81, of Smethport, died Wednesday (Sept. 3, 2008) in the Sena-Kean Manor. Arrangements are under the direction of the Hartle-Tarbox Funeral Homes Inc.

EMPORIUM — Philip V. LaBrozzi, 84, of 350 Meadow Road, died early Monday (Sept. 1, 2008) at Elk Regional Medical Center, St. Marys. Arrangements are under the direction of the Barnett Funeral Home Inc.

Solomon's words publishes all complete obituaries free of charge when sent by participating funeral homes. If you don't find the complete obituary here, contact the funeral home and ask them to send it to

Appy Now For Fire & Ambulance Service Grants

Fire and Ambulance Service Grant Information Now Available, Says Causer

State Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) is encouraging local volunteer fire departments and volunteer ambulance services to apply for thousands of dollars in state grant funding.
Fire and ambulance service grants are offered through the Office of the State Fire Commissioner and can be used for construction or renovation of a unit’s station, the purchase or repair of equipment, training or debt reduction.
A total of $25 million is available, with grants of up to $15,000 for individual volunteer fire companies and up to $10,000 for individual volunteer ambulance services.
The application period is open now through 4 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 17. For more information, visit Causer’s Web site at and click on “Fire and Ambulance Grants.”
Rep. Martin T. Causer
67th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
(814) 362-4400
(717) 787-5075
Contact: Patricia A. Hippler
House Republican Public Relations
(717) 772-9846

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

WFRM Calendar Of Events

September 4

State Representative Martin Causer or one of his representatives will hold office hours from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at the Emporium Borough Office AND from 1:00 TO 2:00 P.M. at the Port Allegany Borough Office.

September 4 & 11

The Coudersport based choral organization, the North Country Voices, is
inviting people who have an interest in singing in a choral ensemble to
consider joining this group for this upcoming season. The vocal group,
which is comprised of soprano, alto, tenor , and bass voices, is
preparing for its annual Christmas Concert which is scheduled for Sunday
December 7. Regular rehearsals will be held each Thursday evening from
7-9 pm at the Presbyterian Church of Coudersport. The first two
rehearsals, September 4 and 11 are "open rehearsals". Anyone who is
interested in singing may attend to see if they might wish to become a
member. This will hopefully give individuals an opportunity to have a
musically rewarding experience , while enjoying the company of friends
and neighbors. The present membership is comprised of people from the
Coudersport area. The accompanist is Anne McCleary and the director is
Gloria Richardson. Call 814-260-9034 if you have any questions.

Fire Damage At Morgan AMT $400,000.00


Damage at the Morgan AM & T Plant on Route 6 east of Coudersport last week has been estimated to be about $400,000.

Coudersport volunteer firefighters were called to the facility Monday, August 25 when an impregnating oven at the western end of the building exploded and caught fire. Damage was confined to the oven itself and nearby wall.

There was no downtime for the plant and operations continued in spite of the damage.

Jean L. Green, 85, Smethport, Formerly Port Allegany

Port Allegany - Jean L. Green, 85, of Smethport, formally of Port Allegany, died Wednesday (September 3, 2008) in the Sena Kean Manor, Smethport.

She was born Oct 30, 1922 in Keystone, a daughter of Grover and Maude King Kinney, on Nov. 5, 1938 in Smethport; she married Leon B. Green, who died Feb 22, 1997.

Mrs. Green attended Smethport Schools and was a homemaker.

She is survived by one daughter: Mary Mayer of Bradford, PA; four sons:, Donald Green of Port Allegany, PA, Phillip Green of Kane, PA, David Green of TX, Leon Green of Port Allegany, PA; 30 grandchildren and 50 great grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her parents, husband, two sons, Richard Green and Ronald Green and one daughter, Wilma Griffith and one brother: William Kinney.

There will be no visitation. Funeral services will be held at the convenience of the family. Burial will be in the Grimes Cemetery, LibertyTwp.

Arrangements are under the direction of theHartle-Tarbox Funeral Homes, Inc, Port Allegany.

Anonymous said...


Bicycle Accident Reported On Fishing Creek

BREAKING NEWS: 8:20 pm--9-3-08
Roulette Emergency Services are responding to a bicycle accident on the West Branch of Fishing Creek, 1 Mile from Route 6 where one person is reported injured.
A medical helicopter has been requested to a Roulette landing zone.

Medic 6 is on scene at 8:35 and has ordered the helicopter to land at Charles Cole Hospital.

Oil Spilled Again In McKean County

WESB News: 09/03/08 - Another Deliberate (But Smaller) Oil Spill

There's been another deliberate oil spill in McKean County.

State police say someone went to the Catalyst Energy site on Northwest Road in Wetmore Township and opened a valve releasing about 84 gallons of oil worth about $250

. The incident happened sometime between 11 o'clock Friday morning and 7:20 Monday morning.

Anyone with pertinent information is asked to call Kane-based state police.

DannyB said...

Wouldn't you think that they would have some sort of security....fences..or locks on the valves, so this can't happen? I can't believe that people can just walk up yto an oil site and start turning valves...

Bradford Man Hit Woman In Head With Hammer

WESB News: 09/03/08 - Man Jailed for Attempted Homicide

A Bradford man is in jail without bail on an attempted homicide charge.

23-year-old Uriah Schiappa of West Washington Street allegedly hit Tara Strait in the head with a hammer several times during an argument. He also allegedly hit her arms and upper body while threatening to kill her.

Strait was taken to Bradford Regional Medical Center for treatment of her injuries.

Police say when they arrived at the home, Schiappa ran out the back door and was later apprehended a short distance away. Besides the homicide charge, he is also charged with aggravated assault and terroristic threats.

Coudersport Man Completes Combat Training

Ryan Bodecker Completes Infantry Training

Ryan Bodecker, formerly of Coudersport, has completed Infantry Combat Training at Ft. Benning, GA on August 29, 2008.

Ryan is the son of Paula Thompson of Shinglehouse, and CSM James "Kevin" Bodecker of Ft. Campbell, KY who is currently serving in Iraq.

After the graduation ceremony, Ryan reported to Airborne school at Ft. Benning where he will earn his "wings" after he completes a 3 week training program with the "black hats".

Upon completion of Airborne training, he will move on to RIP (Ranger Indoctrination Program).

Ryan is proud to be an American Soldier and ready and willing to defend our freedom.
Anonymous said...

Way to go, Ryan. Show this world what you're made of. Congratulations!

Uncle Matt

Anonymous said...

Good job Ryan. I'm proud of ya.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Ryan!! You look good. You do make everyone proud.Keep up the good work...

Aunt Jan

Gloria said...

Congratulations Ryan,so proud of you! You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Love ya, Aunt Gloria

Austin Announces 9th Annual Fall Festival

Click poster to view full screen

Anonymous said...

I give the little town of Austin and the people there tons of credit for keeping their festivals going. It takes alot of planning and volunteers so keep up the good work and show the bigger towns how its done!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comment. It's great to know that people appreciate what our organizations do for our community. Some of our organizations consist of 3-4 people and it's a lot of work but well worth it; especially when you see the smiles on the kids faces.
Austin CTC offers several trips to the community (all ages). We just wish more people would participate.
The volunteers in our organizations usually wear more than one hat. Keep up the good work people. Hats off to the Pride Committee who hosts our annual fireworks which are one of the best around. Kudos to Austin Fire & Ambulance---always there when we need you. Thanks to PTO for helping our school & students. Thanks to all the other volunteers in our community too...You do make a difference !!

Anonymous said...

For years I have said Austin is one of the toughest little towns in our area. No crying about what could have been, just a lot of faithful residents making sure it can be. As small as your school has been you always give other schools something to think about. Your Little League field is another great accomplishment. Great job.
Cheryl Bryant

NY PSC Approves Upstate Utility's Sale To Spanish Wind Farm Company

Energy panel approves sale of Energy East to Iberdrola

By JAY GALLAGHER • Gannett News Service

ALBANY -- The state Public Service Commission voted unanimously this afternoon to sell two upstate New York utilities to Spanish-based Iberdrola SA as the company has pledged to invest $2 billion in wind-power projects in the state.

The approval means that Iberdrola will likely purchase Energy East, the holding company for NYSEG and Rochester Gas and Electric Corp. More...

MDH said...

"As part of the agreement, Iberdrola has to spend at least $200 million on new wind-generation facilities in the state within five years. Spokesman Robert Bellafiore said the company's plan is to spend $2 billion over that period."

Gee, it would be nice to be having some money like that being spent here in Potter County. But, <> we don't want no stinkin wind power here in this old county < /sarcasm >. After all... that would mean progress and jobs. What do we need that for. *sigh* :-\

eddiestardust said...


Quite a few folks probably won't have jobs because of this.

And you call this PROGRESS?

Sorry bub, but many of us across Pennsylvania and across the country don't buy it..not one little bit of it!

P. Edward Murray

DannyB said...

Corporations like this get sold to foreign businesses because oue government slams the crap out of any U.S. citizen with taxres and red tape trying to run or buy a business. These people won't spend any money in Potter County because we don't produce anything of have to buy everything from China. Eddie...where was your telescope made?????

Anonymous said...

Wind turbines do not create jobs, other than a few short term jobs during construction. In only takes a few people to come around and check these machines, from time to time.

Accident On Route 6 Near Roulette

BREAKING NEWS: 12:26pm-9-3-08
Roulette Fire and Ambulance have just been dispatched to a crash on Route 6 near the Bill Nenno residence where a car has hit a guard rail.

Anonymous said...

Tioga County dispatchers should watch the open mic ....

Anonymous said...

Yes I think we all heard what was said on the open mic...wasn't too nice

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What was said???

Anonymous said...

well what heard was in the line of "what a cluster F***" I am sure I heard right

Editor's Note: The dispatch today was confusing because of the mispronounciation of a local resident's name. Roulette Fire and Ambulance personnel figured it out and were on scene in a matter of minutes from the time of dispatch. We greatly appreciate the dedication and competence of out local volunteers.

Anonymous said...

Very much a lack of professionalism... I think that had the dispatcher gave all of the correct information to the responding units that the "CF" would not have happend... Today was a really poor showing of what the dispatchers from "TIOGA" think of us over here in Potter...

The time has come to have our own 911 Center with Dispatchers from the area who care about people from the area...

Anonymous said...

This admittedly was a HUGE error on the dispatchers part. I for one, however, will admit I have made errors in judgment before and I am not willing to condemn a person for such an obviously frustrated mistake. And the accusation that this incident reflects how "Tioga" feels about "Potter" is just downright silly. If all of those who are posting such accusatory remarks have a perfect behavior record, then I suppose the posts are appropriate. If not, well, you get the point.

Anonymous said...

Easier said than done. People that sit around and complain are also too busy to volunteer.. Sadly enough, that is the case with everything.

Anonymous said...

She is probably very sorry for cussin' over the open mic. Give her a break. Every EMS position wether it be volunteer or paid has it's ups and downs and can provide unlimited stress. I am sure this will never happen again..I bet from now on when she is ready to cuss she checks that mic... LESSON LEARNED ALREADY LET'S MOVE ON WITH IT...

Anonymous said...

I agree. If you have never stuck your foot in your mouth then you aren't human. It's ok, people make mistakes. Tioga County does a wonderful job for us here, so c'mon, give the lady a break. It was an accident, and accidents happen all the time. No one is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! It's Roulette... Half of you know the news before it's news anyway. So a dispatcher said a few choice words. I can't imagine no one in Roulette saying foul words at an inappropiriate time. For goodness sake go back to the wind turbines if you don't have anything else to complain about.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that someone cant post there thoughts on this site without the wrath of hell being brought on them... I the people on here who "BASH" other ppl for stating the opinion... I know I know... you will say that is what i am doing now... But no.. I am not... just a observation...

I think that people have the right to comment about one another... I just dont understant why you all have to BASH each other...

House Fire Reported In Mount Jewett

BREAKING NEWS: 12:14 pm--9-3-08
Firemen from Mount Jewett, Kane, and Smethport were summoned late this morning to Cambelltown Road in Mount Jewett where smoke was detected in a residence. Port Allegany and Roulette were dispatched for standby duty.

The three fire companies have been on the scene for quite some time and a second ambulance from Mount Jewett was just dispatched to stand by there. It is not known what the extent of the fire is in the two and a half story structure.

Man Killed On Bicycle On Route 287

Bicyclist killed in Tioga (Pa.) crash


A Tioga man was killed Tuesday night when he was struck by a vehicle while riding a bicycle on state Route 287 near Old Keys Road in Tioga Township.

Pennsylvania State Police say Thomas Kaufmann, 44, of Tioga, was riding a bike north on state Route 287 at 6:45 p.m. Tuesday when he was struck by a vehicle driven by Annamae Patterson, 67, of Tioga, who was traveling south on state Route 287. More...

Cpl. Sean Batterson to investigate.

Sweden Township Fails To Adopt Wind Ordinance

Members of the Sweden Township Board of Supervisors Tuesday night put the brakes on an ordinance that critics considered too accommodating to the wind energy industry.

By a split vote of 1-1, the board failed to adopt draft regulations that were based largely on the state's 2006 "model ordinance."

In Sweden Township's case, the setback requirements for wind turbines from neighboring properties were more favorable to the industry than those contained in the state model.
Supervisor Jon Blass abstained, admitting that he has a personal financial interest in industrial wind energy.

Supervisor Paul Haskins voted to adopt the ordinance.
However, Supervisor Toby Bova cast the critical "no" vote, citing objections that were voiced during the meeting by citizens from within and outside of Sweden Township.

Many citizens criticized the state's model ordinance as a political tool that had been heavily influenced by companies seeking to operate commercial wind energy operations in Pennsylvania.

Speaking out in favor of the more lenient standards was long-time Sweden Township resident Everett "Sonny" Blass, father of Jon Blass, who said the township would be missing out on substantial revenue.

Also supporting passage of the draft ordinance developer Mike Mulcahey of Port Allegany, who has been seeking properties in Sweden, Homer, Eulalia and Hebron townships for location of industrial wind turbines.

Homer Township passed an ordinance similar to the state's model earlier this year. Eulalia Township Supervisors have tabled action and will continue to monitor developments with the wind energy regulations still being drafted by the Potter County Planning Commission and Potter County Commissioners.

Next up is the Hebron Township Board of Supervisors meeting at 8 am Thursday, at which time that board is scheduled to consider adopting an ordinance very similar in nature to the Sweden Township proposal.

Please click on comments below to read many comments on this post.

Fatal Accident Tuesday In Eldred Township

WESB News: 09/03/08 - Smethport Man Dies in Motorcycle Accident
A Smethport man was killed Tuesday afternoon during a three-vehicle accident on Route 446 in Eldred Township.

State Police say that a car operated by June Troutman crossed the center line and struck a motorcycle driven by Eugene Ennis.

Ennis was prounced dead at the scene. Troutman was also hurt during the crash and hospitalized.

Troutman’s car also struck a car operated by Kevin Kanally. Kanally was not injured.

Anonymous said...

We will miss you Uncle Gene

Judge Yoder Rules Case Can Proceed

WESB News: 09/03/08 - Train Derailment Case Goes  Forward
The trial against the engineer of the train that derailed June 30, 2006, near Gardeau will go forward.

 McKean County Court Judge John Yoder ruled Tuesday that toxicology evidence was obtained correctly by law enforcement agencies and the Grand Jury.

 47 year old Michael Seifert of West Seneca, N.Y. will now be scheduled to stand trial on charges of causing and risking a catastrophe in the Norfolk-Southern train derailment on Keating Summit which spilled a large amount of liquid sodium hydroxide into a nearby stream.