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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Balanced State Budget Without A Tax Increase Is Scarnati's Goal

By James Jones
Interviewed By Anne Holliday
Senator/Lieutenant Governor/President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati, R Brockway, was interviewed today by Anne Holliday, News Director of WESB/WBRR Radio in Bradford, PA. on the station's Live Line program. Anne also maintains the station's website "WESB" and the 1490NewsBlog.

Just Plain "Joe
" Scarnati
Just plain "Joe", as he likes to be called said "Balancing the state's budget is going to be my first and foremost goal." Pennsylvania's spending has grown too big. We need a conservative approach to take a hard look at all the budget items on the table to decide if it's something we really need or something we can do without."

Budget Cuts May Be Painful

With some questioning from moderator Anne Holliday, who is becoming known as a political authority, in North Central Pensylvania, as to how that would affect state funding for programs in this part of the state, Scarnati answered "Some of the budget cuts are going to be painful, not just in my home area, but for the rest of the state as well. I've learned i
n over 20 years in business, that when things slow down, you have to cut back because the money's not there."

Raising Taxes Is Not An Option
"It's the same with the state, we have to cut back and set priorities for the money." Scarnati has stated previously that "It is unconscionable to think of raising taxes on people who can't pay for their health insurance and keep food on the table."

Will "Joe" Run For Governor In 2010?

When quizzed by Holliday about whether he is considering a run for Governor in 2010? Scarnati said, "When I started out in the Senate, I never had aspirations to become President Pro Tem of the Senate or now Lieutenant Governor, but it happened. And if it should work out that people would want me to run for Governor in 2010, who knows?" "Right now my main focus is on covering a $800 million deficit in this year's budget, and drafting a budget for next year that does not require a tax increase."

"Joe" Will Take Steelers
Asked by sports minded Holliday, if he will bet with Governor Ed Rendell, if the playoffs end up with both Pennsylvania teams, Scarnati said "You bet. I will take the Steelers all the way. Rendell, of course, being from Philadelphia will take the Eagles, but, I'll put my money on the Steelers."

Download Interview
Downloaded the entire interview from the 1490NewsBlog website by clicking listen HERE.

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