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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pennsylvania State Police File Report On Search

Roulette Search

Corporal Michael D. Murray of the Coudersport PSP filed the following report:

A call was received from a resident of Roulette Township, Potter County, PA in the area of Atkins Rd. and the West Branch of Fishing Creek Rd. reporting that they heard someone yelling in a male voice “Help Me!”

The caller checked with neighbors and area residents did a search before contacting the PSP at approximately 2130 hours.

The calls of “Help Me!” were heard by four different area residents.

PSP responded to the scene and conducted an area canvass and a hasty search with negative results. The call of “Help” was heard by responding Troopers as well.

When no one was discovered, PSP contacted Roulette Fire Dept for assistance with the search. A search of the area was made until approximately 0100 hours on 01/08/08 with negative results.

The area in hearing distance was thoroughly searched during the hours of darkness before calling the search for the night. Both manpower and a thermal imaging device were used in the search area.

The search resumed during daylight hours, using additional personnel.

The original search area was searched, as well as widening the search area. A thorough search was made for an approximate 1 mile radius of the focal point with negative results.

The PSP helicopter was used for a short period of time on this date, but was severely limited due to weather conditions.

It has been determined that anyone in need of assistance during the evening hours on 01/07/08 is no longer at that location and in need of assistance.

PSP has checked with area hospitals and no treatment was provided for anyone with outdoor related activities. There are no current missing person reports filed with Police Agencies in the area to match the description of this incident.

Personnel on scene-- Approximately 35 searchers from the following agencies, as well as support personnel:
Pennsylvania State Police
Roulette Fire Dept. (Chemical Engine 46)
Roulette Ambulance
PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources
Pennsylvania Game Commission
PA Fish and Boat Commission
Emergency Management
Coudersport VFD was on standby with an RTV as medical officers

Corporal Murray adds,
"I would like to add that a call was received. It was taken as a serious call by our personnel responding to the scene, as are all calls."

"The information received via phone was verified and was credible. A “hasty” search was conducted and no one was found." We contacted the Roulette Fire Department for additional help, and the volunteers responded en-masse."

"They took this call seriously. These volunteers searched through the middle of the night, in horrible conditions. They all gave up their time. Many gave up their sleep for the night before going to work in the morning. They conducted a thorough search and were confident that no one was left out there overnight."

" We resumed the search this morning to make sure that anybody who was in need of assistance last night was no longer in need of that assistance (better safe than sorry)."

"When agencies and volunteers were contacted for assistance, they again responded. There were paid searchers and volunteer searchers. Many of the volunteer searchers gave up a day of work or a day of leave to assist in the search. Their efforts are appreciated.

"A thorough search of all the terrain deemed to be in the possible area of the call for help was made. The search area was mapped out and even extended. No one was located."

"It never fails to amaze me with the level of commitment provided by our volunteer fire departments and ambulances. These are some of the most caring and devoted people in our communities. They are one of the reasons that our communities are what they are. I extend to them my utmost gratitude and respect."

Cpl. Michael D. MURRAY
Crime Unit Supervisor
Pennsylvania State Police
Coudersport, PA


Anonymous said...

CPL Murray,

Just one comment THANK YOU! Very informative and accurate report of exactly what happened. Good Job.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Cpl. Murray for his time and the respect he shows his fellow man. I'm sure he can tell those that are real and those that aren't. Those that are professional at being a Firefighters/EMS Personnel and those that aren't. This comment is in relation to the earlier blog on this search and rescue. Again thank you to all our law enforcement officers

Rep. Chick said...

Many thanks go out to the state police and Cpl. Murray.

You all not only protect and serve our communities you are ALL apart of our communities as well and I thank you all for that.

Anonymous said...

There was more than just the state police out there. As far as the night search the state police road around in there cars, it was the volunteers in the woods pounding the brush. When you call for a fire or ambulance or even a search, do you want the state police to come in a cop car or do you want your neighbors and friends to come with fire trucks and ambulances? A little support from this town for the fire dept. would go a long ways, but I know it's a thankless job. But we are always there despite this. I for one thank all the volunteer fire dept. personnel for all that they do.

Anonymous said...

So do you suppose this "voice" that so many reported hearing was a ghost? Just a throwing that out there for you to ponder on.

Anonymous said...

It was one of the mysterious vanishing mountain lions....the ones that only one person at a time sees and leaves no tracks....

Anonymous said...

This topic still seems a bit "touchy" to many and I believe it is because there has been no resolution. No one has been found and no one has been reported lost? So the voice and cries for help remain a mystery. Oh well. I at least feel comforted to know that if myself or any of my family were ever lost there a lot of people is this area that would be willing to look for us. I give a heartfelt thank you to all involved in this search. Ignore the whiners, they will always be looking for something to complain about. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

If it's a mystery we should contact Scooby Doo & Velma .. they always solve the mysteries!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post above, kudos to all that helped in the search, they all gave of their time and effort and they are all appreciated for their dedication. I still think that we need to call in the TAPS team to investigate, a voice with no body has to be a ghost, right? Seriously no animal fox, coyote, mountain lion, etc makes a distinct "Help Me" sound.

Anonymous said...

If you are all so concerned now why didnt you get out of bed, leave your families, and help join in the search. No one would be turned away. Think about that next time instead of sitting in front of your computers blogging about something you know nothing about. If you are so concerned DO SOMETHING TO HELP NEXT TIME and shut up when you dont know what the hell your talking about. And just an addition to all you "blue lights" out their. Next time you go speeding "To the rescue" think about the person you just about run off the road and the two kids they have in their car and SLOW YOUR ASSES DOWN. You do nothing for the image of the people that are there to help. The only thing you do is put yourselves and others at risk. Lets face it none of you NASCAR racers or you sure as hell wouldnt be in Potter County. Get over yourselves. Your not gods. Your there to protect and serve. Not to run people of the roads and scare children. And your damn right next time it happens to me I WILL see your asses in court and I dont care who you are.

Anonymous said...

To the last poster. you for one have no room to talk about blue lights. it sure sounds like you dont care for your local fire company. let me ask you this. how many reports do you hear in potter county of someone wrecking because they where running a blue light to save some ones house or some ones life? whech brings me to this point. how many crashes do you hear of about fire apparatus in potter county? NONE!!! for all the time i was apart of my dept. we've never heard of any wrecks in potter county caused by a blue light. the only wrecks I hear of and most other people hear of are in the Big cities. Not potter county. so leave your pretty unicorn and fairy land and be wise on what you say. expectially if it hasn't happened in potter county. i suggest you vizit your local fire station and/or ambulance bay. because some depts. in potter county have both seperated. some dont, just visit them and see how many people are there because they wanted/did make a difference in their community and/or dept.

Wallace Eaton
Ulysses, Pa

Anonymous said...

Well i hate to inform you but I have been run off the road by one of these so called BLUE LIGHT SPECIALS so you should watch what you say because you know nothing. And for your information my husband just happens to be one of those wonderful firemen that gave up his time spent with his family to go search the woods. in 10-12 below weather. I have a lot of respect for the firehall but not a lot of respect for the individuals that think they are god. so next time do your homework before you accuse me of something you know nothing about mr ulysses fireman.

Anonymous said...

first off how dose a blue light scare your kids. im not saying that firemen dont speed. but im sure they dont think they are God. secondly the dispatch came in around 10:15 so how much traffic could there have really been. Just becasue you have a bug up your ass about a few members of a fire department it gives you the right to get on here and run at the mouth. most blue lights can be seen from a distance maybe next time pull over and help save presious time for our first responders. and i highly doubt anyone would run you off the road. so go find something else to bitch about miss. sue happy

Anonymous said...

put that in your pipe & smoke it !!

Anonymous said...

I have been a volunteer fireman for many years and in my opinion there is absolutely no need for blue lights. I have used them and no longer due. they really dont save much time and all they do is draw attention to yourself. It doesnt matter how fast your going some idiot is going to accuse you of speeding anyway. Must be the blue color it makes you look like your speeding. If you dont have one you could drive a hundred miles an hour and all people will say is "look at that A Hole" but if you have a blue light on they will say "look at that A hole fireman they think they can do what they want" why draw negative attention to you or your fire dept.

Anonymous said...

I am a volunteer and use a blue light. I have been told my many how fast they drive to the hall, just to make that first out truck, or they are in another town and are stilling trying to make that truck. I drive like I do any other day and I still make it to the scene. There is alot of incidents that don't make it out to the public, where responses are concerned. I will hate when it does make to the presses around here because it will be to late and someone will probably be hurt or killed. It is the law to obey all trafic laws with blue lights, they are only a courtsey light. That is what I was told at EVOC. I can see 5 or 10 mph but I now for a fact of quite a few that double and triple the posted speed limit. I hope that the law around here starts to be enforced.