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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pennsylvania Troopers Get 3% Raise

Union nets 3% raise

for state's troopers

More civilians to get positions in police offices


State troopers will get 3-percent raises for the current budget year and the next one, which starts July 1, followed by 4-percent increases in July 2010 and July 2011. More...


Anonymous said...

Given the status of the economy, job losses and our state budget, NO ONE should be getting raises..but then again our tax $ shouldn't be thrown away on the 'new' $95k position the governor just created for his buddy either...

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. PA's economy is in very bad shape. NOBODY should be getting a raise!!

Anonymous said...

The Pennsylvania State Police work very hard at fighting crime at a time when crime is on an increase. Why don't they deserve a raise??

Anonymous said...

No one said they don't work hard, what part of our state economy is in the toilet do you not get?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I get that! But how is it fair that a job gets created at $95,000 a year, but the real workers of the Commonwealth have to suffer with no raise?

Uncle Sam said...

I don't know what everyone is so worried about? The economy is's everyones imagination that there is an issue...just go out and spend money like a good little citizen and you will feel better.

Anonymous said...

To everyone who thinks the Troopers need a raise. Just dont call them the next time you need help, take care of your problems yourself. If their work load decreases the Governor will reduce how many Troopers we employ, thus reducing the state budget.

Aunt Sam said...

"If their work load decreases the Governor will reduce how many Troopers we employ, thus reducing the state budget."

No one stated anything about reducing their pay did they? Was this mentioned and I missed it? They deserve their pay checks just like everyone else that is paid by tax payers, no one wants to take that away.

Our Great Gov. has all ready cut back on our portion of the equipment our state workers need to keep our community safe because we are north of 80 and not a big union in his back pocket!

Our Great Gov. needs to get his head out of the clouds and wake the heck up and stop dreaming up jobs to appoint his "friends" to at the tune of $95K @ year!

That amount of money could do a lot of things at a county and/or local level!

You want to remember we are eating the states portion of our D.A.'s salary...hmmm