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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Port Allegany Psychologist Enters Consent Agreement

Port Allegany psychologist enters consent agreement with state on allegations of fraud

PORT ALLEGANY — A Port Allegany psychologist — and vice president of the Port Allegany School Board — has entered into a consent agreement with the state Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs in settlement of a case involving various violations of the Professional Psychologists Practice Act and Medical Assistance regulations.

Daniel F. Kysor, of 109 Chestnut St., signed the consent agreement July 1, 2008, and the State Board of Psychology issued an order approving the consent order Nov. 8, 2008. More...


Kathy said...

Kysor's employment with the IU9 should be terminated immediately. People who are dishonest, unlawful and deceptive are not the kind of people who should be part of the IU9. I'd hope to see action taken on this VERY soon by the IU9.

Joe said...

Let's go one step further. He also should be removed from the School Board. He is not of good charater and is dishonest.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above statements! REMOVE THIS DISHONEST FELLOW FROM THE SCHOOL BOARD AND IU9...Remember, he admitted to the wrongdoing - it's not in question!

Peggy said...

As a taxpayer, I certainly want him fired!

Anonymous said...

Yeah.....!!! Then lets tar and feather the S.O.B too!

My god, you people are soo many eggs shy of a dozen it isnt funny. Whether you agree or dislike the defendant is irrelevant as justice has been served.

A few paragraph article doesnt tell the entire story either so perhaps you should worry about your own board, character and value systems!

Fight the fights that need fighting and lose the "holier than thow" attitude as some day you might need a second chance too!

Anonymous said...

It seems that this fellow does not promote the characteristics that we would want on our school boards or the IU9. But then again I thought that when I saw the nut job acting like a fool at athletic events - I actually felt sorry for his son who was playing baseball. He has failed to conduct himself in a professional manner too many times. IU9 - please take the appropriate steps and find a more honest person to perform necessary services.

Anonymous said...

Contact the IU9 to have them take action!

Mrs. Mary K. Colf, Executive Director

Mr. Robert Bailey, Assistant Executive Director

Anonymous said...

some times all the facts are intentionally hidden (read: I've got a Secret, Leader enterprise, January 21, 2009).

its time for full disclosure and to limit the protections of our public officials.

make your vote count during the next elections!!

Anonymous said...

Another classic case of a Solomons Words Witch Hunt!!

I am defending no one professionally and if you do wrong you deserve to be held accountable. However, annonymous personal jabs at Mitch, Jon, Paul, Chris, Doug, Susan and now Dan are all par for the course from the usual backwoods haters hiding here behind the anonymity of a blog entry.

Get a life cowards and if you wanna effect some change and good in the world then do it without reveling in your perceptions of the misfortune in others.

Anonymous said...

For thos who are feeling sympathetic to this man, I would like to point out that the fraudulent charges are to Medicaid the article says - guess whose tax dollars pay for Medicaid... I agree he should be off the school board, and the IU9 should take note!

Anonymous said...

Why in the world does the IU9 need a psychologist on staff? Is it a state mandate? What exactly is the job description associated with this IU9 position? I checked the IU9 Webiste, but found no specific references to services Dan Kysor would provide on the part of the IU9 for our children. Who did this work before Kysor was on staff and why did they leave?

Anonymous said...

School systems all have a list of psychologists on the payroll. If you knew just a little about students you wouldn't even ask why.
As far as DK goes, nice guy sometimes but in the last few years not so nice to be around. Yes, I have seen him at baseball games and was shocked he was the same guy the school system was putting their trust in on evaluating a student. I had thought at the time, he needs an evaluation.

Bill Walker said...

I find it odd that someone who sayd "usual backwoods haters hiding here behind the anonymity of a blog entry" does not post their name.

Maybe you should practice what you preach or just keep your thoughts to yourself.

Joe, Coudersport said...

Great comment Bill.

Anonymous said...

I didnt call anyone out though did I Bill?

Nor did I attack anyone personally, judge them, comment on their character, trash their family, trash their friends, question their ethics, OR post phone numbers to call so you could ask that they be terminated!

If I was gonna take a pot shot at someone Bill (like at you for example) I would gladly post my name.

Fact is I know nothing about you Bill! Therefore whether I might think you are a moron or not, I would never say anything inappropriate about you. Sure its a Blog and people can say what they want, but isnt their a limit Bill? Freedom of speech should be a right limited to those who aren't stupid. Perhaps our new President can put that one on his agenda.

However, if you want me to keep MY thoughts to myself then how about addressing the REAL idiots that hate the world and trash everyone on here? Address them too Bill or address NO ONE. Either way, thanks for your feedback!

Anonymous said...

Question #1

If I steal a car,television,or any other persons property, does that make me a criminal..?

Question #2

If I purposley over bill or "double dip" into funds for said services/service isn't that fraud..? Punishable by state laws and stiff fines..

Seems to me Mr.Kysor got off pretty easy on such an enormous amount of funds he recieved..

Anonymous said...

sounds that way to me. most people would see jail time, thats fraud against the goverment, our tax payers money

Drymar said...

We don't call them *allegations* of fraud after the individual has signed a consent order admitting to the actions.

Bill Walker said...

Well Anonymous (if the is your real name) it would appear that if you are not calling anyone out or trying to "attack anyone personally, judge them, comment on their character, trash their family, trash their friends, question their ethics, OR post phone numbers to call so you could ask that they be terminated!" Then I suggest that you choose your words a little more carefully.

The written word is open to all types of interpretation and the way that many interpret your written words definitely fall into at least a couple of the categories you claim you have not done. Look at it this way; your comment "Get a life cowards" can be construed as calling out anyone who has made a personal observation that is not in line with yours. As absurd as that may (or may not) sound it is all in the interpretation.

These are not alleged acts, they are now factual in nature and if people choose to call for his job(s) then that is a right given to them in this great country. The fact is that both his employer and school district have most likely been kept informed of the matter throughout the process (if I am incorrect please let me know) and if they haven't taken action to date, they most likely will not now. The only thing that folks can do it put this in their memory banks if it is truly what they want and do what you can to see him defeated when his position on the school board comes up for re election.

Anonymous said...

I am greatly disturbed how Dan Kysor can be so unethical and dishonest and still maintain his job as a Psychologist as well as a member of the school board!
However, it is not the first time a "Professional" has betrayed the trust of their fellow coworkers and community.
For example, Potter County Human Services is full of people holding an authoritative status that are untrustworthy and unethical (Just ask Melissa).

Adam said...

Where is my popcorn, this is getting good!

I totally agree with Bill's comments.

To put this in simple terms, if any of us did something similiar, at our jobs, what would happen? I know I would have been escorted out of the building without hesitation. Secondly, is someone who thinks these actions are acceptable someone you want determining the course of education for our children?

I'm all for second chances, but there are certain professions that are held to a higher standard...police, teachers, doctors etc. In this case I'm holding this gentleman to a higher standard and feel he should be removed without a second chance. It is clear that he has a problem determining what professional behavior is. I personally don't want him involved in the education of my child or anyone's for that matter.

If there are more facts to the case, that is one thing, but he did admit to the actions. That is enough for me to question his professionalism and ethics.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am thinking that if a doctor, nurse, social worker or any other licensed professional committed this kind of blatantly fraudulent offense that they would immediately lose their license. What is wrong with the psychologist's board that this man is still practicing with a license????

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kysor is just one example of a larger problem that extends throughout both public and private sector "professionals" in our community. Our rural area makes us a toxic waste dump for "professionals" who couldn't otherwise compete in a more populated area with a stronger job market. We cannot attract ethical, responsible people with the low, (sometimes insulting) salaries offered to positions requiring higher education and licensure. Professionals worth hiring leave the area and we are stuck scraping the bottom of the barrel. We need to start taking out the trash and hold our area unprofessionals to a professional standard.

Anonymous said...

he broke the law and he should pay the price of breaking the law.
I'm sure IU9 and the school board
will make the correct decision

Anonymous said...

Wow. That was a nasty remark about the professionals in this area. While I agree the salaries are probably insulting, calling them the "bottom of the barrel" is ridiculous. AND comparing them all to this man is outrageous. Most would never commit fraud to get more money, even if the salaries are insulting.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I am not suggesting everyone in a professional position around here is comparable to DK but this is not an isolated instance. You don't have to look too far for more examples. Another post above suggested people of questionable character in authoritative positions at PCHS, this is not a slanderous rumor, some employees have actually been convicted of illegal activities and served time for them but are able to maintain these supervisory roles. Forgive me if calling them the bottom of the barrel sounds a bit harsh but what would you call it? Would people like this actually be employable outside of this area? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

all I think is maybe people might want to remember what is in there own backyard before digging in someone elses like the Kysor's feel they have to do