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Friday, January 16, 2009

Potter County Commissioners Discuss State Issues With Rep. Causer

Commissioners Meet With Rep. Causer

jan17causerRep. Martin Causer met with the Potter County Board of Commissioners Friday for a far-ranging discussion of state government issues. Causer, a McKean County resident, told Commissioners Doug Morley, Susan Kefover and Paul Heimel that it’s important for local governments and organizations to speak with a unified voice when they seek state assistance.

A shortfall in revenue from many sources will result in a tightened state budget this year, which makes it even more important for strong local unity. Causer said he is committed to using whatever influence he can to protect rural counties from bearing a disproportionate share of the burden as the state cuts programs and services.

Much of the discussion focused on the expected increase in natural gas exploration and production throughout the region. Causer said he supports the concept of local governments sharing in the bounty through some type of taxation, but state leaders must choose wisely among the options of real estate, wellhead and/or gross receipt taxes.

Causer also said the state must streamline its regulatory system to take advantage of the potential economic boon he sees with production of gas from Marcellus shale formations found deep underground. He said he was eager to receive recommendations from the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania’s Natural Gas Task Force, on which Potter County is represented. That group is asking the state legislature to amend Pa. Act 319 (”Clean and Green”) to provide guidance on how to assess rollback taxes on enrolled property owners who convert land use to natural gas production.

Causer pledged to support state funding for Human Services programs and said he would like to see counties given more flexibility in how they are administered. Potter County Today


Anonymous said...

Causer will never get unification from the current board - doug speaks for all! Concentrate on McKean County!

Anonymous said...

Poor Marty. He has to deal with these morons