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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Are You Prepared For An Avian Flu Pandemic

Don't Be Alarmed, BUT.....
In November of 2008,
Dr. Glenn Williams addressed a cross section of Potter County people at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital about the possibility of the H5N 1 Avian Flu becoming pandemic.

At that meeting Dr. Williams said:

The government's view is keep the public in the dark, avoid panic.


    • It is found in *Domestic Poultry / Migratory Birds / Waterfowls / Cats (large & small)

    Pigs / Ferrets / Humans / Bird Droppings / Improperly Cooked Poultry or

    Egg Products / Hard non-porous surfaces

    • It mutates from animal to humans
    • The CDC says it is the fastest mutating virus found
    • 25 to 50% could be infected
    • 63% of those infected will die
    • It will affect normally healthy middle age adults as well as young and aged.
    • Dr. Williams says: "The troops are not coming--We will be on our own."
    • Hospitals will lock down
    • Services will not be there.
    • Banks will close, stores will run out of food, emergency services will be non-existent.
    • People from the cities will flock to the country, overloading facilities.

Pandemic Planning Group Meets Friday

Will you be prepared?

Next meeting of the Potter County Pandemic Planning Committee will be held at 2 pm on Friday, Feb. 6, at the Charles Cole Memorial Hospital Wellness Center. The committee is working on a pandemic response plan and seeking involvement from community organizations and businesses.

Volunteers are especially welcome from churches, emergency service organizations, businesses, schools, government, fuel suppliers, veterans, postal services, industries, senior citizen centers, news media, transportation services, contractors, food suppliers, banks, hotels/motels, and community organizations.

Those planning to attend or seeking more information should call Potter County Dept of Emergency Services at 274-8900

Editor's note: This is not a joke. The facts above were presented by a knowlegible authority on the subject in a public meeting in November. We've always attempted to bring you the facts you need to know. Maybe you need to attend this meeting on Friday.


Anonymous said...

WTF? This has to have something to do with Wind Energy and Obama...

Anonymous said...

Everyone made fun of me for building a bomb shelter and stock piling weopons and ammo. I guess I will have the last laugh when 25 to 50% of you are infected and I am just chilling in my cozy hill.

Anonymous said...

That is not true about hospitals locking down!! I work in one....we have to be prepared to accept and treat patients!!

Anonymous said...

Some people think it's a hoax. For control. For money.
Suggested links for alternative views.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think the article shows what an absolute fruitcake this person presenting this information has to be.My good grief, lets start mass hysteria. Personally, I don't think the words "Don't be alarmed" do it justice. I think this man wants attention and will go to all lengths to get it even if it is trying to scare people to death with a possiblity that is remote. Anything is possible but who needs to dwell on it? For pete's sake, lets live one day at a time and use the God-given common sense and stop over emphasizing the remote possibilities. Must be he is practicing quackery and thinks there are some quacked eggs that are out there. Come on Dude stop trying to scare the public and let the real doctors conduct their business without the nonsense of starting hysteria. :(

Anonymous said...

All that will be left are Will Smith and his dog !

Anonymous said...

If any of you had attended the meeting on Friday, you would have seen that the man was helping to prepare the county and the community for, not only the possible H5N1 virus spread, but also how to prepare your buisnesses and the local economy for any potential long term threat and how to recover from it. These threats include Tornado's, Flooding, Longe term loss of power, Bird Flu and other pandemics, Terroristic attacks, and so on. There is nothing wrong with being prepared for what may come. Some of you may remember the tornado's that hit the area a few years ago. There was a widespread loss of power for days, the emregence responders were stretched to the max, and major damage to homes and property. It is never a bad thing to be prepared for an emergency that may never happen. I would rather have that than not be ready and be caught with my hands tied. Yes, the bird flu is still hardly an issue in the western hemesphere, yes the bird flu currently is mainly transmitted from bird to human and not human to human, but what happens if that changes. The mortality rate of the H5N1 virus is 60%. In comparison to plagues of the past that had a 10% to 15% mortality rate, wouldn't you rather be prepared for the worst and have nothing happen too?

Anonymous said...

I just stocked up on shotgun shells and I have stsarted shooting every bird that comes within 50 yards of my house. I am definitely prepared!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Dildine...now the gloom and doom turbine haters can not blame the wind turbine's for the 'missing' birds, Ha!

Good one! Now maybe you should aim for the bats too!