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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dairy Farmers Set To Fail Without More Money

NEPA dairy farmers seeing red

Times Tribune

DALTON — Gerald Carlin isn’t certain how much it will cost to repair a water well pump that broke this week at his dairy farm in Susquehanna County’s Auburn Twp.
But the fourth-generation dairyman knows it is yet another expense he must add to a balance sheet that will be splashed with red ink by end of 2009 — if his farm survives.

“How long can I hold on? That depends how much debt I want to go into,” Mr. Carlin, 45, said Wednesday. “You don’t want to dig yourself into too deep of a hole, but a deep hole will have to be dug this year to stay in business.” More...


Anonymous said...

Shortages of food & water will far exceed an "oil crisis" in the near future!

Anonymous said...

Something has got to give, corp. American has dictated to us for far too long. Cheated, stolen and taken far too much for far too long!

A lot of people have the idea that what goes on in these large corp's do not matter to or touch their lives, well it does! It is the trickle down effect, and we are at the bottom!

The change we have just been offered, is not change. Parties united will never happen, it was just proven to us via the "package"!

Lifetime politicians will never see our economy as we do because they do not have to. They only come to "visit" and have town meetings when it is election time, during our working hours so few people can attend. Will never come to small town America because they do not really want to hear what we have to say or earn their pay check's!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the farmer did not have to have a $200,000 tractor for every piece of equipment an a 3,000,000 dollar milking parlor they might not have to have such a large heard of cattle to make a profit. There is a line that one chooses to cross when you become to big. There also are penalties.

Anonymous said...

I think the guy before me should drink only one glass of milk a week and eat steak once a year. Maybe his needs are so big that the farmer cannot keep up with him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe obama will bail him out. Lets nationalize farming. Arlen Specture can run the milkers and obama can pitch the hay!! Hilary can shovel the Sh--!

Anonymous said...

You are so right...the times changed and farmers HAD to change with them to survive.

Anonymous said...

The farmers just need to "suck it up" like the rest of us and quit whining that it is so hard to make a living in this economy. Try working in a factory every day for minimum wage!!!

Anonymous said...

"Try working in a factory every day for minimum wage!!!"...

You make a good point,
BUT you did not have to make any investment to have your job at that factory!

You did not have to build that building or buy that land to have your job.

It is bad all over for every industry so it is not really fair to say "suck it up" if the playing field is not the same!

State and Fed. paid employees are the ones that should be sucking it up and their wages AND benefits should be frozen BECAUSE so many businesses have had to "suck it up" and so many have shut down, therefore there is less tax money going into the very system that pays them!