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Monday, February 2, 2009 News News
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Rash of Rear-End Collisions
Area state police have investigated a number of “rear-end” collisions over the past few days.

A Port Allegany woman is being cited for failing to stay within her lane of traffic following a rear-ender Friday afternoon on Route 155 near the Daily Bread Restaurant in Liberty Township. Troopers say the collision occurred when Coji Maddona, Jr. of Port Allegany slowed his Dodge Dakota to make a right turn into his driveway located just off the berm and Holly Sherwood could not stop her Jeep Cherokee in time. Even though Sherwood tried to avoid the collision her Jeep struck the other car in the passenger side.

Michael Causer, 20, of Kane is being charged for speeding for a rear-end collision taking place Thursday afternoon on Route 6 ion Mt. Jewett. Authorities said his Toyota truck ran into the back of a Jeep operated by Richard Pritchard of Mt. Jewett while Pritchard was stopped, preparing to turn left onto Division Street.

And, a Chevrolet Lumina driven by Christina Hughes of Mansfield hit the back of a Ford Ranger driven by Kenneth Marple of Wellsboro Saturday afternoon when Marple slowed down to turn into a private drive on Cherry Flat Road in Charleston Township, Tioga County.

All six drivers escaped injury in those three collisions.

Bradford Woman Accused of DUI
Carrie Cox, 30 of Bradford has been arrested for DUI after being stopped early this morning for a traffic violation on East Main Street in that town. State police allege when they interviewed Cox they found she had been driving under the influence of alcohol.

Harassment Charges Filed Against Emporium Man
Emporium-based state police have charged 39 year old Joseph Smith with harassment following an altercation Saturday evening at his home on South Maple Street in that town. Police allege Smith struck 43 year old Paul Nardi, Jr., also a resident of that house, several times with an open hand. Charges are pending in District Court.

Potter County Commissioners Forming Wellness Committee
The Potter County Commissioners are embarking on several programs to improve the health of county employees. One is the Lifestyle Returns program from Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. Another is the Biggest Loser Contest, where Potter County will compete with other counties in losing the most percentage of body weight. The 10,000-Step Challenge is a 12-week pedometer program to help increase physical activity, endurance and improve overall health. Coaching on nutrition and stress relief will be offered to employees. Any employee interested in serving on the newly formed Wellness Committee is encouraged to contact the commissioners. More news....


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was there. Nobody followed through. Once the commissioners were voted out of office they lost interest in the wellness program and a lot of other things. Whats with the capital letters?

Anonymous said...

that means that person is either blind or mad

Anonymous said...

what is lots of other things? you can not make them do anything their lazy butts do not want to do - or can you? at least an attempt was made! CAPS ARE GOOD!

Anonymous said...

So the Commissioners want to improve employee health & the preceeding comments don't even adddress the issue.
Writing as an "older guy" who has decided to be active & healthy I would highly recommend all eligible persons to participate in this program. I exercise almost daily & eat healthy most of the time. Basically I feel as good as ever in my 62 years and so far have avoided medical bills. If I want to climb a mountain behind the house to hunt deer, backpack or ski; it's not a problem.
Do this for yourselves regardless of a program. The greatest benefit is health, something money won't buy. BTW-I am not a county employee.
Live long and prosper. Spock