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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

McKean Inmates Getting Better Meals For Less $$

McKean County taxpayers to spend less feeding inmates at county jail due to new meal program

SMETHPORT — McKean County taxpayers will spend $100,000 less this year to feed inmates at the McKean County Jail thanks to a new meal program orchestrated by Sheriff Brad Mason.

“The program eliminates the middle man and allows us to buy the food at wholesale prices,” Mason said.

In past years, Sena-Kean Manor, a Smethport nursing home, provided the meals to the jail at a cost of $3.12 per meal per inmate. At that rate, taxpayers forked out $9.36 a day to feed each inmate, according to Second Assistant Warden Rick Austin. With an average of approximately 100 inmates on a given day, the cost to feed them rose quickly. More...


Anonymous said...

way to think out side the box. you should help out the big boys in dc

Anonymous said...

Just curious though, we hired another person to do this job, and now have to buy our own supplies...is that 100,000 savings after the salary and supply cost is taken out? the numbers don't quite add up with the info in the aritcle. Although, it is thinking outside the box, and yes, washington can definately learn from it!

Anonymous said...

Outside the box?

I don't get it.
why do we have to feed the inmates?
why use our tax dollars for this?
Why can't they pay for their meals.
What, because they broke the law and got caught? too bad, tuff luck!
how did they manage to eat before they got busted?

just charge them x amount of
dollars and what they can't pay
apply to their punishment.
no middle man, no wholesale prices.
problem solved!