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Friday, February 6, 2009

NY Dairy Farmers Could Fail By End Of 2009

Winner tells Paterson to prepare for dairy crisis

Concern that falling milk prices could lead to farm losses

State Sen. George H. Winner Jr., R-Elmira, has urged Gov. David Paterson to direct his administration to pay close attention to what Winner fears is quickly developing into a devastating financial crisis within the state’s dairy industry.

Winner’s concern comes as milk prices being paid to New York’s farmers have fallen by as much as 40 percent from a year ago, according to recent statistics from the federal Department of Agriculture, according to a news release.

The decline has produced widespread concern that many dairy farms, especially small family farms, could be out of business by the end of the year, the release says.


Anonymous said...

The big problem with farmers in the US is that they are too good at what they do. They overproduce almost every year with dairy products and grain. The farmers in this country need to band together and turn the tap down 15%. Of course the govt would never let them band together. It's much easier for the govt to throw the farmers a few billion a year than to let them control their supply. The chump change the govt tosses to the farmers keeps more of them in business than the industry needs. It also keeps them working for peanuts so the rest of us can have cheap food.

It's all about supply and demand. The oil and gas companies do it all the time.


Anonymous said...

What about oil prices down 75% yes 75% from just last summer??????? Don't hear of any crying or bailouts coming our way over this. Everybody just has the screw 'em attitude when it comes to energy.


Anonymous said...

That is because, from what I've heard most oil companies have had record profits over the last 3 years....highest profits on record! Are they re-investing???

Anonymous said...

duh!!!! What about when dairy farmers had record profits whenever and however much that was??? Whats your point or don't you really have one??? Same principles must apply across the board here people!

Anonymous said...

"Same principles must apply across the board here people!"


I hate to brake it to ya...but farmers have not had record braking profits in decades, that is right decades.

I have no sympathy for the oil companies, they made one hell of a lot of money from the Americans, RAPED the hard working people trying to raise their families to keep food on the table and gas in the tank...

With the record braking profits they have made for about 4 years now, All I have to say to them is "SUCK IT UP!"!!!

These same oil companies did not give two shits for all the small businesses they pushed out of business due to the high cost of diesel fuel, gas, hyd. oil and the list goes on and on. The small business owner that had to use off road fuel was paying over $4 a gallon not to awful long ago...the price of (non-taxed) off road fuel was 54 cents a gallon 4 years before the price just kept going higher and just what do you think that did to a large amount of businesses?! It burried them, nope, no sympathy for the oil companies from me, not one drop!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Gov. Paterson can put a tax on milk. He is taxing everthing else in NY!

Anonymous said...

They need to put a customs booth and collect duty from everyone leaving the indian reservation with anything they purchased tax free. The indians want to be treated like a sovereign nation...let treat them that way.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe Gov. Paterson can put a tax on milk. He is taxing everthing else in NY!"

They all ready do if you haul the milk from the farm to the plant! Speacial NY hauling permit, fuel tax, road tax, NY Hut sticker, milk haulers lic., and milk marketing board just never ends!