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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

NY Town Got $970,000. From Wind Farm This Year

No One Pays Town Taxes In Eagle

Town officials interested in wind energy

RICHBURG - Town of Wirt council members are looking into prospects of a wind farm following a presentation Monday in which a Wyoming County town supervisor described how windmills helped blow his hamlet through tough times.

Eagle Town Supervisor Joe Kushner, along with Eagle deputy supervisor Tom Jacobs, described the process their endured with Noble Environmental Power.

“Our town in 1990 was looking to try for revenue,” Mr. Kushner said. More...


Anonymous said...

Those anti wind people in Potter County should go to Washington, DC and be with Obama. Watch how us working people will pay for his give a ways to his people who don't work.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Guess your "money for for a few" just got "blown" apart now didn't it?! Ha Ha Ha Ha

Oh but they are so ugly
Oh but they will take the beauty away from the area
Oh but they make high noise, no let us change that to low nosie
Oh but the have shadow flicker...blah blah blah

Money talks and bulls**t walks!

Solomon's words for the wise said...

NY Town of Eagle $975,000 yr
PA Ulysses Twp. $3,000. 1 time pmt.
How stupid is that?

Anonymous said...

Solomon, you are incorrect on the "Ulysses Twp $3000. 1 time pmt". I take offense to the "stupid" comment. The supervisors are still negotiating. Thank you

still negotiating... said...

"The supervisors are still negotiating. Thank you"...which is more than our dream team of 3 were willing to do on behalf of ALL the tax payers of Potter County...guess our township supervisors were not as afraid of the Save God's Country loons!

Solomon's words for the wise said...

To Ulysses Township--That figure was from memory of publicly reported figure--may not be exact. The stupid comment was not directed at you but at PA legislature who gave the wind industry a free ride in the tax department, in comparison with NY and other states where all the town's residents benefit appreciably.
It was not my intention to insult you and I apologize if it came across that way.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Jone's points.

It's pretty disingenuous to compare the "taxpayer windfall" that's come to some NY state communities (read the 5:06PM post) to what would happen in Potter County.

The Commissioners were truly looking out for the interests of all Potter County residents. We'll see what the Townships do or don't do.

Anonymous said...

They all but ran them off.How can you call that looking out for anybody's interest?Except the SGC tree huggers!Don't try and smooth over some really bad decision making!

Anonymous said...

Seems to me if I recall correctly that Bob White had mentioned figures in the Millions of dollars. Where is anyone coming up with $3K? And I believe that was an estimate. This may not include money to the schools, the local fire departments and others that possibly may benefit. Not to mention the added business in the community. Well, added business for most other than to those businesses that have chosen to fight against the wind farm (not to stand on the "corner" and point to anyone in particular). I hope all you get is a pile of manure in return for the sh!t that you have been dishing out.

Anonymous said...

A whole 3 Big ones?

There goes my Cadillac.

Lets hope they don't let them spread the payment out over 30 years......

Anonymous said...

New york state and pennsylvania have different rules to addhere to.
At this point there are no substantial taxes because of state rules. There is nobody negotiating any monies for anything. The wind company is surveying around the area at this time, and they are a company from California with a base in Buffalo. So much for the first round of jobs. There is no free electric or even a discount rate. There will be nothing but devastation of our area.
Read this again, NOTHING!!!!

Anonymous said...

No amount of money offered as a bribe by an energy company should affect the judgment of the township officials as they assess the impact of this industry on residents for noise, shadows, and other environmental factors.
I refuse to put a price on my health or quality of life and if our township is selling out me out for the almighty dollar, I'm really pissed!

Why... said...

"There is no free electric or even a discount rate. There will be nothing but devastation of our area.
Read this again, NOTHING!!!!"

And IF you are not the land owner that has signed a lease...there SHOULD be nothing for you!
Have you paid the tax dollars on this property? NO

Why should you receive anything free or reduced from your neighbors investment?! Why?

"No amount of money offered as a bribe by an energy company should affect the judgment of the township officials"

"Bribe"...I would be very very careful if I were you there anony...seems like you ran off at the mouth at a public meeting and you actually accused the supervisors of this...slander and deformation of character very serious charges that could be placed on YOU!

So "Pissed" go ahead and sign your name, because WE know who you are!

Anonymous said...

"Bribe" as in "paying an incentive to the township itself" (not bribing a public official).

Anonymous said...

Lots of wind today.
Both kinds.

J. Hoopes said...

I'm not making out too bad on the subsidy money....can't wait to get the construction started either.

FYI... said...

James Hoopes does not post on Solomon's, I know because I asked him about it last time I saw it on here...someone is stirring the pot and it is not Mr. James Hoopes!

"Bribe" as in "paying an incentive to the township itself" (not bribing a public official)."...
Ha ya right, I would back peddle now too!

Anonymous said...

I wrote the "bribe" comment.
I am not backtracking at all. Let me make it crystal clear this time so you will understand my point:
I am not accusing anyone of taking a bribe personally.
I am making the point that the big wind companies will pay the townships (the township GOVERNMENT, not the supervisors back pockets) and try to buy influence that way.
If they offer enough money, the township supervisors will cave in and not do their duty to protect the township citizens.
And they might even think that is okay because they have helped us township residents financially. That might make it easier for them to sleep at night, but it won't make it easier for me to sleep at night when those turbines are dominating what was once a nice, rural and relatively quiet area.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable...Save God's Country loons!

Anonymous said...

Wait till we move in with the drilling rigs.You want peace and quiet,you should have bought enough land to make sure you had it.Quit relying on what someone else owns for your lifestyle....Turn up the tv,won't hear a thing.

Anonymous said...

The last two posts are what make
this a pretty sick place...mean people...too many. Does this add
to the emotional health of our teens. Some are fighting for the
health and welfare of our children
and families and others are just
being argumentative and back biting. Seems to me that the leasors are a pretty crude bunch.
Too many rotten posts on the side
of the turbines. That, in itself, scares me.

Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is...It is the resposibiblity of the people around you to make sure that it stays quiet and rural near your home so that you can enjoy the lifestyle you choose while they are not given the right to prosper and enjoy the lifestyle they choose.It is their land!Bite the bullet,buy them out,or move!

Anonymous said...

Whats even scarier is that you might actually believe the things that you say and that you have an actual audience of followers who
who not only listens but believes in you and spreads your word.

That's Scarey!!!!

Anonymous said...

What is scary is, that you think because you live near someone,you have a say in how they chose to live and what they chose to do with their property!Can anyone say communism????

Anonymous said...

What is scary is that some people don't care what they do to their neighbors if they can make enough money and they are already collecting from the taxpayers because the wind turbines are subsidized.
That is scary to think someone is so selfish that they don't care what they do to their neighbors health.
It is not about laws and rights as much as about what Jesus said, "love one another."
Do you people who wanna do that to your neighbors remember that lesson?

Anonymous said...

PROVE the health issue.The last group that tried had all their suits thrown out by a judge.You just won't like the change in YOUR view!The love thing goes both ways and I would love to see someone in this area get ahead a little!How about you?Don't love them that much???

Anonymous said...

Neutral on windmills because I don't know enough about them.
Not neutral on the issue of "wanting to get ahead a little."
I want to get ahead a little.
But I would never let my desire to get ahead a little be more important than my quest to be a good neighbor and to love my neighbor.?
Getting ahead a little by costing somebody else something is actually getting behind in the only game that really matters.
It comes down to selfishness and loving thy neighbor.
Which kind of person are you?

Anonymous said...

The kind that thinks you are spouting a load of crap.Sorry if they disturb your view.Not a priority.You know the old saying...Take a picture,it will last longer.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting reading the pro
and con posts. People seem to be absolutely certain they know who is posting which reply. Personally
I think you're all clueless. I have been accused of posting x,y or z and it's all bogus. No wonder we all remain anonymous. Too much
nonsense being thrown around.

At least the anti wind people are more polite than the rest of you.
Simply to each other in their posts.

That says a great deal about their crusade. They do not call the rest of you the horrid names you call them. How good is your cause
if you need to insult the opposition????

Kinder said...

"At least the anti wind people are more polite than the rest of you.
Simply to each other in their posts."...

Guess you missed the post's for the past year or so then...what goes around comes around is all I can say. I seem to recall quit a few people trying to post their points of view and got bashed pretty bad by the anti wind people, sorry you missed those before you came to your conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Love thy neighbor or
Thou shalt not covet?