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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Petitions Available For May 19 Election

Three Running For Judge

Potter County Director of Elections Sandy Lewis has announced that nominating petitions and information packets are now available for candidates who plan to run in the Municipal Primary Election on May 19. Candidates may begin circulating nominating petitions on Tuesday, Feb. 17. These must be filed with the Director of Elections no later than March 10.

Three Potter County lawyers have filed the required paperwork with the state to run for President Judge, hoping to succeed the Hon. John B. Leete, who will retire when his term expires at the end of the year.

Candidates Daniel Glassmire, Robert Kuhl and Steven Minor each plan to seek both the Democratic and Republican nominations for judge in the Primary.

Voters countywide will also be casting ballots for District Attorney, Coroner and Jury Commissioners (two). Also on the May 19 ballot will be tax collector positions for every township and borough in Potter County, township supervisor, borough councils, mayor, school director and other local offices.

Final day for voters to register, change party affiliation or report change of address is April 20. Voter registration will re-open on May 20 (the day after the Municipal Primary).

The Election Office is located on the first floor of the F. W. Gunzburger County Office Building at 1 North Main Street in Coudersport. Telephone number is 274-8467.

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Anonymous said...

okay, informal poll here;

who will you vote for and why?

Anonymous said...

I would like to know more about their respective judicial philosophies. They're all good people, and from what I know good attorneys in my book.

Anonymous said...

Glassmire. Personal friend and a good attorney.


Anonymous said...

Would love to see more details on the educational and professional backgrounds of each, their current professional affiliations and any local organizations they currently are or have been members of in the past

Anonymous said...

It may be interesting to watch if Minor & his wife's involvement in John Wright's Sonmar LLC has any impact on the locals voting.

I would vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Potter County has three very good candidates. Whoever wins will do a good job. It is hard for judicial candidates to campaign because under the rules they cannot comment about specific issues.
They can pledge to be stern in sentencing ("Anyone who is found guilty of selling counterfit dildines will receive the maximum sentence") but they cannot be too specific.
You have to look at temperment and qualifications.
Potter County will win no matter who gets the job.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Good candidates.
I am going for Dan Glassmire.
After he has served for 10 years he will probably retire and then Steve Minor can take over.
What is a "counterfit" dildine? Is it supposed to fit on a counter? Is it bigger than a breadbox? (What is a breadbox?)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to write in Donald Dildine for judge.

Anonymous said...

How about someone who pledges to uphold The Constitution in our local courts.

Rather than what club they belong to, ie:

" their current professional affiliations and any local organizations they currently are or have been members of in the past"

They need the wisdom of Solomen not a secret handshake or membership card.

Best to all of them.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has skeletons in their closet. If you run for office, don't expect the secrets to stay behind the closet door.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Steve Minor. He's a compassionate man with integrity and a quiet demeanor that can go far in the judicial system. He's our neighbor and we've gotten to know him quite well since he and his family moved into our area. We need fresh ideas in this community and I believe Steve can do that for us.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with the above poster... Steve Minor would make a fine judge. The sad thing is, that if he gets it we will be losing a good attorney... GOOD LUCK MR. MINOR

Anonymous said...

It is more important to have integrity, compassion and common sense rather than just being a membe of a local organization or club. You really need to care about the people of Potter County and what is best for each of them on an individual basis.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me why Robert Kuhl was let go from Domestic Relations? Oh, that's right, his little problem was swept under the rug. I'm sure all the good stuff will come out when the Election begins!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unless something dramatic comes to light during campaigning, my vote will go to Steve Minor.

Steve has been a Juvenile Judge in McKean County for years and has a very good reputation in that county. He has the skill and experience to serve our County as President Judge.

I have personally seen him in action in the courtroom, as an attorney, where he conducted himself professionally and respectfully. He also extended that professionalism and respect to everyone involved in the case. it's rare to see an attorney have someone on the tip of a spear and not run them through but rather let them leave with dignity.

Ive known Dan Glassmire for years and he is a good attorney, but I have trouble with how he conducts himself at the courthouse. I've seen him in action too and can't help but be left by the impression that he's always felt he was the smartest person in the room. That's not always a bad thing, but Dan pushes it to the point of arrogance. He also has trouble admitting when he's wrong or has made a mistake. That's helpful when you're a criminal defense attorney, but I'm not looking for that in a judge.

I've seen Bob Kuhl at work at the courthouse as well. Bob does well provided he doesn't get any "surprises" thrown at him (then he comes a bit undone). He's done a lot of good in this county helping victims of abuse but may be a little out of his league running against the name recognition of Dan Glassmire and the well reputed experience of Steve Minor.

I can't wait until more information is released by the candidates and to see how they conduct their respective campaigns.

Can David prevail against two Goliaths?
Will the Mayor of Alcohol Gulch score a knockout?
Is Minor ready for the Majors?

One things for sure, this is not only an interesting but important election. make sure you get out and vote!!

Good Luck to all candidates!

Anonymous said...

Steven Minor—Don’t know him, never met the Man...

Robert Kuhl—Na- don’t think so.

Daniel Glassmire—Hmmmm>>> some thing else

Back to Steven Minor—Boy I sure have heard a lot and I mean A Lot of good about him. Of the three I know he would be the best for the position. I’m going to Vote for and support him all the way.

Go Steven—You are the Man for this Job.

Anonymous said...

So do tell...what is Minor's association with John Wright's 'iffy' businesses????

Anonymous said...

( So do tell....) maybe a customer.
No biggie.

Anonymous said...

Robert Kuhl is not known very well throughout the county. Unless he gets out door to door and introduces himself, he doesn't have a chance.
Dan Glassmire might have the longest in experience, but if you vote on reputation and personality, he is not the person. Must agree with former post--arrogant.
Steve Minor has a good reputation and is very personnable all of the time, not just in election year. I believe he will win.

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad to see Leete gone...

Anonymous said...

Minor's wife is a member of Wright's LLC.

Sonmar is Wright & Minor

Sonmar owns the Pennys building, which the coudersport mercintile store is now going to purchase instead of rent, as per the chambers web site.

Buying a commercial building instead of renting in this market?

Is this a good idea?

Helps Sonmar & the bank that hold the lien I suppose.

Anonymous said...

For the comment on Bob Kuhl from February 12. Bob Kuhl worked for A Way Out NOT Domestic Relations. This is how rumors and bad information get around.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous said…
(Minor’s wife is)

How about Glassmire’s wife is; there would be more interesting and business interactions between him and her job, don’t you think?

Anonymous said...

actually, if my memory and the local rumor mill are serving me well, sonmar was initially a joint venture of sonja wright and marie minor (get it, SON(ja)MAR(ie))

but i heard, and admittedly can't confirm, that the minors sold their stake in the corporation to the wrights, consequently disolving the partnership

its never really been important enough for me to figue out if any of the above was actually true or not.

i'm not really even sure that the issue is relevant to minor's candidacy or not, provided of course that every thing was on the up and up.

Anonymous said...

If you're ever ANYWHERE Dan Glassmire is you'll know because you can HEAR him. He gets really annoying when he tries to take over a room.

Loud, obnoxious and arrogant, thats three strikes. I'll have to make up my mind between Kuhl and Minor because I made up my mind about Glassmire a long time ago!

Anonymous said...

The only Republican of the three...
The only conservative of the three...
Steve Minor...
that was easy...

Anonymous said...

"The only Republican of the three...
The only conservative of the three...
Steve Minor...
that was easy..."

Right there with ya on this one!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone is running against Dawn Fink. Someone who is not self-seeking, unfair, and has too much pride to care about Potter County. Go Watson!!!

Anonymous said...

At least now Glassmire would have to sit and listen. Think about it. All that knowledge and experience. He is a good man. If the church has its way, and it usually does, and if Bowman, Wright and Fink have a say, they you can bet your sweet ass, Minor will be in. He is a Minor after all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Boy, do I agree with you on Dawn Fink!!! Get her out of there.

Anonymous said...

Potter County theocracy? No thanks to Minor. I can see why Dan Glassmire would rub some people the wrong way, but you aren't voting for him to be your best friend. Dan Glassmire is the best attorney in the area, by far. He was a member of the Law Review at his University in Chicago. Who cares if he is loud. He knows the law, grew up in Potter County and would make a great judge.

Anonymous said...

The "church"/"theocracy" comments are too much for me to endure.

If you wonder why John Smith/Wright is successful, you need look no further than his work ethic. If he wants something, he finds a way to make it happen. He doesn't sit back and wish for it or wait for it to be given to him or for someone else to do it, HE goes out and makes it happen. That's hard for me to say because I have zero love for the man, but that's the way it is. His religious affiliation has nothing to do with it.

If you wonder how Dawn Fink got elected (it was not on the back of my vote) you should look to how our local newspaper took every opportunity (sometimes even creating opportunity) to make her opponent look like an idiot. After several years of Leber bashing in the local press even an unqualified and inexperienced candidate could have beat him (and guess what, she did). She saw a shot and she took it. She put in the leg work to make it happen. Her religious affiliation had nothing to do with it.

Tom Bowman got to where he is today through hard work and becoming the best at what he does. He was a chief aid to a US Senator who has been in office longer than a lot of us have been alive. Specter is Jewish, please, please, please explain to me how Bowman's religious affiliations got him his job?

Okay, so these three people also happen to attend the same church and they're successful. I think some of our other local churches have their share of successful members too. I'll suggest that it could be their faith that gives them the courage to TRY and through trying they have achieved success.

The continuous innuendo and suggestive comments about "that church" are inappropriate and immature. There is no conspiracy, just a convenient excuse to be used by the lazy, weak willed and ill equipped to explain their own failures.

People vote for and support people they can identify with. If people have similar ideological beliefs, social beliefs or political views they tend to support each other.

If loud, arrogant and crass behavior is something you can identify with, then by all means vote your conscience; I respect your opinion even if it differs from mine.

If what someone did 25+ years ago while they were in college is important to you, then by all means support that person and you will hear no argument from me.

However, when you attempt to covertly infer that Steve Minor's success is not attributable to his own hard work and dedication to his profession but rather a product of his religious affiliations, I will not respect that and will argue against it.

This election should be about the qualifications, experience, demeanor and personal characteristics it takes to be an effective Judge.

Vote as you will, but I say let your conscience guide you, not your predjudice!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That might be the best thing I have ever read on this blog.
What a shame that so many voters base their decisions on the chatter and the nonsense and the biases and the simplistic baloney that so often shows up in the Comments section here.
It's my opinion that there are a handful of "frequent flyers" on this blog who are bound and determined to attack the character or performance of certain people they might disagree with.
Read the "Comments" with a skeptical mind and recognize that three or four people can stir up a lot of things and make it look like it is a consensus.
Great post above, whoever you are and whichever way you lean!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post of 2:27 PM. Who ever you are, that is a good post. Just plain old hard work makes for success. Just look around and see what good old hard work brings.

Anonymous said...

I do not want to vote for a nice guy, I want a Judge who will send a message, if you come before me your punishment will be equal to your crime. If that means the Western Pen in Pittsburgh so be it.
11 1/2 to 23 1/2 ,months for child molesters in potter county jail is a joke. time to get tough !

Anonymous said...

I also think it's time to "get tough" and send a message here in Potter County that if you break the law, you're going to get more than a slap on the wrist and stern warning not to do it again.

As for the DA race, I agree with the other commenters who say it's time for Dawn Fink to go; she wasn't elected by a theocracy here in Potter County, but the idiocracy supported and stoked by our county newspaper. Dawn Fink did not win that election so much as Jeff Leber lost. Now we're stuck paying a DA full-time money for part-time effort at a time when most can barely afford to keep the lights on at home. It seems that unless a criminal case is cut-and-dry, DA Fink is more interested in having an important title than she is in actually doing the work invested in her by the county when she was sworn into office.
It's time we get a little more bang for our tax buck from our DA, and hopefully when all is said in done, we'll have a new DA in office and Dawn Fink will be sent back down to the minors to get some more experience before mishandling time and wasting taxpayer money in the big leagues again.