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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rendell On Carpet Over Favoritism & No-Bids


A draft report by the Auditor General slams the Rendell administration 's handling of nearly $600 million in tech contracts.


Auditor General Jack Wagner is accusing Gov. Ed Rendell's administration of hiding the details of nearly $600 million in technology contracts with one company and is suggesting abuses ranging from vendor favoritism to no-bid contracts.

An explosive draft audit from Wagner's office, obtained by The Patriot-News, indicates the administration stonewalled the Democratic auditor general's staff in its quest to unravel details that led to contracts with Deloitte Consulting and its affiliates for the years 2004 through 2007.

Deloitte, an international firm with U.S. headquarters in New York City, provides information technology, audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services. An eight-month audit draft also raises concerns about possible favoritism shown toward Deloitte over other information-technology vendors. More...


Anonymous said...

Gee,What a coincidence!? I think this is the same firm that did Adelphia's books and gave them a clean bill of health,then threw them under the bus!!More crooked bullshi*,but John will continue to sit in jail while the real crooks and the govt. continues to stick it to us!!!Our govt. can't tell you where a lot of the $350 billion went so far,but that's ok? NOT!!Unbelievable!! Brad Jones

Anonymous said...

Bussiness as usual in Harrisburg

The Revolution is comming........

Anonymous said...

sign me up !
it is time to send fast eddie packing

Anonymous said...

I don't know when you people are going to realize John Rigas is not/was not the god of Coudersport! The man and son are guilty! You don't fly a company plane to take toilet paper and Christmas trees to your daughter and make the company pay for it and I'm sure that's a MINOR piece of their cheating.

Anonymous said...

then what is rendell he is getting away with more then that an what are they doing about that

Anonymous said...

The sooner fast Eddie is out,the better off we will be...Let's go Joe!

Anonymous said...

"You don't fly toilet paper and x-mas tree"
Just shows what you know about the case!The tree went along on business and the toilet paper? was for you cause you're full of shi* anonymous!
Nobody ever said John was a god.What was said was"the accounting firm that "fast eddie was involved with was the same one's telling the Rigas' thier accounting practices were legal and signed off on thier books!
But I've said my piece about the witchhunt and the screwin the area and the Rigas family took by the government several times!Baby Rapers ,Politicians and Wall Street Rapist have gotten slaps on the hand compared to the Rigas'!Just tell me what good it did to set an example with these people!The govt. can't even tell you where half the 750 billion went and you want to crucify John Rigas for a couple billion in off book debt!!?Yeah,puttin ol John in prison for 13 years really set an example , didn't it?Look at the big picture and set your sights on the "wanna be god's" that started this whole mess years ago!If you ask me,John is and was a matriarch and did a lot for this area and would never have intentionally hurt anyone!He would have came out of this on top if the government would have been lookin after themselves and not tried to make Adelphia look like an "Enron"!! They weren't even close!!But, no matter what,people are gonna blame it all on the Rigas'! You Rigas bashers aren't gonna change my mind so save your breath!I know the man and he will always have my families respect!I'm gonna go visit him as soon as I can! B Jones

Anonymous said...

Well stated B. Jones

Anonymous said...

I agree with your sentiments, B. Jones.
Of all the things I have read about Mr. Rigas, there's one thing I cannot go along with. He was not a matriarch.