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Monday, March 16, 2009

Austin Baseball Association Will Meet Friday At 7pm

Austin Baseball Association will meet at 7 pm on Friday, March 20th in the School Cafeteria.

Anyone interested in coaching must attend this meeting. Parents are also encouraged to attend.

Player registrations will also be accepted at the meeting. If you need any further information you can email Nate Burgett at


Anonymous said...

a total of 43 comments posted below on the day that coudersport had their registration. Austin is now having a small one to get the kids who have not yet signed up and at the same time will be holding a meeting. Now i do understand that about 15-20 comments backed Austin's ABA but if you were one of the ones who think it should be ran different please put your input in on this meeting it starts at 7 pm at the high school and again i will be there, so i hope to see more then the normal 12 people there.

Anonymous said...

What? No comments from the parents who think $20 is too much money for their kid's to have the time of their lives. Not to mention learn valuable life lessons such as sportsmanship. Can't put a price tag on either of those things. If you do have a problem with the way things are run, then let's see you volunteer.Thank you to all that give your time so kids can have such a program.

An Austin Resident

Anonymous said...

You should have just signed this Kathy Brooks.