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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

He'll Never Go On Interstate 80 Again

Survivor Talks about Close Call on I-80

By Jon Meyer

March 17, 2009
A man who helped push his friend's disabled sport utility vehicle out of traffic right before a tractor-trailer hit it believes he was seconds from death.

The crash Monday on Interstate 80 ended up killing the truck driver and stranding thousands of other drivers in Columbia County for hours.

Dustin Snyder said he will never go on Interstate 80 again after his ordeal on the highway Monday. He and a friend were pushing their broken down SUV across a bridge near Berwick when the tractor-trailer plowed into it, coming within a couple feet of killing them.

"I was like, we're dead. We're going to be dead for sure but thank God we're still alive," Snyder said Tuesday.

Snyder said he and two friends were in the SUV when it broke down on the bridge carrying I-80 over the Susquehanna River. They tried to push it across when, they said, the tractor-trailer plowed into the SUV, lost control, caught fire and flipped.

Snyder and the other guy pushing jumped out of the truck's way. "It was probably two seconds before he hit me and Gary and we had to get out of the way quick or we both would have been gone," Snyder added.

The tractor-trailer exploded into flames, killing the driver.

Snyder's other friend was steering the SUV. She was flown to the hospital. More...

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