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Friday, March 20, 2009

Poorly Regulated Gas Drilling InTexas

TXsharon said...

sludge pits are a major source of water, soil and air pollution not to mention what the chemicals do to our beef.

Drilling is hard on our air too.


Anonymous said...

Who needs air and water when you can have money.

Anonymous said...

Why are you continutally running all these negative news stories on gas drilling from a place 2,000 miles away? I don't get it. It's the same with wind farms. Discuss it, regulate it to kingdom come if you want, but realize we need this stuff. Everybody is used to all our energy coming from someplace else and having it there at the flip of a switch. One day that switch might not do anything.

Solomon's words for the wise said...

I believe this is the first story I have run from Texas. I have brought you reports from across PA.Sheffield & Bradford are not 2,000 miles away.
Experience is a great teacher. The lax regulations in Texas, where the Barnett shale is similar to the Marcellus shale in PA, show what the industry will do when not regulated properly. I grew up in a community where oil and gas drilling ruined the streams and aquafers with their effluent. That was only 30 miles away. We must be ever vigilant to preserve the pristine beauty and the cleanliness of our water supply, on the surface and below. It's much easier to draw on someone else's experience than to find out on our own when it is too late to do anything about it. That is our purpose to provide a resource for a wise man to keep himself informed. Most stories I run from away from here have relevance to what is happening here or will be happening in the future.

Anonymous said...

Good for Texas!! They have a great legacy for energy production. PA, the original oil field in the US, should have a better legacy but government is trying to stifle it. You need to look at history. Everyone thinks Northern PA Southwestern New York is so pristine and beautiful, which I do as well but look at pics from the good ol days when the only thing on the hills were derricks and the streams might have had a little sheen on them. We were it for energy production in this nation and now days kids aren't even aware of whence we came. This is as sad as pilaging the land. There has got to be a balance somewhere and the pendulum always seems to swing towards STRONG regulation.

Anonymous said...

Strong regulation is necessary to protect the non-participating land owner from the "blind with money" participating land owner that would destroy this area, if left unchecked. I personally don't worship money, but I do cherish the beauty of this area and I sure do enjoy a nice, clean drink of water!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad none of us have to rely on gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, heating fuel, kerosene, propane, butane or natural gas.
not to mention all the bi-products produced from them.
yup, we're lucky.

we get to laugh at others who complain about their gas bills and how expensive a gallon of gas is.
yup, we sure are lucky.


Anonymous said...

Gas stations, Wal Mart parking lots and road ditches run right into streams and rivers of the pristine Commonwealth yet oil and gas is regulated to death. Seems environmentalists have their priorities in the wrong area. The pollution the host speaks of is of a past time by companies not concerned with the environment. Today's respectable companies care greatly about the environment. why not give the companies a shot and weed out the one's responsible for pollution.

Anonymous said...

6:36:00 PM

Good Post!

Brother Nature said...

Clean air and clean water is our future.......not oil, kerosene, diesel fuel, or natural gas. Keep on laying down the regulations and I'll keep on breathing and drinking the water.

Thanks DEP!!!

Anonymous said...

does anyone commenting actually have and oil and gas lease?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do have a gas lease.

Anonymous said...

6:56 pm

then you are the only one qualified to voice an opinion.

the rest of you are complaining about something you don't understand.

Anonymous said...

9:25:00 AM

Thank You!