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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

County Commissioners Assn. Endorses Move to Electronic Advertising

Bills could take government notices out of newspapers

Government entities publish legal notices in newspapers - not necessarily because they want to, but because it's the law.

Bills pending in Harrisburg could take the notices out of newspapers like this one and move them to Web sites run by the municipality, school district or county government agency required to give public notice.

Newspaper advocates say the online posting would hinder the public's right to know, eliminate independent verification that public notice was given and it would be expensive.

On the other side of the debate are some government officials who wonder if the price of print advertising outweighs the benefit, especially as readers turn to the Web. The County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania also supports electronic advertising.

State requirements vary for public notice of meetings, proposed ordinance changes, contract bids, elections, sheriff sales and other activities. In most cases agencies must advertise in a "newspaper of general circulation." More...


Anonymous said...

This is not a good idea, unless our great government wants to provide every home with free computers and internet access.

Anonymous said...

this would be a great reform and would save taxpayer dollars.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked newspapers are not free or at least the papers around here with legal notices are not.

most if not all libraries in the county provide free internet access.

It's a good idea.

Anonymous said...

About time! Check out the rates that the Potter Leader charges for these ads. Highway robbery!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Post;12:09-- Not for the Taxpayer pocket. Who you kidding?

Anonymous said...

Before people go crazy with this, look at all sides. Potter County has Townships that do not have Computers nor internet. In a lot of cases the costs of that will outway the benefit. There are good and bad points to all of this, I just hope everyone thinks before they start spouting off.

Anonymous said...

why wouldn't it save taxpayer $s? I'm sure Solomon's rates are much more reasonable than the Leader Enterprise's.

Who do you think pays for the legal notices? We do.

Anonymous said...

Watch....Some of the Township's are already playing games. Look at Keating and Sweeden Twp. They are not posting like they should.

Anonymous said...

Actually - I wonder what this will do for printed newspapers. It is yet another blow to their own pocketbooks. They do charge for legal notices, as they should, and with this legislation they will lose revenue. As the world turns digital, whether for convenience, environmental reasons, or whatever, we're going to lose our hardcopy newspapers. I suspect this will just be one more step in that direction.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the new world, newspapers as we know them are about to become extinct. Many large papers have already folded and many more will in the near futher. This called progress,but look at what cost. Paper Mills closings=jobs lost, newspapers closing= jobs lost. But the good side is trees saved for all the tree huggers. Life goes on

Anonymous said...

Other good sides--jobs in the information technology field. Information distributed more quickly/efficiently. It's called change and it's part of the modern economy and has always been part of our dynamic economy.

Anonymous said...

We use the fax every day at my place of employment.I am a field estimator for a paving company in South Florida. The big companies are already starting to refuse faxed communication and requiring the bids to be sent electronically by computer!Pretty soon the fax machine will be like an 8 track player!I guess it's good for the enviroment,but tough on us old timers that are set in our ways and aren't overly competent in the new world of computers and I-Pods! :( Brad

rep. said...


No kidding, right there with on on that one!

I can remember buying one of the first Fax machines for over 1200.00...had to use thermal paper to many moons ago for sure.

Now you can pick up a fax machine for less than 100.00...the times they are a changin'!

Anonymous said...

public notice is public notice. how many notices are merely hung in a window, a bulletin board at the courthouse and at the local post office. internet notice would reach many more people than the methods mentioned above.

traditional print media should figure out how to move forward and make money in the face of a changing world. get on board or be left standing at the station.

jim jones saw this coming and adapted accordingly ( i hope he finds a way to profit immensely from it)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of townships....Please don't forget April 14, Sharon Township will be voting on the "party plan"..It will be good to hear why. I hope it is not personal gain by an elected official.

Anonymous said...

I want to read legal notices on the Web instead of having to buy a newspaper. Good idea!

Townships that don't have computers or Internet access: I'm glad I don't live in that township. If your township secretary doesn't have a computer, get him/her one...good grief! As far as internet access goes...I'd probably get him/her that too. Who knows it maybe the kind of perk that would make more people want the job.

let's all have a great 2009!

Anonymous said...

legal notices on the web are a great idea! Let's save some tax $s!