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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Local Groups Partner Together To Clean Up Bradford

Bradford To Get A Spring Cleaning
Local residents will be working together to help clean up Bradford this Saturday, thanks to some initiative from a local church and Bradford Mayor Tom Riel.

Complaining about the trash along the sides of the road was not an acceptable solution for Open Arms Media Coordinator Josh Hatcher, "I decided rather than complain about the trash strewn along the roads, that it would be better to just pick it up. But to be honest, it's a much bigger job than I can do."

"No one of us can do it all, not as a person or an organization," said Open Arms Pastor Mike McAvoy. "but together we all can accomplish a much bigger work in our community to make it a great place to live."

Hatcher contacted Mayor Tom Riel about a clean up of some problem areas. "Tom had already been in touch with area residents about their concerns, and he took me on a drive to show me what areas need to be cleaned up," said Hatcher.

Hatcher invited members from Open Arms Community Church to join him for the clean up efforts, as well as extending the invite to the greater community as well. Members of the City Police Department, and the Special Crimes Task Force will also be helping with the project.

"I think it's great that the police and the mayor have taken an interest in making this happen," said Hatcher. He says that a few volunteers from other churches, including Grace Lutheran have stepped up to help as well.

Hatcher says he also wants to clear up a few misconceptions about the project, "We're not just going in and cleaning up after irresponsible landowners. A lot of this trash is in right of ways along the roads and railroad tracks. There are a couple yards that have been covered in trash by irresponsible neighbors as well, and we are working with the current landowners to clean up that trash. They will be working to help us on this project. It's not just a free bailout. It's a cooperative effort to clean up the trash."

Wal-Mart has also donated supplies needed for the clean-up.

McAvoy said, "It's our privilege to serve our city. We believe in Bradford-- both the people and the community, God's plan for Bradford, and believe that God loves us and wants to bless us and this is our opportunity to be a part of that blessing."

Volunteers wanting to help should meet in the parking lot at Grace Lutheran Community Church at 8:30 AM Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I think Josh Hatcher & Mayor Riel are quality people. We should do the same thing in Coudersport. Come on folks, let's all step up to the plate and clean up Coudersport this Spring.

Rep. Chick said...

This would be a good "senior project" for any junior of the local schools.

Choose the clean up area, items needed to do your clean up and a list of local groups like the girl scouts, brownies, boy scouts and so on to partake in your project!

You would receive a great grade and help your community at the same time.

Live is about giving more than you receive...

Anonymous said...

Here's a better idea. Let the people hired by the town do their own work!

joshhatcher said...

...Here's a better idea. Let the people hired by the town do their own work!....

well... if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got...

and at this point, NO ONE is picking up the trash...

it's this attitude that has caused the problem that we have...

Just for the record several city employees are going to be on hand to help us out.