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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mass Megawatts Announces $1.1 Million Pennsylvania Project Sale

Wind Units Are Ideal For Potter County

WORCESTER, Mass., April 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc.(OTC Bulletin Board: MMGW) today announced the sale of a 550 kW wind power project priced at $1.1 million to a Pennsylvania wind power development company. Electric City Wind Power Corporation, the group purchasing the MATS wind power project, is based in Pittson, PA, which is located between Scranton and Wilkes Barre.

This latest sale of the newly enhanced MAT technology comes on the heels of a $1 million 500 kW wind power project sold by Mass Megawatts to Catherine and Daniel Donnelly, principals of Donnelly Mechanical, the major New York City based HVAC and mechanical provider.

Christopher T. Powell, a senior partner in Powell Law of Scranton, Pennsylvania, who represented Electric City Wind Power in its negotiations with Mass Megawatts, released a statement on Monday, April 13th, that read, in part,

"The 600 kilowatt wind power generation project agreement, along with the strategic partnership between Mass Megawatts and Electric City Wind Power, signify a turning point in wind power development here in the Commonwealth. Pennsylvania has a tremendously rich wind power resource stretching across the breadth of the state, with the potential of 38,000,000 Megawatt hours per year of clean electricity generation."

"Electric City Wind Power was the brainchild of a large group of regional business leaders and interests who have deep social and economic roots that run from Scranton to Pittsburgh and back to Harrisburg. A number of them are major players in the natural gas industry, and they had been engaged in discussions with a number of wind turbine vendors over the course of time."

"Their desire to enter the wind power industry was based on some fairly simple, yet elegant logic. With over 60,000 acres of land under lease for natural gas extraction, including thousands of acres rated at Category 3 Wind Classification or better, it was a natural evolution of their business model to enter the wind energy business. They see a ready made market for the installation of a tremendous load of wind generated electricity over the coming years in partnership with Mass Megawatts and these landowners. "

"Mass Megawatts fulfilled the two prerequisites that Electric City Wind Power had carved in stone, and that no other wind turbine provider could meet, which were that the equipment be economically competitive with fossil fuels and that it be low-profile in height, so as to be acceptable in communities across Pennsylvania that are not open to 200 to 400 foot towers. Municipalities that have enacted ordinances to keep the monster turbines out have reacted extremely favorable to the 65 foot high MAT units. Wind is as much of a natural resource as coal or natural gas, and many townships are not against harvesting it and bringing the financial gain to their people if it can be accomplished in a way that does not destroy their community's view shed and quality of life."

"The principals of Electric City Wind Power, born and bred in the mountain regions of the Commonwealth, understood the concerns and apprehensions of their fellow Pennsylvanians, and are extremely happy to have Mass Megawatts as a strategic partner and the MAT System as their product. They're proud to be leaders in bringing a major opportunity to join the green economy to the citizens of our Great Commonwealth."

John Moran, a senior sales executive with Electric City Wind Corporation, responded to inquiries regarding the company's marketing activities in the Pocono Mountain Region.

"We're engaged in discussions with over a dozen different entities, ranging from the Region's biggest all season resorts, to major universities and colleges, right on through to counties, cities, municipalities and large enterprise industries. I'm expecting that we are going to have a very productive year in the Six County Pocono Region."

"Many organizations that took a pass on wind power due to the resistance to the big turbines are pleasantly surprised when introduced to the Mass Megawatts solution, and they get extremely interested once we get into the economics. Leaders, whether they are coming from the political, academic or business spheres, understand this is where America is going, and they want to be a part of it."

With the favorable political climate directed toward renewable energy, Mass Megawatts is confident in future demand for its high performance, low cost product. For more information, contact the company at (508) 751-5432 or visit:, the company website.

This press release contains forward-looking statements that could be affected by risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc.'s ability to produce a cost-effective wind energy conversion device. Among the factors that could cause actual events to differ materially from those indicated herein are: the failure of Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. to achieve or maintain necessary zoning approvals with respect to the location of its MAT power developments; the ability to remain competitive; to finance the marketing and sales of its electricity; general economic conditions; and other risk factors detailed in periodic reports filed by Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc.

SOURCE Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a positive development to me.

Cadwallader Dildine said...

Wow...this has been posted on here for nearly 8 hours and there are no Anit-Wind posts????

Anonymous said...

I hope AES looks at this technology. Still not crazy about the heavy government incentives for industrial wind or government energy policy in general, but if this technology works it would be a better fit for Potter County.

Anonymous said...

we are 'minutes' away from a far
better technology than 450 foot
turbines all over our beautiful landscape and threatening innocent
home owners many of which are seniors.

Those who are for proper siting
have been researching and know
what is right over the horizon.

Please slow down and wait
before we kill off our mountains
and btw our maple syrup. Fewer
sugar Maples, less syrup. What a horror really.

And by the way, wait until
you see the GRID.

Anonymous said...

Get real....If one of the few maple producers are using the trees to harvest syrup then they are not leasing to the turbines.If they are then it is a business decision.If you don't want your trees cut don't lease.If you are harvesting maple sap on property that is not yours then you should be arrested.You see,in this country property owners still have the right to do with THEIR PROPERTY what they want!

Anonymous said...

Lets let the property owners destroy all of Potter County with gaint wind turbines. Who cares!! Alleghany township will surly pass a "come on in wind ordinance" soon to join the rest of the townships.
Monkey see, monkey do. It is all fun and games right now, calling people that really care about the beauty of our county "antis" but reality will soon come and there will be much regret. It will be to late. So lets all get on the band wagon and reuin what we have. Who gives a crap!! Money is King.

Anonymous said...

Love the way you say "Lets all get on the bandwagen and destroy what -WE- have."
If you don't own it, you don't have it.You were just given the privelege of borrowing it!

Anonymous said...

sign me up all put one of those bad boys in my yard. i own it you don't so you can b**** all you want. i'll laugh in your face.