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Learn IRA Basics, new 2020 rules for IRAs, and answers to frequently asked IRA questions at JAVA with JVB, on Tuesday, February 25, at 12:15 pm, at the JVB Coudersport office on East Second Street. Light refreshments will be served along with Java, of course! See you there!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Misty Writes.....

Dear Mr. Jones,

I found a recent blog post regarding HR 875 and it deeply disturbed me.

In a nut shell, this law, regardless of size or product a farm produces -
designates farms as ‘food production facilities’. It does not matter if
you are a giant feed lot farm, or a back yard gardener. This law will
1) stop all non traceable seed lines (heirloom varieties)
2) inspect small farm operations (road side stands)
3) stop sales AND production of any farm produced products that are not
inspected (veggies, farm fresh eggs)
4) The bill clearly states "Custom slaughterhouses and those farms
processing poultry, officially and unofficially, under the federal
exemption granted by Public Law 90-492 would now not be able to slaughter
unless an FSA inspector is present." (the man who wrote the blog where I
found out about the law raises organically raised chicken and sells them,
he will process them for you if you choose, he will no longer be able to
do that) I am not sure if this means you cannot butcher your own meat

This law puts small farming operations into federal control and threatens
to destroy sustainability, ingenuity, and the local food movement.

I look at this law as CPSIA for food. I truly hope we don't let this one
slip under our noses like CPSIA. After recent responses to CPSIA and ATVs
for children I hope you readers will do more than comment on your blog, I
hope they will, like me, contact their representatives and ask them to
vote against this law. Once again this law will deeply effect our rural
area and the many small businesses, while having little effect on the
corporations that caused all the harm to begin with. There is also a face
book group gaining attention for those opposed to this law.

Please pass this information onto your readers as you see fit. I
appreciate all that you do for our communities!


Anonymous said...

buy fresh, buy local is the answer.

Anonymous said...

YES! we should buy fresh and buy local but this law will make it illegal! Unless your local grown produce is federally inspected!

Anonymous said...

She is saying you will not be able to buy local unless the state inspects you, gives you a permitt and probably you will have to carry insurance. Now, my theory.....NO, come and get me. If enough stand our ground and refuse what are they going to do? Jails aren't big enough, courts are too busy, police are too few and sooooooo....

Anonymous said...

Fresh and local will be hit by this bill. Someone like Marsha Legrew will be expected to have customers fill out a form indicating when they will be consuming her cucumbers.....this is "supposedly" to track any tainted food. What a joke!

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to go back to the "good ole days" when you went to the local farm for your milk, and produce that you didn't grow yourself. or maybe it is time for communities to start a community garden where people that don't have the room for a garden can "rent" space to grow veggies in exchange with others for payment
everyone benifits and all get good fresh produce. would'nt be nicer to see a garden in an old vacant lot than a bunch of junk and weeds?

Kathy said...

I read this proposed bill a few weeks ago and wrote to Congressman Thompson. Unfortunately, I got a canned response regarding how he was concerned about food safety too...I then fired off another letter that was intended to make the point that the Congressman's staff member needed to take the time to read HR 875 and my email in order to generate an intelligent response. Write to your Congressman, tell him that this bill reeks of sponsorship by the Big Agri-Growers who wants to make it financially impossible for small farmers (of animals or plants) to survive!

Anonymous said...

This is an online petition against 875

Anonymous said...

There is a great deal of misinformation buzzing around the Internet- Basically they are splitting up the food and drug admin. To help prevent issues such as what had happened with the recalled peanut butter.

Here are a few things that H.R. 875 DOES do:


It addresses the most critical flaw in the structure of FDA by splitting it into 2 new agencies –one devoted to food safety and the other devoted to drugs and medical devices.

It increases inspection of food processing plants, basing the frequency of inspection on the risk of the product being produced – but it does NOT make plants pay any registration fees or user fees.

It does extend food safety agency authority to food production on farms, requiring farms to write a food safety plan and consider the critical points on that farm where food safety problems are likely to occur.

It requires imported food to meet the same standards as food produced in the U.S.

And just as importantly, here are a few things that H.R. 875 does NOT do:


It does not cover foods regulated by the USDA (beef, pork, poultry, lamb, catfish.)

It does not establish a mandatory animal identification system.

It does not regulate backyard gardens.

It does not regulate seed.
It does not call for new regulations for farmers markets or direct marketing arrangements.

It does not apply to food that does not enter interstate commerce (food that is sold across state lines).

It does not mandate any specific type of traceability for FDA-regulated foods (the bill does instruct a new food safety agency to improve traceability of foods, but specifically says that record keeping can be done electronically or on paper).

Mom of 6

Anonymous said...

Like previous posters stated you HAVE to contact your congress people...this isn't law yet! We can stop this. Also, sign the only petition! Do more than post here!!!! We can tell them what we think and remind them who they work for. This bill will pass unless people bring it to the attention of their representatives b/c they won't actually read the bill. They'll see "food safety" and say "Okey Dokey! it must be good if it's for food safety." and not even read the darn thing!

Congress is under pressure to do something about food safety after the peanut fiasco, they'll sign darn near anything that will get people off their back. Then they'll give themselves a gold star for voting on the side of food safety.

That's what happened with CPSIA.., they said "Oh safe toys..must be great where do I sign?" not even thinking about WHO (US) is being put out of business and WHO (Foreign Manufacturers) will be able to jump through the hoops to meet the ridiculous demands that leave us no more safe than before.

Rep. Chick said...

I would feel a whole lot safer eating locally grown veggies from our farmers than some that are trucked in from unknown farms in other states that are FDA approved!!

Anonymous said...

Amen Chick!!How does the peanut companies selling bad peanuts come to this!!More dumb govt. laws aimed in the wrong direction!!! Brad

Anonymous said...

another way our overnments wants to control the sheep!!!

another part of the big picture!!

Anonymous said...

We have enough laws and regulations..the gov't needs to worry about enforcing the ones that are in place that allowed the peanut fiasco to happen instead of writing new laws that set up a great deal more regulation (and therefore bigger government)...Let your elected officials know where you stand on this one!

Leo said...

Good topic Misty!

See the text of the bill with comments here

South African GMO Crop Failure Highlights Dangers of Food Supply Domination

One person's analysis

Analysis I like

- leo (say NO to GMO)