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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pitt-Bradford Holds The Line On Tuition For 2009-10

No Tuition Increase At Pitt-Bradford
BRADFORD, Pa. – The Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh announced Monday that there will be no tuition increase at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford for the 2009-10 academic year.

The decision to keep tuition for 2009-2010 at the same level as the current year will apply also to Pitt’s campuses in Titusville, Johnstown and Greensburg, affecting about 7,000 students in the Pitt system.

“Particularly in these difficult times, the university is sensitive to the difficult task of balancing our own financial uncertainties with the challenges faced by families who are budgeting to meet tuition expenses,” Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg said in making the announcement. “As a result, we are redoubling our efforts to limit tuition increases.”

Pitt has yet to set the tuition for its Oakland campus.

Dr. Livingston Alexander, president of Pitt-Bradford, has already commended the Chancellor on his decision to keep Pitt-Bradford’s tuition at an affordable level. Alexander said, “Times are difficult for many families and it’s fitting and proper to look for as many ways as possible to reduce their financial burden.”

The University of Pittsburgh is one of four state-related universities in Pennsylvania that receive support from the Commonwealth’s annual budget.

Current tuition at Pitt-Bradford is $11,012 per year for Pennsylvania residents who are full-time students and $20,572 for out-of-state full-time students. Students in the nursing program pay more.

While tuition will remain the same, Pitt-Bradford is taking additional steps to ease the financial burden for families whose own financial situation may have changed.

A $1 million gift announced in November established the Agnes L. and Lewis Lyle Thomas Scholarship Challenge, which has yielded 20 new privately endowed scholarships. Half of the challenge money remains, which will allow the university to continue creating new scholarships until the funds run out. The average private donor scholarship awarded during the current year was $1,500, and a total of 295 students received 367 awards.

The college’s administration also works to identify students who are experiencing financial difficulties because of tightening credit markets. In addition to helping them identify federal and state grant and loan resources, Pitt-Bradford has established a Labor Scholarship Program designed to provide work experience for students while they earn money to cover the cost of college.

Students who wish to take classes during the summer are receiving an extra break in the form of free summer housing.

Finally, programs such as Bridges, which allows high school students the opportunity to take classes on campus, and College in the High School, which gives college credit for classes taught by high school instructors, allow area high school students to begin earning college credits at greatly reduced tuition.

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