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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recap Of Today's News From Gerri

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Coudersport Based State Police Amend Charges
Coudersport-based have amended charges filed against three female students at the Northern Potter High School. The 16 year old girl from Ulysses; and two 17 year olds, one from Genesee Township and the other from Harrison Township were found to be in possession of a prescription drug, Tramadol last week. The non-narcotic pain killer, which was not prescribed for any of the trio, is also not a “scheduled drug” so police reduced the charge to disorderly conduct in conjunction with discipline issued by the school. Police claim the 17 year old from Harrison Township stole the medicine from a relative.

Former Roulette Resident Sentenced on Two Sets of Drug Charges
Jennifer Sisson, 35, now of Smethport was sentenced last week in Potter County Court to 30 days in jail for possession with intent to deliver, Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. She was also ordered to pay all costs and to perform 25 hours of community service. Sisson was arrested last May 2 by Coudersport-based state police when Potter County Probation officers reported they found drugs and paraphernalia in the home she shared with Jeffrey Jones on North Street in the village when they conducted a random check on Jones who was on active supervision. State Police then prepared and executed a search warrant for the residence and found numerous items of drug contraband. The defendant claimed that the drugs and paraphernalia belonged to her. Sisson was also ordered to pay a $50 fine and costs for possessing a small amount of marijuana. According to District Attorney Dawn Fink, the second set of charges were filed by Coudersport Borough Police when they were called by her supervisor at Emperon after a small amount of pot was found in her handbag. Sisson admitted the drug was hers.

State Official Encourages Volunteers to Take Advantage of Tax Break
State Fire Commissioner Edward Mann was the guest speaker at the Coudersport Volunteer Fire Department’s Annual Appreciation Dinner earlier this year. Tax day is just a week away and Commissioner Mann urged all volunteers who have not filed yet to take advantage of the $100 state tax credit.

He said if there is not enough response, lawmakers might get the message that volunteers aren’t interested in having a tax credit as an incentive. Commissioner Mann acknowledges there have been some problems with the tax deduction this year but said the Revenue Department is trying to straighten things out. He said the deduction may not be funded again next year but he said he is confident that it will be re-introduced in the legislature if interest is shown.

Commissioner Mann attended the Coudersport Volunteer Fire Department’s annual appreciation dinner to present the Firefighter of the Year award to Sue Reese who was also recognized by Governor Ed Rendell for her heroism prior to a High School Football game last September 12. A visitor’s bus was headed toward Christy Steiner of Coudersport at the entrance of Coudersport Area Recreation Park and Reese stepped in front of the bus to stop it before it pinned Steiner against her own van.

County Offices Continue to Move into Gunzburger Building
Relocation of departments to the F. W. Gunzburger County Office Building on the corner of Main and Water streets continues, according to the Potter County Commissioners on their website earlier this week. Next to make the move will be the office of District Attorney Dawn Fink and Victim/Witness Coordinator Christy Steiner from a rental unit on North Main Street to a renovated, secure wing at the Gunzburger Building. Also scheduled to relocate is the Assessment Office and Tax Claim Bureau. An empty office located just inside the building’s Main Street entrance has been renovated to accommodate the commissioners’ administrative and fiscal offices. A new office area has also been established on the first floor for the Director of Veterans Affairs. The new conference center established in the former school auditorium has been equipped with portable tables and chairs. It’s capable of accommodating groups of more than 100. During the March 26 meeting, BFB asked the commissioners if some kind of map or directory would be provided for visitors and the commissioners said they are working on it and may have it ready in time for the building’s dedication later this spring. More news...



Anonymous said...

the 3 girls got a reduced charge !!! that mean if we kill someone who society deems less then desirable, then can get a reduced sentence ???

Anonymous said...

no. it means you are an idiot. The police reduced the charge as they were required to do so. If you kill someone, no matter what his/her social status is, you will get a long and well-deserved sentence.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if our County Commissioners used their brain! Hmmm.. move the District Attorney further from the court house.. Makes Perfect Sense...

Anonymous said...

Yes, it makes more sense to spend all that money to rent an office so the DA can be one block closer to the courthouse. Those dumb commissioners. Saving, what, maybe $10,000 a year in rent by putting the DA in a county-owned building? Have you ever walked a block (a Coudersport "city block" that is)? Exhausting! Use your own brain!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how much tax base the county, school and Coudersport borough will be losing by no longer having the old school building as a business building. The county doesn't have to pay taxes so how much are we losing Commissioners?

Anonymous said...

That's property tax revenue that was lost--correct. But it's a heck of a lot better than building an annex onto the court house or in the Texaco lot. It would have been really expensive and of course we the taxpayers would have footed the bill for it.

I would have rather seen a private employer in the school building, but the situation is what it is. We should all work together to get a new employer or employers in the former Ops. Center next to McDonalds.

Anonymous said...


Adelphia made payments in lieu of taxes so it's hard to quantify. But think how much money we would be spending had we built a new county building as proposed. Getting a multi-million dollar building for free and using it isn't the worst of business decisions. I agree it would have been nice to stick some large employer in there, but they were not exactly knocking down the door.

Anonymous said...

So ask yourself, Why didn't the DA move into the Court House instead of the annex. They could have put her in the basement.

Anonymous said...

to april 9, 2009 10:45 pm blogger
Why should the DA's Office go into the basement of the Court House? You must be intimidated by an intelligent female who has made something of herself. Dawn was elected by the people and serves them well.