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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Rep. Causer:
What is being done so that no other Pennsylvania citizen has to seek recourse through the court system?
The civil suit originally filed in April [by Jill and Todd Stull against Gamesa] alleges that noise, described as screeching, is generated by the 400-foot-tall turbines at a level impacting on the Stulls, especially Todd Stull's ability to sleep.
Flash and flicker from the blades has also caused distress and the family suffers from frequent headaches and emotional distress.
(see the full news article below)
Our nation's and our state's energy policies are setting up rural citizens as pawns in a money making game. There is sufficient open space in Pennsylvania to ensure that turbines are not built so close to people that their health and right to peaceful enjoyment of their property is impaired.
A basic function of government is to protect those who would otherwise be defenseless. What is our state government doing to protect us?
Respectfully submitted,
Martha Young
Sweden Township
Potter County
Judge upholds most of suit against Gamesa


Anonymous said...

Way to go Martha! This is a good letter and I'm glad to see the Judge's ruling in the Stull case.

People in Potter County--wake up! The people in Potter County who are concerned about industrial wind turbines here range from people on the far left to extremely conservative people. I'm not saying outlaw them, but let's keep them away from our homes.

They're a gov't boondoggle to begin with. If the gov't wasn't pushing them we wouldn't have to worry about them. People fighting against them are genuinely concerned for good could negatively impact your quality of life. It's not just your typical knee-jerk reaction to something new.

Even if your Township Supervisors have passed a "Come on In" ordinance regarding industrial wind turbines, it's not too late to come back to the table and ask them to reconsider. You pay taxes on your property. You have the right to peacefully enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Lets see if I have this right.
Conspiracy and Negligence against the companys were dismissed.
That means that if they sought to mislead anyone,or misrepresent anything, then they had to conspire to do so.
If the turbines were placed with prior knowlege of harm,then they were negligent.
The judge says that the company's did neither.And they think they have a case?
What they are left with now is the burden of proving that any of their health claims are a result of the turbines.As with all past suits,this proof dosen't exist.
Thanks for the half truth.

Anonymous said...

Do you know the Stulls? They're very normal people like you or me. Since your post was very intelligent for a change of those who are very pro wind turbine, I'll give you that.

Your legal analysis is apparently much more adept than mine. Yes, let's say they have to prove their health claims our valid. Should they have to go through that or should I?

If this was a viable business right here, right now maybe I would not like it because of what it's doing or could potentially do to my home, a place I love. But without gov't help do you think it would be a viable business here.

Do you think the Stulls are just nuts, making trouble? They're not. They're good people and don't like their lives being disrupted like they have been.

This is a serious issue in our community. There's not just a black or white answer to solve it. But the least we can do is try to find some middle ground, so we don't lose the best thing we've got, which is our natural beauty and peace. A place to escape a lot of what's going on up and down the entire East Coast.



Anonymous said...

You make some points,but when you file suit against someone you have to be able to prove them.If you didn't then we could all retire on lawsuits.What I really dislike about the anti turbine group is the way they spin things to garner support for their cause without presenting the whole truth.That is why we have the courts .Prove it or lose it.The day these health issues can be proven is the day I will support this anti turbine movement.In my view,until then you are all in the way of progress,and are using unsavory tactics to reach your goals.

Anonymous said...

When it reaches the courts it may be too late. Oh look at this blog. It's already made it to the courts. Seriously lo0k at this case. I'm for progress. I'm not a radical environmentalist. Industrial wind turbines are not what they're represented as. 9:56PM you seem like a very reasonable person. What do you think about the gov't pushing for them? In Potter County we should see how they work out elsewhere, before we jump on the bandwagon. Just like ethanol, I think we will be very dissatisfied. I'm for renewable energy, I just don't think this is the way to go after everything I've read and learned.

Anonymous said...

As with all issues there are opposite views.Just being able to reach the courts in this day and age doesn't mean much.If the suit turns out to be unfounded like all the rest,at what cost to the companys and the area?
The headline "Judge upholds most of suit against Gamesa"is MISLEADING AT BEST.He dismissed all the "bite" in the suit and left the "bark".
Be careful what you read on the web.Because it is in print,that is not a promise it is fact.

Anonymous said...

Very normal people like you and me. Sometimes I wonder how normal is classified, especially when the statement normal like you and me is used. Even crazy people think they are normal, maybe they are...

Anonymous said...

who needs turbines!
the turbine could never match the power of the know-it-all!

the know-it-all blows smoke up everyone's butt. they think the solution should be a breeze.
they're long winded and full of hot air.
so ... who needs turbines?

Anonymous said...

don't ask him!
he's like all the others ...
he'll tell you what you want to hear. then ..... do nothing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Since wind turbines could be placed on any or all land or ridges here in Potter County, any one of you could be a Jill or Toddd Stull in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Thousands live with turbines around them and have for many years.The Stulls are the exception not the rule.Now they have to prove it in court just like the handful of others that couldn't.I think the majority will take their chances.I will until someone can prove something!

Anonymous said...


I'm probably anti-wind turbines, but you make an excellent point. Kind of like hearing about bad customer service a heck more than good service. hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

The Stulls aren't from around here.
I am more concerned about those who have made turbine protesting their retirement. What a waste. Work all those years to finally retire and find that turbine prostesting is all you have going
for you.
No children, No grandchildren, No friends outside of protesting.

Anonymous said...

5:24, your measure of success is how many times you can sow your seed?

Win or lose, principals, commitment, courage and passion are the fire of life. Much better than idly waiting around admiring your seed.

Anonymous said...

When your principals, commitment, courage, and passion are driven by your desire for another man's possessions you are definitely losing out on the true meaning of "the fire of life". The fire of life is not sparked by ones jealousy over another man's success, but rather "the fire of life" is sparked by mans motivation to surpass expectation.

No children, No grandchildren, No friends outside of protesting. No wonder.

Agree said...

Saturday, April 11, 2009 5:24:00 PM EDT


Sunday, April 12, 2009 2:47:00 PM EDT

You both make good points!

Anonymous said...

OK, or your families, or your friends have made $s from folks that want to retire or semi-retire here.

Let's not change the landscape so to speak. Your land is worth a lot, and will still be worth a lot with or without wind turbines.

If wind turbines really make sense I think people will embrace them. If they don't and it's really misdirected gov't policy, they won't.