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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tourism Generates Tremendous Return $$$

Tourism spending hailed as answer for state budget

By TIM MEKEEL, Staff Writer
Lancaster Online
State spending on tourism isn't part of Pennsylvania's budget problem, a local industry leader said today.

It's part of the solution, said Chris Barrett, president and chief executive officer of the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau.

So rather than cut it by 39 percent in the coming fiscal year, as the Rendell administration proposes, it should be restored to its original 2008-09 level, he argued.

The reason is that state funding of tourism generates "a tremendous return on investment," said Barrett, speaking in Harrisburg at "Pennsylvania Tourism Day." More...


Anonymous said...

Rendell supports Wind Turbines. With wind turbines there won't be any need for a tourism budget. There won't be any tourism. I know the point will be argued, but face it, people talk about the beauty of this Potter County all over the US. They won't be interested in looking at the same wind turbines on every hill here, when they will be every other place in the country. Once we lose the uniqueness of this area, we will lose tourism. Look at the deer situation. Now that the deer population has been reduced, the hunters are no longer coming.

Anonymous said...

How much tourism is there now?Give me a break! Who serisouly sits around and asks there kids "well kids do you want to go to disney world or PA?"

Anonymous said...

Yes people talk about Potter County. Most are thinking about the past.We must think about the future.Ask the local businesses that are left if tourism can support them all year long ? Ask our young people why they leave after they are done with school?Almost forgot Obama also supports wind turbines but thats another can of worms!!!

Anonymous said...

obama also supports taking away our guns.

Anonymous said...

"They won't be interested in looking at the same wind turbines on every hill here"

They wont be on EVERY HILL! Talk about blowing it out of proportion!

Anonymous said...

The only solution is to put a casino in Coudersport....