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Monday, April 6, 2009

What Grade Would You Give Obama...........

Dear Editor:

This little jingle seemed appropriate for this current time:
The elite can cheat
With tax they’re lax
The rest are blest
With tax to the max.

MSNBC is conducting an online poll rating President Obama. The website
Address is: The current numbers with over 1,600,000 participants are as follows:

A 33%
B 6.7%
C 5%
D 13%
F 42%

Norm Hicks


Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up..Gave him an A, he is a breath of fresh air when compared to chimpie. Just watching him speak, no smirks, no lame jokes, very presidential and makes me proud to call myself an American.
Obama '12

Nate Burgett said...




The people who grade an F really have no idea what is going on.. I am a 100 percent follower of him and i'd have to give him a high c low b, but he will lead us back to a nation that has respect for others and ourselves.

I know i am going to get slammed for this...

but o well.. show me proof i might think about it.

Anonymous said...

Come on!!! I didn't vote for him, but to place a vote right now...I think that would be arrogant!!!

Anonymous said...

The 33% that voted an A clearly have there head in the sand. This man "obama" inherited a disaster and is tuning it into a catastrophe.
God help our country.

Anonymous said...

Hope his speach writers never take a day off.Even Hillary Clinton said he can make a good speach but thats all he can do.GOD HELP US ALL!!!What is going on Nate ????

Anonymous said...

God help are country cmon the man is finally getting are country respected again around the world,he deserves a solid A.I think the 42% that gave him a failing grade have there hole bodies buried in the sand and the Obama train keeps pouring more and more on just for being idiotic.Thank you God for giving our country someone in charge whom can dig us out of this mess.Amen

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for you to get out of college and live in the "real world" with the rest of us tax young man have a rude awakenin' coming that is for sure...YES YOU CAN, YES YOU CAN!!!

Anonymous said...

i understand what is going on. but if he is not doing what he is doing then i wouldnt be in college because i couldnt afford it.

And by the way, if you plan around the problem and come up with other ways to make money and make a living everything will come together instead of sitting at home bitching about making very lil or no money at all.

Again, i voted for him, and 63% still approve of him.

Well, show me proof that he isnt what he going to be and i will thank about it..


Nate Burgett

Anonymous said...

Obama will kill this Country. He sucks

Anonymous said...

Please, please learn how to spell and some sentence structure while in college!

I never said I made little or no money and I certainly do not sit at home and bitch about it, where did that come from?

Being a hard working tax payer means that you make little or no money? What are they teaching you in college, disrespect for your elders?!

Keep your eyes on his approval numbers there 'lil man cause they are a droppin! Ha


Anonymous said...

simply for what his administration is pushing on the economic front

getting out of Iraq in a reasonable manner would be good for the country...I hope he makes that happen

I think his administration has stopped raids on medical marijuana facilities in states where it's legal. that's good

Anonymous said...

Nathan Burgett,
For one, it is a blog not a damn paper, if i were to write a paper on how he is doing you would see perfection for i am a scholar ...

and.. other then that keep working so i can stay in college for FREE

Nate Burgett

Anonymous said...

I think Obama should stay in Washington, D.C. and take care of business. He and his wife have been doing a lot of traveling--what does that cost us everyday???

Anonymous said...

This used to be a good site to come to, and away from all the other BS that you read on every other forum on the internet. However this is starting to become a trash talking, mud slinging he said she said website. If you do not have any back up on why you think he is or is not a good president please do not comment. This is getting out of control and a bit rediculous. He has only been president for three months! THREE MONTHS! That is not enough time for form a true opinion on someone.

This is coming from a hard working and tax paying American Citizen.

Yes we have had hard times, and I feel the times will get harder. However this can not go on forever and we will see a positive change in our great country.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A ... all the way!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Obama recently said "we are not at war with the Muslims." Last I looked, Osama Bid Laden was a Muslim unless he converted. If we're not at war with these Muslim extremists, then who are we at war with?
2. He also has taken the word "terrorist" out of his vocabulary. They are "enemies of the state" now. Same as all you gun owners will be some day.
3. Who do you think is going to have to pay for his 3 Trillion dollar budget? Eventually, even you are going to have to.
4. Maybe some of these nice folks at Guantanamo can come and live in your neighborhood after your idol closes down the prison there.
5. The only real change you are going to eventually have is what's jingling in your pockets when he's through.

Anonymous said...

If he gets an F then what does Bush get? Maybe an H or and I?

Anonymous said...

For all the Republican's on here who are not for the chosen one.

All you can do is take care of yourself and your family. because in the end they will destroy our way of life. we are only 3 months into a 4 YEAR term.

Hunker down and get ready for a long fight.

Let the rest of them drink there kool aid.

Anonymous said...

Look, we all need to face the facts here. We are spending trillions of dollars to dig ourselves out of a mess that we got ourselves into to begin with by careless spending and greed. That is hardly Obama's fault. I agree with the others who say OUR president has been in office for 3 months for goodness sake. Give him a chance. My one and only wish for this country at this time is that everyone would just stop all the negativity and political bashing and start coming up with some positive feedback or better ideas!

Anonymous said...

Nate enjoy your free ride now it won't last forever!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear poster 6:13,
You are an idiot!
1.WE are not at war with Muslims!! Last i checked we were at war with Al-qaeda! Which although is a radical group of the faith, but it not the whole thing. That is the most ignorant statement i have ever heard in my life. Do you want to go after all african americans because some are in gangs? How about all latino's because some are illegal? Or how about all White people because some are rednecks!
2.And dear god no!! WHO CARES WHAT THEY ARE CALLED!! Are you serious? I am pretty sure that Bush called them insurgents at one point too, who cares what you call them?
3. oh you mean the 3 trillion dollar deficit that bush contributed half of? can't pull an obama card on the whole number there cheif.
4. Here is a little known fact. George Bush tried to privatize the U.S Prison System so that private industry could have a cheaper workforce. How about we Sell FCI McKean to Case and solve this pesky overcrowding problem.
5. If you are going to formulate an opinion make sure it is informed. We allowed this to happen. We could not produce a decent presidential candidate for years and maybe we still havn't. All i can do is pray.

Anonymous said...

Yeah 6:13 is a moron. He probably went to work for the game commission to get rid of all the deer cuz he hit one with his car.

Anonymous said...

Saying we are at war with the Muslims just because Bin Laden is a Muslim is the equivalent of stating we are at war with the Catholics as well due to the fact that many of the Latin American country’s drug lords are Catholic.
Don’t get me wrong I want Bin Laden more then anyone, but I am able to separate a terroristic organization from a faith.
Or have we regressed back to the middle ages and the rise of another Christian Conquest.

I agree with the blogger who made the point it is to early to judge. Obahama is trying some of the strategies used in 1932 Under Roosevelt’s New Deal and the 2nd New Deal of 1933. Give things a chance, it worked once.

I am them to consider that those who are slamming the new President are doing so because they had their minds made up long before the election. Several months of a new Presidency surely did not get us here. Corporate greed is much to blame supported by many years of Administration support. Prior administrations changes in laws that allowed American Companies to ship jobs overseas as well as move their corporate office out of the country to avoid taxes have been detrimental to our economy. We as Americans take pride in our patriotism will the companies we gave birth and blood too ran in the name of profit.

If you sit down and do the math and follow the money trails, I find it very ironic that most of the money is going right to those who have and do oppose him the most.

Stop watching just Fox and educate yourself to reality. Getting all your information from one news source is not fare and bias.

Anonymous said...

This proves a ton. Just think, he will graduate from a state university without being able to read or write and the government will pay his way. This is why our country is going down the tubes.

Anonymous said...

Fox is the only news source not owned by the obama administration. Fox tells it like it is. obama lovers have there eyes closed and there ears plugged, and what they say is all hot air. The US, lead by obama, is going down a dead end road that is going to destroy this country.

Anonymous said...


How much do you think it will cost real tax payers to provide food and shelter for Obama's mother in law? I don't think Ramen noodles will be on the menu for her over the next 4 years. I hope the american people wake up and vote this idiot out after 1 term.

Anonymous said...

Wow a lot of people support what i say. Yes he did state that that we are NOT AT WAR WITH THEM, but Osama is a different type.

I guess to put it in terms for you,

It is like China saying we are not in war with North America, But then turn around a fight Mexico for something like the war on drugs.

Same area different reason. FYI not the best example but i have better things to do then listen to BS about how people are not liking the president.

2) About him being in USA, yes he should be in the USA. But this started off with a meeting with the G-20. The worlds leaders. In stead of going there for 2 days and coming home he is doing a trip. YES THIS WILL HELP AMERICA with world events. 72% of other country now see that america is attempting to become a world friend not a foe (Rick Sanchez, Also, do you think any other president would of turned down over 2 million dollars of "fun" as in NEW JET, NEW DESIGN FOR WHITE HOUSE OVAL OFFICE, there are so many things that obama said can wait because of more important items. (Jack Cafferty, CNN.COM).

FYI i would referance foxnews but they are all republican based and really bias.


SOrry for spelling again .. Workin on paper had to put a quick jot down on this.

FYI there will always be free college out there, if anything people with a EFC of higher then 3000 will be paying for school.. So i will have it as long as i stay a GOOD student :)

Anonymous said...

Nate had a point. This is not English class; this is a forum of debate and opinion. If the only argument you can come up with is "Oh yeah well you can’t spell very gooder", then you need to go to a grammar blog to voice your concern with today’s youth. And, after we elected George Bush we really can't say much for the status of Grammar in today's society.

Anonymous said...

"This proves a ton. Just think, he will graduate from a state university without being able to read or write and the government will pay his way. This is why our country is going down the tubes."

Well when this kid graduates and he is back in Potter County if that is where you live. Please do not take in an event that he will attempt to do when he tries to change the way Potter County Youth Programs.

He is currently working long and hard finding ways in Indiana County to work with Children and find ways to help them out while their parents struggle.

If your the ones bashing Mr. Burgett about grammar and other please know. That he is a very confiscated person and will make change.

Austin, Pa Resident

Anonymous said...

That's sarcasm right? Please tell me that there is not someone out there that views Fox as an unbiased reputable news network? And i am going to watch MtV to get an idea of what today's youth are really like?

Between that comment and 6:13 guy i can't take much more stupid for today....

Anonymous said...

SO what your complaining about would be his mother in law living in the white house. I am sure that is you look back in time our founding fathers had others live in the white house when it moved to Washington dc, i also know that have anybody outside of the immediate family, the President would HAVE TO may for the arrangements of this.

It is ok though.

Look at it this way, What if Pres. Obama would let his Mother In Law out on the streets and not bring her in? Would you even of brought that last comment up? Would the american people think different of him? Again think before you say something so stupid.

Dont worry Nate, We here have got your back. Your not the only one fighting this battle.

Anonymous said...

Choose your battles people. Our country needed to up it's forgeign policies because, i know this is hard to believe, but everyone hates us right now. Sadly enough the years of aid we gave to other countries is not being reciprocated. Who cares that his mother in law is in the white house? really? do you think it costs that much to house one extra person. We better start complaining about the dog too because god knows dog bills are on the rise. and nate, congratulations on being in college and your accomplishments. but I have a degree too and reality will hit someday and you will be just like us. So there is no need to turn this into a forum to pat yourself on the back for your education. I know alot more unemployed college grads than non-college grads. It is an accomplishment and you should be proud of it. good luck, but make these issues about your knowledge, not where you got it...

Anonymous said...

I guess I have to take back everything I have learned and believe then. 6:13 must be right and everything on Fox is the truth.
So if there is only one right and they are it, well then it is the end of democracy as we know it.
What Fox is leading people to support is a one party system, the party of absolute truth or also referred to as de facto single-party state. If you think socialism looks scary then look at the history of single party systems.
“Obama lovers have their eyes closed” What makes you think I am an Obama lover? Is it because I do not agree with you? So that simply makes me wrong (see above). Your either with us or against us right?
It is time to leave partisans behind and come to the table and negotiate, NOT draw the lines.
The Preamble states
“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
Not we the party!

Anonymous said...

To all the Obama haters: What do you think would have happened to us if he hadn't been elected, hmmm? Do you think we would have been better off? Capitalism....great idea, IF you can get rich. The rest of us, well, the rich don't care, as long as they are stuffing their pockets. THIS is the mentality that has brought this country to our knees, and John McCain would have continued it!! So what do all you Republicans think would have been a better plan, hmmm? Because I guarantee you, if things had continued on the same way, we'd be a third-world country very soon, and most of us would be dirt poor!! So if all of you Obama haters think someone else could have done a better job, tell me something......what was YOUR financial situation when Bush left office?? I cannot for the life of me understand how you all can think it is o.k. for everything to continue on as it has been. You are all so blind!!! Obama has inherited a mess, and he is trying to change it. Radical change IS NEEDED, people, wake up!!! Patrick Henry even said that our government/society would eventually collapse in upon itself, and now it is happening!!

Anonymous said...

Change is needed, but socialism is not the answer. Obama is leading us down a dirty and dangerous path. Hopefully he'll be out of office before he gets too far!

Anonymous said...

He has inherited a mess starting with Bill Clinton....sending our jobs overseas....or did you forget that?

Anonymous said...

Here Here above poster, And get out of office before it gets to far?!@!!! Where have you been? 5,000,000! do you know what that number is? That is the number of people out of work. Do you think Obama and his "socialist propaganda" did that? In 3 months?? Really? If you believe that, then it is Bush's fault the towers fell. I mean he was there 8 months right?

Anonymous said...

What a bias poll. This is a republican dominated state. Most of the people who visit this site wouldn't be happy even if Obama turned out to be a lepracaun and showered us with Gold and Rainbows!

Anonymous said...

4 months of Obama and Bill Clinton caused the problem. Seriously
6 years of Republican rule (House & Senate) has a lot to answer for, not to mention 8 years of a President who would not answer to his people.

You are right, the country is going down the tubes, but not because Obama is President. Simply because its citizens are ignorant and self centered.

When are you going to understand you are being divided? History again “Divided we stand unit we fall”. Look through all the blogs, not just here but everywhere. Who are the most critical and none agreeable, not the liberals, and I wouldn’t even say most conservatives. It is the far right, time and time again.

I am not speaking from the left, nor the right. I guess I am one of those few Americans who still stands in the center. So just like a ref in a tennis match I can see the faults from my chair.

Anonymous said...

Obama has made this mess 100 times worse, and is using it as an excuse to get this plans signed into law.

He has not brought this country together, as a matter of fact, we are heading into a global war.

Why is he on TV everyday, in every country doing a speech. ALL THAT MAN CAN DO IS TALK, and sweet talk you is just what he has done.

Obama and his dream team are destroying this country day by day. Yes, Yes yes, he was handed this mess, but he has made it 100 times worse. that is what people are mad about, we dont need to give him a chance. the long term effects of what he has already done in his 3 months of office are just SHOCKING.

People are not going to stand for it much longer, you can see things starting to happen already, even on these blogs...

Pro-Obama or Non-Obama, everyone is ready to kill each other.

this is the financial disaster Bin laden has spoke of, this is what the terrorist have prayed for, and there brother is handing it to them on a silver platter...

Our system will be ruined before people know what hit them....

Anonymous said...

I sure in the hell am not patting myself on the back for what i have went through. All i am saying is why cant we all rally behind this pres. He is attempting for change, and taking us down a road we have not went down in a long time. We the people voted for him, we the people voted for change. If Mccain would of won yes i would of stuck behind him. The only reason i am so behind obama would be would politics, again according to 73 percent of the people believe that the world now looks at us as a good county...

So lets stand behind him, instead of throwing him

Nathan Burgett

Anonymous said...

Don't be silly, obama is not a lepracaun. He also is not an American born citizen. The constitution was shreaded to allow him to run.

Anonymous said...

Your right my comment about Obama being a lepracaun was totally off color for such a serious debate considering you have evidence that our president somehow bypassed the constitution of the united states of america. Are you kidding me? you have your fairy tale and i have mine. As if thats the only ligitamate complaint you have in this country? Hell maybe he's not a natural born citizen, maybe he is a lepracaun and we can both be right. Maybe all the lepracauns, put all their luck together and decided that since we couldn't find anyone worthy to be president that they had to make one. Don't be silly...gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

Your right Obama has made things so much worse. I mean making Crappy business men quit their positions of power and crappy businesses become accountable. Attempting mend something as stupid as foreign relations. Moving the Focus of a pointless way in Iraq, to where it should have been in the first place. And so much of that stimulus money has hit the streets all ready i can already see the affects of inflation. Closing Gitmo-where a majority of those involved should be on trial for war crimes. Wait a second. Not being from this country and fooling the entire US Government. I should go get tips on how he did that, because the IRS never misses a beat when it comes to how much i owe them.

Anonymous said...

You are still pushing the not a citizen crap. Seriously do you know anything, anything at all? Not just some silly little email you sent back and forth from your little buddies. Do you know any of the laws and rights that protect you as much as they protect people you are trying to slander?

If a citizen off the United States (which Obama’s mother is and was) bares a child wild abroad (meaning foreign country) the child is automatically a citizens of the United States. There are many countries that do not meet the criteria of our birth certificates requirements. These are laws to protect the rights of the citizens of the United States. Somehow in your twisted way of rational you want to take his rights away from him. How would you feel then if you and your wife (who is a citizen) were stopped at the border and told you couldn’t bring your child back into the US with you?

Well my friend if you want to deny his right to citizenship, don’t cry when you lose yours. Heck you are just rightfully getting what you want.

Anonymous said...

A couple of additional points.
First, I need to say I am a republican, but I do not wish failure on Obama. To wish failure on a president, any president, is to wish failure on a country, and personally, I'd rather see my country become a stronger, better place. But I'm rational enough to realize and accept that such change will not happen over night, just as the fall of our country did not happen overnight. Nor can the blame be placed on any one person. At this point, there is no reason to point fingers - it is completely unproductive and the action of people looking for a scapegoat to make themselves feel better.

Whether I agree with all of Obama's policies or not, I do agree with his message of hope, and not fear. And with hope in mind, I HOPE we will see improvement in our country in the next year or two.

Two other points.
1. One reason we think Obama is giving so many speeches is because the past 8 years the president's public speeches were minimalized. Even the greatest Bush supporter has to admit that his public speaking skills were sorely lacking.
2. Mr. Obama NEEDS to travel to other countries to mend the rifts that have been created in the past decade. Foreign support of the US is essential for improvement of the US economy, for one, and for US security. And that is one statistic you will find is well in favor of the Obama administration - the perception of the US abroad has improved over the past 3 months.

Finally, kudos to Nate for not hiding his identity. It's easy to tear someone down when you can hide behind "anonymous"

I wish I had those guts.

Perpetual College Kid

Anonymous said...

The Board members at GM should have fired the president of the company. NOT OBAMA.

Mending foreign relations, yes, bending over and kissing there ass's NO

He said he was bring our soldiers home, all he did was move them to another war. There is a lie that got him a lot of votes.

Gitmo, this is a freaking joke, lets bring them to the US with open arms, give them welfare, and let them go kill the same soldiers that had to guard them in Gitmo. YEAH, that is a good idea.


Anonymous said...

Yes GM should have fired him but they didn't. The United states had to bail them out, making them share holders. Making Obama the representative of those interests. Guess what that makes him....A board member! He was well within his rights to make someone who was going to waste our money get out.

and do you think we weren't paying for them at Gitmo? And you think they were guarding them at Gitmo. Certain actions don't make us better than the people we are trying to stop. If we become monsters to fight monsters then it's time for us to give up hope!That facility was far more expensive than any american facility.

Rep. Chick said...

"He was well within his rights to make someone who was going to waste our money get out."...

Agree with you 100%, but the same thing can be said about BOTH PARTIES "ear marks" now can't it! That is wasting our money as well is it not?

Until our government and I mean both Dem.'s and Rep.'s can get a handle on all the wasteful spending they are getting away with in Washington DC they will only harm the economy not help it!

I did not vote for Pres. Obama but do not wish him to fail because if he does we all do!

I voted for Clinton and did not all ways agree with the decisions he made. The same can be said about Bush, voted for him as well and wish he could have done a better job.

The thing to remember is it does not matter which party is the president, we must also keep a watchful eye on the senate and congress...Nancy P. is bad news all day long as speaker of the house. The Dem.'s have had control of the house since Pres. Bush was in office so you see it is both parties that must be held accountable for the mess we are in!

Anonymous said...

fascism, with secret courts sort of sounds like George Bush or socialism under Barack Obama is guess will see which is worse, but i am pulling for Obama

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Rep Chick!!

I'm sick and tired of both Rep. & Dem's. Until we can agree to disagree, we won't get anything accomplished!! Pointing the finger of blame is a never ending circle, until we all just come together all we are doing is making it worse.

Anonymous said...

For God's sake, did you really think that our President was going to bring our soldiers home? We are still in Europe and every other country we have helped or had war with. There will be troops in Iraq for many years to come. Yes, they are beefing up Afghan., yeah, our troops need help, lots of it. When they thin the Taliban out, they will probably be sent to another country. Terrorists are every where. Wake up! They don't want to play nice with us...

Anonymous said...

3:46 -

It's not an issue of citizenship as Obama is of course a citizen. It's whether or not he is a natural born citizen which is required to be president. To be a natural born citizen he had to be either born in a US state, born to parents both of which are US citizens (obama's father was not), or born to one us citizen parent that had resided in the US for at least 10 years (his mother did not since she was not yet 21 and lived abroad). So the "issue" here is whether or not obama was born in hawaii. Mccain wasn't born in the US either, but is a natural born citizens because both parents are US citizens.

Now, I agree 100% this is a silly ass issue, but rather pointing that your rant is not applicable to the Obama constitution issue.

Arnold is a citizen but we know he is not natural born and hence cannot be president.

Anonymous said...

Get real. I've seen some of the proffessional papers you have written. The grammar isn't any better on them ! I sure hope that this free ride you are getting pays off. Because I am sick of working just so FREELOADERS get better jobs and bigger houses than us hard working folk.

Anonymous said...

42% of 1.8 million people CANNOT be wrong! The poll speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Get real. I've seen some of the proffessional papers you have written. The grammar isn't any better on them ! I sure hope that this free ride you are getting pays off. Because I am sick of working just so FREELOADERS get better jobs and bigger houses than us hard working folk

proffessional lets just stick to smaller words for people like yourself. but again if you want to rag on my grammar i will do the same. "PROFESSIONAL" that is how you would spell that. And i am sure you have never seen any of my professional papers. :) but thanks for the uplift in life your a huge value to our society,

Nathan Burgett

Anonymous said...

1.8 million that is the population of one small city in this county... Plus who in the heck even looks at msnbc??????

Ok then

Anonymous said...

These young kids think they have it all figured out. Get back to me in 5 years and let me know how things are going Nate.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me what is your email so i can tell you exactly how i am doing?... o right that is it you hide behind anonymous again think before you speak...


Anonymous said...

is nate burgett single?

Anonymous said...

Go Nate and good post Chic!! Like chic said,Doesn't matter who's at the helm;if they can't cut thru the pork and congress can't work together for the good of all of us,it doesn't matter who is president! Brad

Anonymous said...

Yes we can....

The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

Leo said...

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Joel said...

Interesting to note that the majority of posting individuals post as "Anonymous". The internet is nice that way. I'd understand if you had legitimate reasons, but I'm having a tough time thinking of one. If you're going to stand up for what you believe in, wouldn't you want to be recognized as who you are?

With that said, President Obama has clearly failed to follow through with many campaign promises - but then again,

Walter said...

Lets see you Blabber Mouths as president. Do you think you can do better. Well, step up to the plate and take a swing. I think that you guys will not do any better. Give the man a chance! He has only been in office a couple of months. Not enough time to make a difference. I hope to see you guys attempt to run for president. So you can fail like Bush. Muahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

You don't have to wonder why people post anonymous when people get pulled over for having a Ron Paul bumper sticker on their car?

It's not about right vs left, Dem vs Rep or red state vs blue state.

since 1913, we are poorer, our currency is worth less as it is controlled by a private institution, we are less free, we are more controlled, we pay more in taxes than ever,

the 9:56 post has it right.

So does this guy......
"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws."
Mayer Amschel Rothschild, International Banker

Anonymous said...

I didn't vote for Pres. Obama but I am also realistic that no matter what president we have, VERY FEW OF THE CAMPAIGN PROMISES COME TRUE. So the way I see it Pres. Obama as any president has a 50/50 chance. Now, that's politically thingking.....

Anonymous said...

"These young kids think they have it all figured out. Get back to me in 5 years and let me know how things are going Nate"

So us young kids should our previous generation for the current status of our country right? Don't age discriminate, I was so sick of hearing about it during the election. People were so annoyed about "them damn hoodlums voting on who gets on MTV most" Has it occured to you that the mistakes of the last 3 administrations are going to cost US and our children! For our entire lives, not just he golden years in which you see it's fit for us to have an opinion. So i think we have earned our right to voice our opinoin if we have to carry the debt of these screw ups.

Anonymous said...

Yes i think the positive people won in this 68 post battle, YA to Nate and others who have stuck up for this president.

Glad to see young kids speaking their word in this world. AND NOT HIDEING

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until my obama chia pet grows out its fro. My work desk needs some humor.

Anonymous said...

Louise was right....most of you are a bunch of stump-jumpin', ridge-runnin' , leak diggers.

Anonymous said...

I like leaks, I don't like obama!!!
Stump jumper and proud of it.

Anonymous said...

The person out there who mentioned Ron Paul has it right.

I respect Nate speaking his mind. It's a good dialogue.

Obama gets an 'F.' It's all about the economy. The gov't should keep out of the economy.

As far as Iraq goes and the war on drugs goes I would like us to back off. I'm not saying drugs are good, I'm just saying the war on drugs is out of hand and costs us much more as a society than it should.

Anonymous said...

Easy you city slicker. FYI we "Stump Jumpers", "Ridge Runners", and "Leak Diggers." Is what makes Potter County and all the other counties around us different. Maybe you outta try being a Stump Jumper. I must say it is fun being a Country Folk.

Wallace Eaton

Anonymous said...

Ramps or "Leeks" as they are known in Potter County are wild onions. The only "leaks" most people dig are water and sewer lines. REDNECKS don't have to be stupid.

Anonymous said...

Keep it to the topic.
I don’t care if you are 18 or 80, if you are flatty or a Redneck (which I proclaim proudly, and with a high level of intelligence). If you are of age to vote you have the right to express your joy or displeasure with the government. Honestly you have your right to an opinion at any age, gender, religion, race, or ethnic background.
In the America you and I are entitle to express our opinions. Keep in mind I stated opinion, not slander or discrimination.
We all have our view points that pertain to us for different reasons. City folk have their worries and concerns and we have ours. This is where this country has gone in a different direction. Each one of us is trying to infringe our ideals on the other. In this country in the past it didn’t matter what someone else did as long as it didn’t have direct impact on us. Now we are possessed by our want to control others and make them succumb to our principles. Or let the government do it for us because we aren’t intelligent enough to do it on our own.
So please keep it to opinions, not slander.

Proud independent voting, deer meat, leak eating, redneck.
The only reason many blog anonymously is because it is our only choice here without registering.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wolf - Spell Leek correctly please.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if we spell a word wrong. Because obviously if we wanted to spell it right, we would have. You spell it Leek, we spell Leak. Big Whooop Tee Do! I am sure you had to look in a dictionary for the spelling of your words. Poster @ Thursday, April 9, 2009 11:24:00 AM EDT. Of grammer corrections, you placed Hey Wolf- Spell Leek correctly please. It should be "Hey Wolf, Spell Leek Correctly, Please? You needed commas and please is a question, therefore you needed a question mark.