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Friday, May 15, 2009

Clinton County Chief Clerk Gets The Axe

Kathy Conrad fired as chief county clerk

Cathy Conway appointed temporary replacement


LOCK HAVEN EXPRESS- Two Clinton County commissioners dropped a bombshell Thursday, calling for the immediate termination of Chief Clerk Kathy Conrad.

The motion- made in the meeting room with Conrad present and conducting her duties of recording the actions- was approved by Commissioners Joel Long and Tom Bossert, over the strong objections of fellow Commissioner Adam Coleman.

A few minutes after the meeting ended, Conrad returned to her office and started cleaning it of personal items, packing them into a cardboard box while Long watched.

Conrad expressed surprise at the action.

She said, "I'm flabbergasted," but offered no other comment. More...


Anonymous said...

was she any relation to Thopmson? sounds like Potter County. is there some kind of conspiracy?

Anonymous said...

Act first... think later.

Anonymous said...

What a tacky, unprofessional way of handling this, regardless of the reason for termination. It looks like they were either hoping to get some kind of reaction or just publicly embarass this person. Either way - I've seen high school kids act more responsibly and with more tact. What were these folks thinking? Good luck finding a replacement - unless of course they already had someone picked out that they owed a favor to. Would you want to work for these guys? Geesh!