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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Domestic Violence Call Results In Charges To 2

State Police were called to a residence on Pinneo Hill Road, in the Boro of Oswayo, Sunday morning.

Trooper Seth Rupp, of the Coudersport barracks, said in his report, that a 30 year old male from Wellsville, NY, and a 25 year old female from Oswayo, became involved in a verbal argument that escalated to the point where each subjected the other to unwanted physical contact.

Trooper Rupp said both individuals will be charged with summary harassment in District Court 55-4-01.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this what we call the NEWS?? Who, what, where and what is happening I always thought was the NEWS....

So, who were the law breakers in this story?? Now, we give anonimity to one of the ugliest crimes....domestic violence??
Oh, good, this gives them all the reason to NOT Quit THIS BEHAVIOR....go figure.

Anonymous said...

After it taking several attempts to read your point so that it made any sense, I determined that you feel that someone that is the victim of domestic violence should have their attackers name posted in the news.

I dissagree 100%. Your version of the NEWS is nothing more than an attempt to have information that is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

The day that domestic violence STOPS because we list the attackers name in local "bloggs" or newspapers will never happen.

All you are honeslty looking for is a little more gossip. Don't put a spin on it as if you are really just looking for the "news".....

Glad the State Police are the ones that are still sticking up for victim's of any crime, most certainly those of domestic violence!

Anonymous said...

I think it's good policy to not disclose victims' names. Think about it; it could be you. In this case, both folks are victims in the eyes of the law.

You're a little nosey, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

The state police don't release the names of the VICTIMS of domestic violence. Since they hit each other they are each a victim, so no names are released.