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Friday, May 15, 2009

Potter County Natural Gas Task Force Sets Goals

Members of the Potter County Natural Gas Task Force, meeting for the first time this week, have decided to separate their many areas of study into three categories:

  • Water Quality and Environment
  • Public Policy, Economics and Taxation
  • Public Education/Media Relations

weinholdgastanks1Committee heads will be designated in the near future. Earlier this week, Task Force member Curt Weinhold, who serves on the Potter County Planning Commission, was invited on a tour of a Marcellus shale natural gas drilling operation getting underway in the Clermont area of McKean County. He photographed many aspects of the well, including these water tanks that have been brought to the site to “hydrofracture” shale formations deep underground and release the gas.

Later this year, Task Force members will tour a Marcellus shale well site operated by Pennsylvania General Energy Company of Warren, one of the most active firms in Potter County. PGE President Doug Kuntz told the group that, even with lower or fluctuating gas prices, his firm will be moving forward with its Marcellus shale gas production this year and continuing far into the future.

The Task Force mission statement is as follows: “To bring together knowledgeable representatives with divergent perspectives to most effectively guide the development/production of natural gas in the county in a manner that protects and preserves natural resources while maximizing the economic benefit.” Potter County Today

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

The information offered should be of interest to anyone having oil/gas rights of their own, as well as people/businesses touched by out-reaching enterprises as the Marcellus development grows.
During the past 2 yrs. numerous meetings have been held to educate the public about how important it is for us all to be on the same page. Not only for profit, but also to protect the land and lifestyles we enjoy. People banded together for a common purpose have a louder voice, than an individual trying to fend for himself. The public media has done much to educate and report on the wealth beneath our feet. Individuals who continue to work for the common goal...making our lives better through education, allowing folks to question and learn how to improve their own circumstances, are to be applauded. Hope to see you at the meetings!