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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Recap Of Today's News From Gerri Miller.com

Hear the local news first on Black Forest Broadcasting starting at 7:00am

Contact: gerrimiller@pennswoods.net

Copyright: 2008 G.R. Miller. All Rights Reserved.

Coudersport-based State Police say they are continuing their investigation into a rape allegedly taking place at a camp located on Route 872 in Wharton Township on the afternoon of April 26. An 18 year old female victim told authorities that two known suspects drove her to her camp, raped her and then drove her home.


Both Shinglehouse residents involved in a fight Sunday afternoon are facing harassment charges in District Court. Troopers claim 52 year old Morten Hansen and 46 year old Kenneth Plants became involved in an argument on the Slippery Elm Hollow Road in Ceres Township and the disagreement escalated to a point where Plants allegedly punched Hansen in the face while Hansen is accused of poking Plants in the eye.

In recent Potter County Court Action, 42 year old Kimberly Gockley of Coudersport was ordered to spend 18 months on probation, pay a $250 fine and perform 25 hours of community service for tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. According to Potter County DA Dawn Fink, Gockley was arrested by state police as a result of a Burglary investigation at a camp on Neefe Road, Troopers determined that the above named defendant had disposed of items near the intersection of Dingman Run Road and West Branch Dingman Run Road, that had been stolen from said property. Represented by Walter Stenhach.

PennDOT posted a weight limit restriction Monday on the Phoenix Creek Bridge on the Phoenix Run Road in Pike Township, Potter for a 5-ton weight. The bridge is located near the village of Sunderlinville. Vehicles that exceed the posting limit will need to use an alternate route. Officials say the decision to restrict the weight limit of the bridge was the result of a recent inspection. The Phoenix Creek Bridge was built in 1932, is 10 feet long and carries an average of 187 vehicles per day. The posting will remain in place until repairs can be made. PennDOT plans to begin repairs to the bridge in June. For more information on roadway construction and maintenance operations, visit the PennDOT website at www.dot.state.pa.us.

Helene Nawrocki, The Executive Director from the Potter County Education Council reports she and other Community Education Council Directors received a warm reception from their legislators in Harrisburg April 28-29, but the state’s revenue shortfall continues to cast concern over CEC funding for 2009-10.The CEC executive directors first met collectively with 10 state representatives, including Rep. Paul Clymer of Bucks County, minority Republican chairman of the House Education Committee who chaired the meeting. The CEC directors then met with eight state senators and staff members for two additional senators, in a meeting coordinated by Senator Joe Scarnati.The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, however, is expected to respond with a budget that mirrors that of fellow Democratic Gov. Edward Rendell. Rendell has proposed eliminating funding for the CECs in the 2009-10 budget, in the face of an estimated $2-3 billion fiscal year-end shortfall. House Republicans, many who consider themselves “budget hawks” may be reluctant to be seen as “putting anything back in the budget.” That would set up negotiations between the Senate, House and Rendell Administration for the final budget. While a final budget by law is supposed to be enacted by July 1, there is talk that this year’s negotiations could become more contentious than usual and go far beyond the July 1 deadline.

The CEC directors reminded the House and Senate members that Rendell himself publicly touts the importance of higher education, the need for greater access to higher education and for an educated and trained workforce. Also shared by the CEC directors were comments by the Secretary of Education, Dr. Zahorchak, who as recent as December 11, 2008 (PDE newsroom) noted Pennsylvania workers need access to post secondary education and training so they can better compete in the high-skills economy but many Pennsylvanians live in places without access to a community college or other quality affordable institutions where they can receive an associate degree or industry certification.

Nawrocki said. “There’s a huge disconnect between what the Governor and his Secretary of Education are saying and what they are doing. The Governor zeroes out the only entities providing post-secondary services and the Secretary testifies ,after the CEC directors, at the House Education Committee hearing on April 1, 2009 that the CEC’s are no longer needed.”

Kim Mitchell, Race Director tells Black Forest Broadcasting that volunteers are needed to operate ten water stations on between Galeton and Coudersport for the God’s Country Marathon to be held June 6, 2009.form, marathon runners. Organizers hope to have one water station located each mile of the 26 mile plus course. A registration form is posted on this website’s “Milestones” page. Please fill it out and return it to: Kim M. Mitchell

208 West Beech Street

Coudersport, PA 16915

(814) 274-7177 or 274-0843

Fax 274-1040 More news....


Anonymous said...

In regards to the rape at the camp, if someone had raped me, do you honestly think I'd get back in the car and let them take me home???? Something doesn't add up here...

Anonymous said...

18 year old girl went to a camp with 2 guys. What did she think was going to take place?

Anonymous said...

She gets a dildine award!

Anonymous said...

"Both Suspects Charged Following Fight"

LOL...reminds me of Grumpy Old Men!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Two good questions followed by a totally STUPID statement (10:02am)

Anonymous said...

Typical Potter County Assholes. Jump in and attack another RAPE VICTIM! We can have friends of the opposite sex and not expect to be raped. I'm sure when she went to a camp with two men she would not have expected to have a rape "take place". I, personally am so sick of seeing the rapists being defended, no wonder so many rapes go unreported because on top of being raped you suddenly have to defend your reputation, your motives, people suggest you wanted to be raped...and they use web sites like this to defame you. She will have to face her attackers, who she will never even want to see again, in court and testify against them. Then she will suffer the mental anguish, depression and nightmares that will haunt her for years to come. This single event will change the girls life forever and you choose to attack her further. Her attackers are innocent untill proven guilty, but she knows what happened and so do they, no man will come out and say "yes, I raped her", they will maybe say it was "consensual". Why would any girl put herself trough all the publicity shame and torment to say she was raped unless that is exactly what happened! Shame on all of you who would protect and defend a rapist. What if it were you or your daughter?

Anonymous said...

Educational Council funding -
My opinion of "higher education" isn't learning how to knit or grow herbs. I don't think losing the Ed council in Galeton is going to make much of an impact on students/adult who are seeking college degrees.
Give that money to the students needing help to finance their college educations.

Anonymous said...

Folks--please think before you post. You don't know anything about the circumstances...what if it was your daughter or sister or someone else important in your life. It's sad things like this happen...knee jerk responses aren't going to help the situation any.

Anonymous said...

Mort is one of the nicest men i know...sure theres more to this story

Anonymous said...

((...knee jerk responses aren't going to help the situation any.))

No, just plain JERK responses....
from JERKS!!

Anonymous said...

I raised a daughter and have grandaughters and if this happened to them i would be extrememly upset..But i do agree with the comment that why would she get in a car with them afterwards. And i also agree that you can have good friends of the opposite sex without any sexual contact..

Anonymous said...

to 12:41

if this person was indeed raped, I think everyone will feel her pain. but you must realize, in this day and age, how many young women cry rape and it is later found to be untrue. im not saying this is the case, but do not be naive and so ready to convict. paint her a victim, at this pont thats the only proper thing to do. but if the details come out that she in fact lied, will you be so quick to take up for the men who will then be victims? I would hope so.

Anonymous said...

ditto on the 3:50 comment. Unfortunately I don't think Potter County has the monopoly on jerks.

Anonymous said...

4:37--you make some points, but why comment at all on a story such as this without any facts or knowlege of the situation?...and as far as getting back into a car...if you live in Coudersport...you've been taken to Wharton...what are the choices? Yes, someone may cry wolf, but several of the comments on here were just totally insensitive and out of line.

Anonymous said...

The next person to use the word dildine after this post should be subject to Megan's Law.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say to the women that was defending the rape victim.. you can't rape the willing. Women put themselves in the situation, and if she didn't know or trust the guys why would she get in the truck... then go to the camp with them... I wish they had video taped it to prove she was more than willing... If you don't want raped don't put yourself in situations that it could happen... ever think about staying home??? Not going to Bars??? Not walking late at night??? Come on.. I am interested to hear all the details but the guys life is ruined regardless if it was willing or not.. because she cried rape..

Anonymous said...

Women should have the right to beable to go out to bars, walk down a road at night,and deff should not have to stay home in fear of being rape that is just a stupid comment on your part poster @12:27. I am not saying she may have little more willing then what is being said, but there are cases where it was absolutely not the victims fault at all.

Anonymous said...

ditto on the 12:21 comment. I think at least hope a very small minority of men and women think that women need to conduct themselves in such away to avoid being raped.

a guys point of view said...

I have gone many places with men & a women, but never has the thought of rape crossed my mind.

Rape is a crime of violence,

If this is true, and I hope it's not, it just shines the light on the degenerate, unrespectful men in this area.

Your teenage daughters are unwed mothers, you walk away from from your familys and leave your wife to raise the children, your sons follow in your footsteps because they think it's cool and manly.

And you wonder why you get nowhere or have nothing.

Get some help, grow up, learn your responsibility to women and to your family .

And to the people who support these men, I hope your past the age of procreation for our sake.

Anonymous said...

Has there been any legal action taken? I mean if these guys are not in jail we don't want any more rapes taking place do we ?

Anonymous said...

Key word in the rape case is ALLEGED. Everyone should wait until all the facts are in, before passing judgement either way!