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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Recap Of Today's News From Gerri

Hear the local news first on Black Forest Broadcasting starting at 7:00am


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McKean County Coroner Mike Cahill has told Black Forest Broadcasting News that the toxicology tests conducted on the two drivers killed in a head on collision on March 24 on Route 6 between Port Allegany and Burtville have proved negative, meaning neither man was under the influence of any chemicals at the time of the crash.

A 2002 Honda Accord driven by 67 year old Leslie Badanes of Olean crossed the center line while headed west and hit a 1999 Chevrolet S-10 driven by 61 year old Ronald Gehman of Port Allegany which was eastbound. Both men were wearing seatbelts but were pronounced at the scene.

Cahill said one could only speculate if Badanes had a medical condition develop and was trying to get home and noted that Badanes had just returned from a road trip to West Virginia, and made a stop in Coudersport before heading home.

There were 9-1-1 calls and eyewitness reports that his car was observed moving erratically for a 12-13 mile stretch between Coudersport and the crash site near Boyers Crossing. Cahill said there was nothing to indicate road rage was a factor, adding “we’ll probably never know why his car crossed the center line and entered the opposite lane.”

Coudersport-based state police have charged a 20 year old woman with disorderly conduct and harassment and a 23 year old male with disorderly conduct for a domestic violence incident allegedly taking place at about 7:30 pm on Sunday, April 26. Authorities claim an argument escalated to a physical confrontation in a yard in front of 236 West Main Street in Galeton. In an updated news release, troopers said neither lives at the address and medical treatment was not required. Following a newly adopted policy, state police currently are not releasing the names of victims in domestic violence incidents. Since both the man and woman were listed as victims and “actors,” their names were not released to the media even though the information will be available at the District Judge’s office when charges are filed. BFB checked earlier today, and the charges have yet to be filed.

A break-in at the Galeton VFW early Saturday morning is being probed by Coudersport-based state police. Sometime between 3:20 and 3:27 am, thieves forced their way into the building and took a cash register. A door and computer inside the building were damaged.

Police continue to investigate a burglary taking place between 4:00 pm May 6 and 7:30 am May 7 at the Potter County Solid Waste Facility in Gold. Thieves took a brown metal cash containing $160 in cash and $50 worth of receipts along with four Midland Two-Way radios. Anyone with information about either incident is asked to call state police at 274-8690.

Troopers at the Kane Barracks are investigating a break-in at the Keating Township Building over the weekend. Thieves forced their way into the rear of the building between 11:45 am Sunday and 6:30 am Monday and removed $845 in cash.

Several area residents have been charged with harassment for separate incidents.

A 16 year old girl has been charged with harassment following a fight at the Northern Potter High School Tuesday morning. A 15 year old girl is accused of disorderly conduct for the incident. Police claim the girls, both from Genesee became involved in an argument which escalated to the point of the 16yer old grabbing the 15 year old by the hair and throwing her to the ground. After the fight was broken up, the 15 year old allegedly became loud and unruly in the school office.

Robert Crowl of Ludlow has been charged with harassment after allegedly threatening Hamilton Township supervisor Rebecca Davidson at the township building last Saturday morning. Charges have been filed by Kane based state police with District Judge Michael Kennedy.

And, Jeremy Bucktooth of Salamanca
has been charged with harassment following an incident Saturday night at the McKean Co9unty Fairgrounds raceway. Kane based state police claim Bucktooth punched Dana Wellington of Russell PA several times during a race event.

Meanwhile, Potter County’s anti-bullying program appears to be working. Ellen Shinn, grants director for Human Services updated the Potter County Commissioners on the anti-bullying program being implemented in the county’s five school Potter County qualified for a $234,000 grant to operate the program over a four-year period. Now in its third year, the Olweus Anti-Bullying Program has served more than 800 students, resulting in a reduction in bullying and intimidation and better peer relationships, Shinn told the commissioners that several surveys have documented the program’s success. School districts and communities have partnered with Human Services to help coordinators Leon Kaple and Debbie Hamilton expand the program’s effectiveness. It focuses on students in grades four through eight. Students, parents and teachers have all gained greater awareness of the bullying problem and how to deal with it, she pointed out. Shinn says the program is also having a positive financial impact on the county because foster home placements are less.

Kane-based state police have charged 27 year old Timothy Arthurs of Kane with DUI after pulling him over Sunday morning at about 2:30 am on the Clermont Road in Sergeant Township for an alleged traffic violation. Authorities claim while interviewing Arthurs, they determined he had been driving under the influence. Charges have been filed in District Court.

Jeffrey Goodliff, 43, of Shinglehouse was sentenced last week in Potter County Court for two DUI’s taking place last summer. Goodliff was ordered to spend 90 days to 5 years in jail for a DUI last June 14 in Shinglehouse. Boro Police on duty patrolling noticed Goodliff driving without tail lights. After initiating a traffic stop the Officer observed classic signs of intoxication. Goodliff stated to the Officer that he had a few beers earlier. The defendant initially complied with the Officer in performing Field Sobriety Test, but then requested to just be taken for blood work. While being transported to Charles Cole Hospital, Goodliff changed his mind and refused a blood test. He was also ordered to pay a fine of $1525.00 and to perform 25 hours community service. He was also sentenced 12 to 60 months for a DUI taking place three months later on September 14, also in Shinglehouse. alcohol coming State Police observed the Goodliff driving erratically, weaving, and failing to stop at a stop sign. When troopers interviewed, Goodliff, they immediately noticed a strong odor of from his breath. Goodliff was uncooperative and refused to complete Field Sobriety Test and refused chemical testing. More News...


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could come to Woodland Elementary in Emporium and give them some insight on how to program against bullying is SUPPOSED to work. They sure could use the help.

Anonymous said...

Coudersport isn't any better. Who are they polling for their information. I am so tired of the bullying that I am considering taking my child out of public school and using a charter school. Charter schooling is done through the internet in your home. It doesn't cost anything. It is paid for by the tax dollars that the public school would have received for your child's attendance there. Instead the tax dollar goes to the charter school. We have had so many teenage suicides and attempts that something MUST be done! I was told that the kids being bullied must get a thicker skin. Why should they have to change from being nice kids and the bullies are allowed to keep being nasty and mean kids!

Anonymous said...

I was never a bully in school, nor was I bullied, because I didn't want paddled there and then at home. What ever hapened to the good ole days.

Anonymous said...

Save your child, if the school won't step won't regret it.

Anonymous said...

I personally know of someone in Potter County who has pulled their children from school and is now homeschooling for this exact, who ARE they polling?

Anonymous said...

I have/am considering home schooling but have been told that they frown upon it when it comes time for college. Not sure if that is correct information though. I am tired of trying to work with the school system on this (going on second year now)(specially since it is the same child bullying my child and another classmate and their younger sibling.) I am to the point that enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Coudersport high school has become terrible with bullying especially since Ernie Kuratomi left. The girls are the absolute worst.

Anonymous said...

I agree- I want to know who they are polling- I too was told that my child needs to have a thicker skin- and I asked why should she? She is the one that is being victimized. It keeps going on with nothing happening to the child that is doing it. So no one can tell me these programs are working as I am seeing forst hand that they are NOT!

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting the "Establishment" to listen up. All they care is getting a surface report to herald their fake successes to the world. They DO NOT care about the victims. It's just their jobs and their image that counts - as always in government programs. Parents have to get proactive and learn they cannot trust the responsibility to an inadequate school system or the pathetic excuse for a gov. that controls it.

Anonymous said...

I have heard a lot about bullying in Coudersport from my child who is a student there. I have also been told that the girls are the worst. My child does not want to participate in any activities because of this as the advisors/coaches/teachers feed the bullying.

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed by all the parents speaking up here. You have to stay anonymous or else your child will get bullied more. I wonder if Solomon's words could take a poll asking if your child or someones child you know is being bullied. Then those numbers could be given to who ever it is saying that the over $200,000.00 program is making bullying better!

Anonymous said...

As with any program if it looks good on paper the money keeps coming.

Anonymous said...

"I have/am considering home schooling but have been told that they frown upon it when it comes time for college"

Absolutely not true!

Whoever told you this is either ill-informed or not telling you the truth.

In speaking with college reps at college fairs, other home schoolers or the colleges themselves, they almost all welcome homeschoolers.

They realize the benefit of the quality of the child they are getting

There are plenty of resources & support for home schoolers here in PA.

Anonymous said...

i was so happy when dave robbins graduated...he was really really mean to was corey shaffer he was known for being a good fighter....


Anonymous said...

Lets all stop watching Orpah. There isn't as much bully as you would think...i think it is more pickin on people than anything.....some people may consider that bullying, but i think that is more just straight picking on each other...i know that it isn't a good thing.... ernie, earl, and roger wouldn't have stood for that stuff.....

Anonymous said...

good question, who are you polling. austin is as bad as the others. let the paperwork show the good and the bucks keep coming. those in charge of the bullying program don't want to hear it about the offenders but tend to blame the victims. most of the time it's because parents of the trouble makers are at the school all the time and the school just lets it go because they get tired of dealing with those parents. my son is bullyed all the time by the girls but the teacher doesn't care just says he needs to tuffen up. could be a good program if it were run properly.

Anonymous said...

I think we should home school our children and put the teachers out of a job because I really don't think they care at all about the bullying program. This is why children don't want to go to school and why they are ready to commit suicide. We as parents need to listen to our children. Picking hurts too, name calling, it just needs to stop. We could have a better world. Teach your children this is not right.

Anonymous said...

all i got to say is i have 3 kids and if i ever hear someone bullying them . it will be fixed or the school will see me every day untill it is fixed!! trust me they wont like me!!!i think if your gonna be a bully then you should have to leave the school !!and yes some pickin can go to far!!!(thats for the person that says we watch to much oprah!!) i cant stand the show!and i still think there is to much bullying!!

Anonymous said...

How can you say picking isn't bullying? Picking hurts just as much. When your child comes home from school and his face is bright red, fists clenched, and you can see the pressure and pain about ready to explode all from being "picked on". That is being bullied! He has been bullied by the SAME kids for years. He is in High School now and I have told him that if anyone touches you do not hit back. I will press legal charges against the bully. It's sad that it has come to the point that it can't be handled by the school and a parent must use the legal system to protect their child at school.

Anonymous said...

This definitely is going on in the Coudersport School district. I had to help my child deal with this for 7 years in high school. We held him back a year thinking it was because he was the youngest child in his class and maybe immaturity had something to do with it. This still didn't help and just because your child is a little different like shy and not athletic doesn't mean he is weird and should be picked on. If I could do it all over again, I would have homeschooled my children. My older kids always tell me that the Coudersport school system did not prepare them very well for college and will not raise their childred in Coudersport

Anonymous said...

I had a great education at coudersport and felt very ready for college....

i remember well that Corey Shaffer was a fighter...dave robbins...not so much


Anonymous said...

Shaffer was a fighter for sure. He is actually trying to get into professional boxing now and has only lot two amateur bouts out of about 40.
There's a lot of stuff about his Golden Gloves success on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

How does Shinn know that this $234,000 program has reduced the number of foster home placements? Who designed and conducted the surveys and what are the results? Let's see them posted on Solomon's Words. Show me the data.

Anonymous said...

Corey Shaffer stuffed me in a locker when I was in high school. He also tried to give me the shocker!

Anonymous said...

My oldest child was bullied in grade school.

The boy doing it came from a troubled home w/ parents that drink. On several occasions this is what I was told by the principle. I was to explain to my daughter that this boy did not come from a stable loving home like she did and we should show kindness and patience!

After half a school year the boys words went to physical abuse towards my daughter...after 2 weeks of my daughter coming home from school crying the last straw was when she told me he pulled her chair out from under her and she hit her arm on the table (the arm was still red) I headed back to the school that day!

Once again I was told the student was lashing out at my daughter because he had a troubled home life!

I told the principle to do his job and report it to the authorities then. My daughter was not going to be this kids punching bag and we had allowed this to go on far too long. That he either called the parents in and get a handle on this bully or I was going to contact the state police and press charges against the student and the school!

Don't get me wrong I have all ways told my children two wrongs do not make a right and that some times you have to turn the other cheek and be the better person. With that being said, you can not allow your child to be abused by another student when the administration is not taking steps to correct the problem. Sweeping it under the rug is allowing the bully to continue their abuse.

Needless to say the abuse towards my child stopped immediately!

Anonymous said...

Coudersport's Corey Shaffer just won a Golden Gloves boxing bout on Friday night and is turning pro as a welterweight!
He will have his first fight in July at Las Vegas on the same card as that Gomez guy who is ranked number two by the WBC. There is a clip of Friday's fight on the Golden Gloves YouTube site.
Good luck to another professional athlete from this area and congratulations to Shaffers in Coudersport.

Anonymous said...

Remember Dr. Benjamin Spock he is the one that stated spanking should not be used against children. Well I sure as hell remember corporal punishment in school and at home. Maybe some swats with a paddle would end bullying it worked years ago it would work now, when they misbehave
paddle their Butts. It works wonders. I Am Not advocating child abuse and advocating corporal punishment as permitted by the Pa. Crimes Code Sec. 509