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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


"Creating A Cure" committee members Lora Cope, left, and
Pat Martin walking the labyrinth made of bags that honor cancer victims.

artist Mary Wise of Tioga County painting an ornament.

musician Bob Spaeth of Emporium

By Alex W. Davis

EMPORIUM, Pa. – About $10,000 has been raised from the American Cancer Society's pilot event "Creating A Cure," held Saturday, May 30, at Sizerville State Park.

"We received many positive comments from those attending," said ACS spokesperson Marie Costello. "We are planning on making this an annual event."

About 250 people turned out. Proceeds benefit cancer research, education, advocacy and patient services.

Ground work is already being laid for next year's event, which will likely take place in June or early July at the state park with more artist demonstrations.

"Creating A Cure" replaced the Relay for Life, which had been held in Cameron County for a decade.

Costello expressed appreciation to volunteers, artists, musicians and attendees.


Anonymous said...

great event, wish I could have been there. a very worthy cause.

Joe Bob the Redneck said...

Does anyone ever wonder why, with all of the money that is gathered for a cure for cancer, there hasn't been much progress with this? Maybe the government should dump a couple billion dollars into this and make something happen. At least that would be a worthwhile investment of OUR tax dollars rather than bailing out companies that should have failed. It just makes me wonder how much of the donated money is pocketed by the management of the American Cancer Society.

Anonymous said...

Agree with your post Joe Bob!

Too many would be "unemployed" in the medical industry if a cure ever really was found!

It would be a trickle down effect from the doctors, nurses, surgeons, medication, treatments and the list goes on and on...There will never be a cure...Not when there is money to be made!

Anonymous said...

It is sad to say it in that manner... but 10:52 says it perfectly.
Money money money money... and that rules all! We are too greedy to ever find a cure!

Anonymous said...

Are you serious????? The ACS does wonderful things for cancer patients and thier families! Obviously, you have never been touched by cancer. I would never wish that on anyone! Don't slam an organization that does so much good for people going through absolute HELL! Finding a cure takes years of work. I'm not a scientist but I do know from those who work in the labs that it's not as easy as you might think. There's a lot of trial and error and there are very dedicated, hard working people (that are not billionairs) who strive to find a cure for this horrible disease.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is slamming ACS. They do wonderful things. They are saying maybe the government should contribute billions of dollars to find a cure instead of buying out failed car businesses because they paid their workers too much money!

Anonymous said...

Pogo said we have met the enemy... We smoke, we drink, we tolerate carcinogens in our food and environment, we overeat and are sedentary.
We let air and water polluters and manufacturers of food with carcinogens buy influence and hold off regulations.
We grow less educated on health and wellness and accept propaganda and "government assurances" as valid (asbestos, vinyl chloride, PCBs, etc.).
And we wonder why we can't win the battle with the big C?

Anonymous said...

Poster 9:23:00 AM

Are you serious?????

You must have a problem with comprehension...Just so you know, every family member and friend of ours that had cancer, died...so yes, we have been touched by this god awful disease!

And furthermore they have been working on a "cure" since the 1960's...lets do the math on that one shall we?!

And I hope you understand that nobody is slamming ACS. They do wonderful things.